Felstead Database - List peals of Glasow Surprise Major

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PealPB-IDStatusDate RungPlace
1268-3592OK24 Feb 1984Bristol, Holy & Undivided Trinity, Gloucestershire
2128-5575OK2 Mar 1991Hughenden, S Michael, Buckinghamshire
RW 4172.0351
3144-5358OK13 Aug 1994Islip, S Nicholas, Oxfordshire
RW 4351
4160-9055OK1 Jan 1998Fairwarp, Christ Church, Sussex
RW 4527
5216-7581OK12 Aug 2010Bristol, SS Philip & Jacob, Gloucestershire
RW 5184.0889
6227-9388OK12 Mar 2013Leeds, S Anne, Yorkshire
RW 5318.0311
7463-6753OK21 Jun 2016Pendleton, S Thomas, Lancashire
RW 5489.0705
8471-9777OK19 Jul 2018Welbourn, S Chad, Lincolnshire
RW 5597.0745

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