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59 valid peals for Epworth, S Andrew, Lincolnshire, England.

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PealPB-IDStatusDate RungMethod
1445-355OK4 Jun 1938Grandsire Triples
2445-34AOK20 Aug 1938Double Norwich Court Bob Major
3445-33FOK27 Aug 1938Stedman Triples
4445-334OK27 Jul 1946Yorkshire Surprise Major
5445-329OK3 Aug 1946Double Norwich Court Bob Major
6445-31EOK7 Jun 1947Plain Bob Major
7445-313OK7 May 1949Spliced Major (3 methods)
RW 1990.0238
8445-308OK27 Jan 1951Little Bob Major
9445-2FDOK19 Jul 1952Yorkshire Surprise Major
10445-2F2OK18 Sep 1953London Surprise Major
11445-2E7OK23 Oct 1954Double Norwich Court Bob Major
12445-2DCOK28 May 1956St Clement's College Bob Major
13445-2D1OK21 May 1958Bristol Surprise Major
14445-2C6OK12 Mar 1960Wembley Surprise Major
15445-2BBOK23 Jun 1960Stedman Triples
16445-2B0OK7 Jan 1961Wellington Surprise Major
RW 2597.0058 - published as Quadring but previously rung as Wellington - RW 2714.0277
17445-2A5OK29 Apr 1961Kent Treble Bob Major
18445-29AOK2 Dec 1961Bristol Surprise Major
19445-28FOK23 Feb 1962Grandsire Triples
20445-284OK1 Sep 1962Stedman Triples
21445-279OK25 May 1963Plain Bob Major
22445-26EOK19 Oct 1963London Surprise Major
23445-263OK9 Nov 1963Plain Bob Major
24445-258OK18 Apr 1964Yorkshire Surprise Major
25445-24DOK30 May 1964Grandsire Triples
26445-242OK5 Jun 1964Lincolnshire Surprise Major
27445-237OK8 Aug 1964Grandsire Triples
28445-22COK14 Nov 1964Kent Treble Bob Major
29445-221OK6 Feb 1965Painswick Surprise Major
30445-216OK14 Jan 1966Plain Bob Major
31445-20BOK28 Sep 1966Bristol Surprise Major
32445-200OK23 Nov 1968Grandsire Triples
33445-1F5OK14 Dec 1968Lindum Surprise Major
34445-1EAOK27 Jun 1969Little Bob Major
35445-1D4OK30 Dec 1970Grandsire Triples
36445-1C9OK15 Apr 1972Kent Treble Bob Major
RW 3210.0885
37445-1BEOK3 Jun 1972Cardiff Surprise Major
38445-1B3OK21 Jul 1972London Surprise Major
39445-1A8OK24 Aug 1972Grandsire Triples
40445-19DOK4 Nov 1972Plain Bob Triples
41445-192OK27 Jan 1973Yorkshire Surprise Major
42445-187OK22 Feb 1975Single Oxford Bob Major
43445-17COK25 May 1975Bristol Surprise Major
44445-171OK20 Aug 1975Superlative Surprise Major
45445-166OK27 Sep 1975Minor (6 methods)
46445-15BOK27 Dec 1975Cambridge Surprise Major
47445-150OK21 Aug 1976Cambridge Surprise Major
48445-145OK28 May 1977Yorkshire Surprise Major
49445-13AOK3 Dec 1977Bristol Surprise Major
50445-12FOK18 Jul 1978Grandsire Triples
51445-124OK26 Aug 1978Portus Adurni Surprise Major
52445-119OK17 Apr 1979Gobannium Surprise Major
53445-10EOK18 Aug 1979Fordcombe Surprise Major
54012-EDFOK30 Dec 1994Bristol Surprise Major
RW 4373.0170
55015-46FOK28 Sep 1996Zanzibar Surprise Major
RW 4461.1079
56016-3A6OK31 May 1997Lincolnshire Surprise Major
RW 4505
5704A-692OK7 May 2016Plain Bob Triples
RW 5488.0681
5812D-C7EOK13 Jun 2018Yorkshire Surprise Major
RW 5593.0650
5912E-DE4OK8 Aug 2019Truro Surprise Major
RW 5652.0824

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