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46 valid peals for Madron, S Maddern, Cornwall, England.

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PealPB-IDStatusDate RungMethod
13AB-796OK26 Feb 1948Grandsire Doubles
RW 1928.0116
23AB-78BOK24 Jul 1950Grandsire Doubles
RW 2052.0485
33AB-780OK29 Aug 1951London Surprise Major
RW 2112.0595 Augmented from six to eight 1950
43AB-775OK18 Apr 1953Grandsire Triples
RW 2196.0276
53AB-76AOK16 Nov 1963Grandsire Triples
RW 2747.0834
63AB-75FOK16 Nov 1968Plain Bob Major
RW 3008.0974
73AB-754OK25 Oct 1969Stedman Doubles
RW 3058.0935
83AB-749OK3 Jan 1970Grandsire Triples
RW 3068.0117
93AB-73EOK11 Dec 1971Grandsire Triples
RW 3169.0060
103AB-733OK20 Oct 1972Grandsire Triples
RW 3212.0923
113AB-728OK8 Sep 1973Grandsire Triples
RW 3258.0797
123AB-71DOK1 Dec 1973Plain Bob Major
RW 3271.0013
133AB-712OK30 Nov 1974Plain Bob Major
RW 3323.0009
143AB-707OK29 Nov 1975Cambridge Surprise Major
RW 3375.0008
153AB-6FCOK23 Oct 1976Grandsire Triples
RW 3422.0994
163AB-6F1OK16 Apr 1977Double Norwich Court Bob Major
RW 3446.0407
173AB-6E6OK5 Sep 1977Spliced Surprise Major (6 methods)
RW 3467.0870
183AB-6DBOK3 Dec 1977Plain Bob Major
RW 3480.0012
193AB-6D0OK2 Dec 1978Stedman Triples
RW 3533.0036
203AB-6C5OK9 Aug 1982Stedman Triples
RW 3724.0757
213AB-6BAOK22 Oct 1983Cambridge Surprise Major
RW 3788.1016
223AB-6AFOK3 Dec 1983Plain Bob Major
RW 3794.0033
233AB-6A4OK5 Aug 1987Stedman Triples
RW 3984.0791
2400E-31EOK2 Jul 1991Stedman Triples
RW 4187.0718
25011-1A0OK4 Sep 1993Uxbridge Surprise Major
RW 4303.1026
26014-F82OK3 Jul 1996Stedman Triples
RW 4452
2701B-F65OK26 Oct 2001Ealing Surprise Major
RW 4725
28021-4E7OK26 Oct 2005Trafalgar Surprise Major
RW 4935.1135
29027-075OK18 Nov 2006Xerxes Surprise Major
RW 4989.1174
30028-F7BOK7 Jul 2007Stedman Triples
RW 5024.0811
3102B-516OK28 Dec 2007Stedman Triples
RW 5048.0087
3202F-265OK7 Jul 2008Stedman Triples
RW 5075.0818
33038-9A3OK28 Dec 2009Stedman Triples
RW 5152.0068
34039-03DOK28 Apr 2010Stedman Triples
RW 5168.0512
35039-B30OK7 Jul 2010Stedman Triples
RW 5185.0916
3603A-0FDOK23 Aug 2010Stedman Triples
RW 5185.0914
3703E-4E6OK2 Jul 2011Stedman Triples
RW 5231.0776
38041-1ECOK19 Nov 2011Stedman Triples
RW 5250.1240
39043-E9DOK30 Jun 2012Stedman Triples
RW 5284.0827
40046-042OK5 Jul 2013Stedman Triples
RW 5336.0777
41047-1B0OK5 Jul 2014Stedman Triples
RW 5389.0815
4204A-0AFOK29 Dec 2015Stedman Triples
RW 5465.0085
4304A-8DBOK2 Jul 2016Stedman Triples
RW 5492.0780
4404A-DA1OK23 Oct 2016Bristol Surprise Major
RW 5507.1145
4504B-02DOK17 Dec 2016Lessness Surprise Major
RW 5515.0011
4612D-D43OK5 Jul 2018Stedman Triples
RW 5596.0722

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