Felstead Database - List peals of Over Surprise Major

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PealPB-IDStatusDate RungPlace
1382-9182OK24 Feb 1973Over, S Mary, Cambridgeshire
RW 3233.0292
2360-5236OK30 Nov 1982Loughborough, Bell Foundry, Leicestershire
RW 3741.0011
3367-6093OK20 Sep 1983Meldreth, Holy Trinity, Cambridgeshire
4127-6272OK16 Dec 1990Burford, S John the Baptist, Oxfordshire
RW 4161.0088
5130-8325OK30 Aug 1991Over, S Chad, Cheshire
RW 4200.1013
6130-8511OK21 Sep 1991Sutton Courtenay, All Saints, Berkshire
RW 4200.1014
7146-3188OK31 Dec 1994Newcastle upon Tyne, S John the Baptist, Northumberland
RW 4371.0115
8152-0569OK21 Feb 1996Burley, Leeds, S Matthias, Yorkshire
RW 4430.0303
9158-1787OK24 May 1997Over, S Mary, Cambridgeshire
RW 4498
10163-8413OK1 Sep 1998Wooburn, S Paul, Buckinghamshire
RW 4563.0992
11187-5314OK27 Sep 2003Over, S Mary, Cambridgeshire
RW 4832.1163

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