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448 valid peals for London, Holborn Viaduct, S Sepulchre without Newgate, Middlesex, England.

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PealPB-IDStatusDate RungMethod
1356-9472OKSat, 7 Jan 1690Plain Bob Triples
CY; Blagrove; CHR Vol 1, pp 62-64 (John Eisel)
2356-9480OKTue, 15 May 1731Grandsire Caters
CY; SJEP 18.v.31; EP 18.v.31; RWJ 22.v.31; FWJ 22.v.31; NG 22.v.31; NM 24.v.31
3356-9508OKTue, 30 May 1741Oxford Treble Bob Royal
CY; CR 106; CB ii.127 Published as Union Bob - the old name for Oxford
4356-9519OKFri, 5 Dec 1749Plain Bob Major
US; BN ii.364
5356-9524OKMon, 2 Feb 1750Grandsire Caters
6356-9535OKThu, 19 Feb 1750Eastern Bob Royal
7356-9543OKThu, 28 Jan 1751Grandsire Caters
US; WJ 7.ii.50-51; BN ii.364
8356-9556OKSun, 31 Dec 1752Grandsire Caters
9356-9562OKMon, 13 May 1776Grandsire Caters
CY; PA 16.v.76
10356-9570OKTue, 10 Dec 1793Grandsire Caters
JRCY; LPNLEP 13.xii.93
11356-9581OKWed, 8 Mar 1837Grandsire Caters
12356-9597OKMon, 29 Jan 1844Grandsire Caters
SJY; EJO; E 4.ii.44; LWLN 4.ii.44
13356-9607OKMon, 9 Mar 1846Grandsire Caters
CY; BL 15.iii.46; EJO
14356-9610OKSat, 24 Jan 1857Stedman Caters
BL 1.ii.57; CB ii.127
15356-9629OKTue, 5 Oct 1858Grandsire Caters
RCY; BL 10.x.58
16356-9632OKSat, 6 Nov 1869Kent Treble Bob Royal
BN xxvi.580
17356-9641OKTue, 12 Apr 1870Kent Treble Bob Royal
BL 16.iv.70
18356-9655OKMon, 3 May 1880Stedman Caters
RCY; CB x.371
19356-9664OKSat, 21 Oct 1882Grandsire Caters
BN i.236
20356-9678OKThu, 28 Feb 1884Grandsire Caters
BN ii.582
21356-9686OKWed, 11 Feb 1885Grandsire Caters
BN iii.562
22356-9693OKSat, 15 Oct 1887Grandsire Caters
BN vi.366
23356-9701OKSat, 1 Dec 1888Grandsire Caters
BN vii.475
24356-9717OKSat, 21 Dec 1889Grandsire Caters
BN viii.460
25356-9725OKSat, 29 Mar 1890Grandsire Caters
BN ix.18
26356-9730OKSat, 14 Feb 1891Stedman Caters
BN ix.574
27356-9749OKThu, 1 Dec 1892Kent Treble Bob Royal
BN xi.443
28356-9758OKSat, 11 Mar 1893Grandsire Caters
BN xi.611
29356-9763OKSat, 21 Apr 1894Grandsire Caters
BN xii.606
30356-9774OKSat, 4 Dec 1897Kent Treble Bob Royal
BN xvi.398
31356-9782OKSat, 29 Jan 1898Stedman Caters
BN xvi.497
32356-9796OKSat, 28 Jan 1899Stedman Caters
BN xvii.415
33356-9803OKSat, 11 Feb 1899Stedman Caters
BN xvii.439
34356-9816OKSat, 13 May 1899Kent Treble Bob Royal
BN xvii.595
35356-9827OKSat, 16 Dec 1899Stedman Caters
BN xviii.367
36356-9834OKSat, 27 Jan 1900Stedman Caters
BN xviii.439
37356-9842OKSat, 13 Apr 1901Stedman Caters
BN xix.607
38356-9850OKSat, 22 Nov 1902Stedman Caters
BN xxi.403
39356-9869OKSat, 25 Apr 1903Stedman Caters
BN xxii.67
40356-9875OKSat, 31 Oct 1903Stedman Caters
BN xxii.391
41356-9888OKSat, 23 Apr 1904Stedman Caters
BN xxiii.91
42356-9891OKSat, 29 Apr 1905Stedman Caters
BN xxiv.104
43356-9902OKSat, 28 Oct 1905Stedman Caters
BN xxiv.415
44356-9915OKSat, 30 Dec 1905Kent Treble Bob Royal
BN xxiv.523
45356-9928OKSat, 24 Feb 1906Stedman Caters
BN xxiv.619
46356-9931OKSat, 24 Mar 1906Kent Treble Bob Royal
BN xxiv.667
47356-9944OKSat, 27 Oct 1906Stedman Caters
BN xxv.367
48356-9953OKSat, 12 Jan 1907Kent Treble Bob Royal
BN xxv.499
49356-9966OKSat, 6 Apr 1907Stedman Caters
BN xxvi.43
50356-9977OKSat, 26 Oct 1907Stedman Caters
BN xxvi.391
51356-9989OKSat, 15 Feb 1908Stedman Caters
BN xxvi.583
52356-9990OKSat, 5 Dec 1908Stedman Caters
BN xxvii.487
53357-0009OKSat, 13 Feb 1909Stedman Caters
BN xxviii.18
54357-0014OKSat, 17 Apr 1909Stedman Caters
BN xxviii.115
55357-0023OKSat, 8 Jan 1910Kent Treble Bob Royal
BN xxviii.583
56357-0038OKSat, 30 Apr 1910Stedman Caters
BN xxix.162
57357-0046OKSat, 3 Dec 1910Stedman Caters
BN xxix.570
58357-0051OKSat, 28 Jan 1911Cambridge Surprise Royal
BN xxix.667
59357-0067OKSat, 22 Apr 1911Stedman Caters
BN xxx.113; RW 0006.0083
60357-0072OKSat, 16 Dec 1911Cambridge Surprise Royal
BN xxx.487; RW 0040.0659
61357-0080OKSat, 4 May 1912Cambridge Surprise Royal
BN xxxi.117; RW 0060.0307
62357-0095OKSat, 14 Dec 1912Stedman Caters
BN xxxi.539; RW 0092.0414
63357-0102OKSat, 22 Mar 1913Stedman Triples
BN xxxii.55; RW 0107.0223
64357-0115OKSat, 19 Apr 1913Cambridge Surprise Royal
BN xxxii.91; RW 0110.0275
65357-0128OKSat, 6 Dec 1913Cambridge Surprise Royal
BN xxxii.487; RW 0143.0382
66357-0131OKSat, 25 Apr 1914Cambridge Surprise Royal
BN xxxiii.103; RW 0163.0286
67357-0144OKSat, 4 Jan 1919Stedman Caters
RW 0410.0030
68357-0153OKSat, 8 Jan 1921Cambridge Surprise Royal
RW 0516.0051
69357-0166OKSat, 2 Apr 1921Cambridge Surprise Royal
RW 0526.0202
70357-0177OKSat, 11 Feb 1922Stedman Caters
RW 0571.0115
71357-0189OKMon, 1 Dec 1924Stedman Caters
RW 0717.0786
72357-0190OKSat, 30 Mar 1929Stedman Caters
RW 0941.0210
73357-0206OKSat, 21 Nov 1931Double Norwich Court Bob Royal
RW 1079.0759
74357-0211OKSat, 12 Mar 1932Yorkshire Surprise Royal
RW 1095.0178
75357-0222OKSat, 1 Apr 1933Stedman Caters
RW 1150.0210
76357-0233OKSat, 9 Nov 1985Stedman Cinques
RW 3893.1037 Augmented from ten to twelve 1985
77357-0240OKSat, 18 Jan 1986Cambridge Surprise Maximus
RW 3914.0386
78357-0254OKSat, 26 Apr 1986Stedman Cinques
RW 3920.0518
79357-0265OKSat, 14 Jun 1986Stedman Cinques
RW 3926.0650
80357-0279OKFri, 18 Jul 1986Stedman Cinques
RW 3933.0805
81357-0287OKSat, 16 Aug 1986Bristol Surprise Maximus
RW 3936.0874
82357-0298OKTue, 16 Dec 1986Cambridge Surprise Royal
RW 3952.0083
83357-0303OKSun, 8 Feb 1987Stedman Cinques
RW 3958.0220
84357-0316OKSun, 22 Feb 1987Bristol Surprise Maximus
RW 3960.0266
85357-0327OKSat, 7 Mar 1987Spliced Surprise Maximus (4 methods)
RW 3963.0337
86357-0334OKSat, 25 Apr 1987Stedman Cinques
RW 3968.0450
87357-0342OKSat, 9 May 1987Stedman Cinques
RW 3970.0494
88357-0350OKSat, 11 Jul 1987Stedman Cinques
RW 3980.0707
89357-0369OKSun, 23 Aug 1987Spliced Surprise Maximus (4 methods)
RW 3986.0830
90357-0375OKSun, 6 Sep 1987Stedman Cinques
RW 3987.0850
91357-0388OKWed, 21 Oct 1987Stedman Cinques
RW 3994.0996
92357-0391OKThu, 5 Nov 1987Spliced Surprise Maximus (10 methods)
RW 3997.1063
93357-0401OKSat, 12 Dec 1987Stedman Cinques
RW 4004.0066
94357-0417OKSat, 16 Jan 1988Humberside Surprise Maximus
RW 4007.0158
95357-0425OKWed, 10 Feb 1988Bristol Surprise Maximus
RW 4010.0238
96357-0430OKSun, 21 Feb 1988Bicentenary Alliance Maximus
RW 4013.0304
97357-0449OKSat, 12 Mar 1988Newgate Surprise Maximus
RW 4015.0352
98357-0458OKSat, 16 Jul 1988Stedman Cinques
RW 4032.0751
99357-0463OKSat, 6 Aug 1988Londinium Surprise Maximus
RW 4036.0846
100357-0474OKSun, 11 Sep 1988Cambridge Surprise Maximus
RW 4040.0933

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