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133 valid peals for Ewerby, S Andrew, Lincolnshire, England.

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PealPB-IDStatusDate RungMethod
10143F-88AOK20 Apr 1985Spliced Surprise Royal (4 methods)
10243F-895OK5 May 1985Yorkshire Surprise Royal
10343F-87FOK16 Jun 1985Boston Surprise Royal
10443F-874OK30 Jul 1985Lincolnshire Surprise Royal
10543F-869OK23 Nov 1985Cambridge Surprise Royal
10643F-85EOK1 Dec 1985Stedman Caters
10743F-853OK19 Jan 1986Grandsire Caters
10843F-848OK6 Sep 1986Cambridge Surprise Major
10943F-83DOK9 May 1987London No.3 Surprise Royal
11043F-832OK28 Aug 1987Cambridge Surprise Royal
11143F-827OK9 Apr 1988Stedman Caters
11243F-81COK29 Aug 1988Cambridge Surprise Royal
11343F-811OK30 Dec 1988Bristol Surprise Royal
11400C-6DBOK3 Feb 1990Ewerby Surprise Royal
RW 4118.0325
11500C-8ACOK10 Mar 1990Stedman Caters
RW 4119.0349
11600C-AE1OK20 Apr 1990Castleblayney Surprise Royal
RW 4125.0487
11700D-0B7OK4 Aug 1990Cambridge Surprise Royal
RW 4142.0888
11800D-76EOK2 Dec 1990Yorkshire Surprise Royal
RW 4161.0088
11900D-BAEOK16 Feb 1991Stedman Caters
RW 4168.0261
12000E-4F1OK4 Aug 1991Cambridge Surprise Royal
RW 4194.0879
121010-17COK5 Dec 1992Surprise Minor (7 methods)
RW 4264.0054
122011-5B6OK13 Nov 1993Bristol Surprise Royal
RW 4311.1214
123014-8D0OK9 Mar 1996Jamboree Surprise Royal
RW 4434.0419
124017-070OK30 Dec 1997Stedman Caters
RW 4526
125017-C5COK5 Aug 1998Lincolnshire Surprise Royal
RW 4564
126018-B92OK7 May 1999Yorkshire Surprise Major
RW 4597
127019-728OK6 Dec 1999Kent Treble Bob Royal
RW 4629
128019-E5DOK1 Apr 2000Cambridge Surprise Royal
RW 4643
12902C-A90OK26 Apr 2008Brockhall Surprise Royal
RW 5064.0547
130046-783OK30 Nov 2013Cambridge Surprise Royal
RW 5359.0034
131047-4FCOK21 Sep 2014Vyrnwy Surprise Major
RW 5399.1068
132048-63FOK5 Aug 2015Ewerby Surprise Royal
RW 5447.0940
133049-DF6OK21 Nov 2015Surfleet Treble Place Caters
RW 5458.1202

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