Felstead Database - List peals of Derbyshire Surprise Royal

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PealPB-IDStatusDate RungPlace
1462-F0AOK10 Dec 1960Derby, All Saints, Derbyshire
23D0-B64OK26 Feb 1977Leeds, S Nicholas, Kent
33C0-1B7OK17 Jun 1980Lockington, S Nicholas, Leicestershire
44FD-9C8OK17 May 1981Accrington, S James, Lancashire
54B7-12AOK19 Jun 1982Braintree, S Michael, Essex
63BF-D4AOK8 Jan 1983Lockington, S Nicholas, Leicestershire
RW 3751.0223
73B2-97FOK22 Feb 1983Loughborough, Bell Foundry, Leicestershire
8330-680OK31 Dec 1985Soham, S Andrew, Cambridgeshire
900E-23AOK16 Jun 1991Accrington, S James, Lancashire
RW 4185.0671
1000F-2CDOK20 Mar 1992Thatcham, S Mary, Berkshire
RW 4227.0432
1100F-486OK20 Apr 1992Ripon, SS Peter & Wilfrid, Yorkshire
RW 4231.0528
1200F-A46OK1 Aug 1992Derby, All Saints, Derbyshire
RW 4244.0844
13015-224OK20 Aug 1996Croydon, S Peter, Surrey
RW 4458
14017-1FDOK24 Jan 1998Derby, All Saints, Derbyshire
RW 4529
15019-8FDOK1 Jan 2000Derby, All Saints, Derbyshire
RW 4630
16025-C00OK3 Sep 2006Chesterfield, S Mary & All Saints, Derbyshire
RW 4980.0960
17039-3F9OK2 Jul 2010Worsley, S Mark, Lancashire
RW 5178.0738

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