Felstead Database - List peals of Adderbury Surprise Major

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PealPB-IDStatusDate RungPlace
1410-6251OK24 Feb 1959South Leigh, S James the Great, Oxfordshire
Method auto corrected from Adderbury Major.
2238-5609OK21 Dec 1963Adderbury, S Mary, Oxfordshire
3427-3612OK4 Sep 1965Tonbridge, SS Peter & Paul, Kent
RW 2839.0630
4399-4572OK30 Mar 1968Salehurst, S Mary the Virgin, Sussex
RW 2974.0309
5238-5854OK19 Sep 1981Adderbury, S Mary, Oxfordshire
6238-5879OK29 Sep 1984Adderbury, S Mary, Oxfordshire
7367-8221OK3 Nov 1987Meldreth, Holy Trinity, Cambridgeshire
8127-7775OK29 Dec 1990Adderbury, S Mary, Oxfordshire
RW 4162.0116
9150-8386OK9 Dec 1995Adderbury, S Mary, Oxfordshire
RW 4420
10200-9436OK16 Nov 2006Belper, S Peter, Derbyshire
RW 4994.0035

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