Felstead Database - List peals of Wembley Surprise Major

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101 to 182 out of 182 peals

PealPB-IDStatusDate RungPlace
101348-3573OK9 Mar 1985Launceston, S Mary Magdalene, Cornwall
RW 3862.0395
102375-4248OK10 Oct 1985Newton St Cyres, SS Cyr & Julitta, Devon
RW 3889.0957
103347-0226OK27 Feb 1987Kirton in Lindsey, S Andrew, Lincolnshire
104338-3916OK22 May 1987Hungerford, S Lawrence, Berkshire
105353-9084OK9 Aug 1987Little Baddow, S Mary the Virgin, Essex
106367-1014OK18 Oct 1987Melbourne, S Michael, Derbyshire
107259-6753OK8 Feb 1988Blaenavon, S Peter, Monmouthshire
RW 4010.0237
108318-6050OK27 Feb 1988Great Dunmow, S Mary the Virgin, Essex
RW 4015.0350
109309-5695OK9 Jul 1988Fairwarp, Christ Church, Sussex
RW 4031.0730
110252-7335OK14 Jul 1988Belper, S Peter, Derbyshire
111408-9525OK2 Aug 1988South Anston, S James, Yorkshire
112360-8279OK24 Jan 1989Loughborough, Bell Foundry, Leicestershire
RW 4060.0164
113387-8416OK4 Feb 1989Pinxton, S Helen, Derbyshire
114259-0115OK8 Mar 1989Bishopwearmouth, Sunderland, S Michael & All Angels, Durham
RW 4067.0322
115450-0210OK7 Aug 1989Wraysbury, S Andrew, Buckinghamshire
116123-7831OK6 Feb 1990Heywood, S Luke, Lancashire
RW 4115.0250
117125-7294OK25 Jul 1990Barthomley, S Bertoline, Cheshire
RW 4139.0821
118128-8427OK8 Apr 1991South Anston, S James, Yorkshire
RW 4175.0422
119130-6140OK31 Aug 1991Cheriton, Folkestone, S Martin, Kent
RW 4197.0947
120134-1817OK9 May 1992Whitwick, S John the Baptist, Leicestershire
RW 4235.0621
121140-0026OK31 Aug 1993Buxted, S Margaret the Queen, Sussex
RW 4302.1001
122140-6640OK18 Oct 1993Porthmadog, S John the Divine, Caernarfonshire
RW 4309.1165
123143-1904OK8 Apr 1994Thorverton, S Thomas of Canterbury, Devon
RW 4336.0558
124146-3530OK10 Dec 1994Old Swinford, Stourbridge, S Mary, Worcestershire
RW 4371.0117
125147-2330OK25 Feb 1995Salford, Sacred Trinity, Lancashire
RW 4379
126147-5260OK17 Mar 1995Broughton, S Peter, Staffordshire
RW 4382
127147-8410OK24 Apr 1995Trumpington, SS Mary & Michael, Cambridgeshire
RW 4386
128148-5007OK18 May 1995Belper, S Peter, Derbyshire
RW 4392
129149-5150OK15 Aug 1995Loughborough, Bell Foundry, Leicestershire
RW 4405
130150-6481OK22 Nov 1995Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne, S George, Northumberland
RW 4417
131158-4058OK21 Jun 1997Hughenden, S Michael, Buckinghamshire
RW 4500
132161-0704OK11 Jan 1998Aldeburgh, SS Peter & Paul, Suffolk
RW 4528.0140
133162-6913OK22 May 1998Bishopwearmouth, Sunderland, S Michael & All Angels, Durham
RW 4548.0627
134167-8067OK7 Aug 1999Shoreham by Sea, S Mary de Haura, Sussex
RW 4610
135169-7963OK26 Jan 2000Sproxton, S Bartholomew, Leicestershire
RW 4633
136170-7455OK25 Mar 2000Kingsbury, SS Peter & Paul, Warwickshire
RW 4645
137171-4654OK23 May 2000Loughborough, Bell Foundry, Leicestershire
RW 4653
138177-2483OK30 Aug 2001Whiston, S Mary Magdalene, Yorkshire
RW 4718
139183-7527OK3 Jan 2003East Molesey, S Mary the Virgin, Surrey
RW 4787.0080
140184-1005OK5 Feb 2003Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne, S George, Northumberland
RW 4791.0176
141184-4424OK22 Feb 2003Long Buckby, S Lawrence, Northamptonshire
RW 4794.0250
142187-1287OK11 Oct 2003Chippenham, S Andrew, Wiltshire
RW 4827.1044
143189-7919OK13 May 2004Belper, S Peter, Derbyshire
RW 4858.0540
144191-1363OK16 Aug 2004Thaxted, S John the Baptist, Essex
RW 4875.0952
145200-1946OK24 Oct 2006Hanbury, S Mary the Virgin, Worcestershire
RW 4985.1078
146204-5090OK11 Oct 2007Belper, S Peter, Derbyshire
RW 5036.1097
147206-3707OK23 Feb 2008Easton Neston, S Mary, Northamptonshire
RW 5057.0339
148207-2137OK17 May 2008Whitchurch, S Mary, Glamorgan
RW 5067.0622
149208-7452OK8 Oct 2008Meldreth, Holy Trinity, Cambridgeshire
RW 5088.1133
150208-7720OK11 Oct 2008Childrey, S Mary the Virgin, Berkshire
RW 5088.1134
151209-6318OK16 Dec 2008Pershore, S Andrew's Parish Centre, Worcestershire
RW 5098.0035
152216-5847OK24 Jul 2010Dursley, S James the Great, Gloucestershire
RW 5182.0841
153217-7996OK5 Nov 2010Willesden, S Mary, Middlesex
RW 5197.1206
154218-2641OK16 Dec 2010Sefton, S Helen, Lancashire
RW 5203.0034
155223-6650OK17 Mar 2012Bletchley, Milton Keynes, S Mary, Buckinghamshire
RW 5267.0347
156224-1228OK2 May 2012Keele, Woodlands, Staffordshire
RW 5273.0526
157224-5675OK23 Jun 2012Burwell, S Mary the Blessed Virgin, Cambridgeshire
RW 5281.0717
158225-8629OK30 Sep 2012Hemingford Grey, S James, Huntingdonshire
RW 5295.1093
159226-5451OK22 Nov 2012Guiseley, S Oswald King & Martyr, Yorkshire
RW 5303.1287
160226-7113OK8 Dec 2012Sefton, S Helen, Lancashire
RW 5306.0009
161227-0217OK28 Dec 2012Bucklebury, S Mary, Berkshire
RW 5308.0061
162229-0589OK18 Jun 2013East Huntspill, Little Orchard Tower, Somerset
RW 5333.0702
163229-2121OK4 Jul 2013Belper, S Peter, Derbyshire
RW 5335.0749
164231-5547OK21 Jan 2014Pershore, S Andrew's Parish Centre, Worcestershire
RW 5363.0140
165236-7712OK19 May 2015Leeds, S Anne, Yorkshire
RW 5432.0578
166463-4070OK28 May 2016Easton Neston, S Mary, Northamptonshire
RW 5485.0600
167463-4633OK3 Jun 2016North Wootton, Great Orchard Campanile, Somerset
RW 5486.0625
168466-1903OK10 Feb 2017Middleton, S Leonard, Lancashire
RW 5522.0178
169467-1984OK9 May 2017Eckington, Holy Trinity, Worcestershire
RW 5535.0530
170467-8665OK18 Jul 2017East Farleigh, unknown, Kent
RW 5545.0769
171470-5028OK8 Mar 2018North Wootton, Great Orchard Campanile, Somerset
RW 5600.0815
172471-7024OK23 Jun 2018Penzance, S Mary the Virgin, Cornwall
RW 5594.0672
173471-9870OK19 Jul 2018Alloa, S John the Evangelist, Clackmannanshire
RW 5597.0745
174472-7232OK2 Oct 2018Norbury, Hazel Grove, S Thomas, Cheshire
RW 5617.1298
175475-4521OK4 Jun 2019Bow, S Mary-at-Bow, Middlesex
RW 5643.0606
176475-9221OK16 Jul 2019Shepton Beauchamp, S Michael, Somerset
RW 5649.0752
177477-8002OK14 Jan 2020Newchurch in Rossendale, S Nicholas with S John, Lancashire
RW 5675.0119
178478-3471OK4 Mar 2020Dundee, S Mary (Old Steeple), Forfarshire
RW 5683.0315
179478-4302OK14 Mar 2020Meldreth, Holy Trinity, Cambridgeshire
RW 5684.0338
180480-3429OK13 May 2022Middleton, S Leonard, Lancashire
RW 5796.0476
181965-9336OK19 Jul 2023Blaenavon, S Peter, Monmouthshire
RW 5859.0792
182967-5527OK6 Feb 2024East Huntspill, Little Orchard Tower, Somerset
RW 5887.0167

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