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38 valid peals for Enfield, S Mary Magdalene, Middlesex, England.

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PealPB-IDStatusDate RungMethod
1446-3EBOK16 Feb 1884Kent Treble Bob Major
2446-3E0OK2 Sep 1905Plain Bob Major
3446-3D5OK29 Apr 1911Superlative Surprise Major
4446-3CAOK27 May 1912Stedman Triples
5446-3BFOK23 Feb 1924London Surprise Major
6446-3B4OK30 Sep 1950Yorkshire Surprise Major
7446-3A9OK8 Nov 1980Stedman Triples
8446-39EOK25 Feb 1984Plain Bob Major
9446-393OK29 Dec 1985Cambridge Surprise Major
10011-7EEOK19 Dec 1993Yorkshire Surprise Major
RW 4320.0129
11019-A9DOK29 Jan 2000Enfield Surprise Major
RW 4637
12019-F9BOK24 Apr 2000Charleston Surprise Major
RW 4648
1301A-E02OK20 Dec 2000Glasgow Surprise Major
RW 4684
1401B-FAAOK30 Oct 2001Mattishall Surprise Major
RW 4726
1501B-FE4OK3 Nov 2001Glasgow Surprise Major
RW 4728
1601C-133OK24 Nov 2001Middlesex Bob Triples
RW 4733
1701C-ED4OK22 Jun 2002Ruby Surprise Major
RW 4761
1801D-362OK15 Sep 2002Greenville Surprise Major
RW 4771
1901E-631OK27 Jul 2003Cambridge Surprise Major
RW 4818.0831
2001E-7D0OK26 Aug 2003Zetland Surprise Major
RW 4820.0879
2101F-14EOK31 Jan 2004Spliced Surprise Major (12 methods)
RW 4843.0179
2201F-599OK15 Apr 2004Spliced Surprise Major (8 methods)
RW 4854.0445
2301F-76DOK15 May 2004Rutland Surprise Major
RW 4858.0541
2401F-9ECOK3 Jul 2004Glasgow Surprise Major
RW 4865.0709
25020-627OK29 Jan 2005Grandsire Triples
RW 4895.0157
26021-517OK29 Oct 2005Bristol Surprise Major
RW 4937.1191
27028-957OK26 Mar 2007Bristol Surprise Major
RW 5008.0395
2802B-28BOK15 Nov 2007Mortlake Surprise Major
RW 5041.1217
29030-081OK16 Aug 2008Spliced Surprise Major (23 methods)
RW 5082.0990
30038-2E9OK7 Nov 2009Yorkshire Surprise Major
RW 5145.1217
31043-071OK20 May 2012Diamond Delight Major
RW 5277.0622
32043-810OK16 Jun 2012Gold Surprise Major
RW 5280.0694
33049-7BAOK23 Sep 2015Century Alliance Major
RW 5451.1034
3404A-7E9OK10 Jun 2016Bristol Surprise Major
RW 5489.0707
3512E-B1FOK30 May 2019Bristol Surprise Major
RW 5643.0606
3612E-C08OK23 Jun 2019Montana Delight Major
RW 5646.0679
3712E-D6COK27 Jul 2019Plain Bob Triples
RW 5650.0776
3812F-3C2OK30 Dec 2019Cambridge Surprise Major
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