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234 valid peals for Manchester, Town Hall, Lancashire, England.

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101 to 200 out of 234 peals

PealPB-IDStatusDate RungMethod
1013A8-95AOK29 Mar 1975Stedman Cinques
1023A8-94FOK1 Nov 1975Little Ashfield Little Surprise Maximus
Corrected from Town Hall LS Maximus (Extension of L Ashfield LS Royal rung previously)
1033A8-944OK20 Mar 1976Cambridge Surprise Royal
1043A8-939OK17 Apr 1976Cambridge Surprise Maximus
1053A8-92EOK5 Jun 1976Lincolnshire Surprise Maximus
1063A8-923OK28 Aug 1976Spliced Surprise Maximus (8 methods)
1073A8-918OK24 Dec 1977Cambridge Surprise Maximus
1083A8-90DOK11 Feb 1978Stedman Cinques
1093A8-902OK25 Mar 1978Lincolnshire Surprise Maximus
1103A8-8F7OK23 Dec 1978Stedman Cinques
1113A8-8ECOK24 Mar 1979Cambridge Surprise Maximus
1123A8-8E1OK8 Jul 1979Yorkshire Surprise Maximus
1133A8-8D6OK25 Aug 1979Stedman Cinques
1143A8-8CBOK20 Oct 1979Cambridge Surprise Maximus
1153A8-8C0OK3 Nov 1979Yorkshire Surprise Maximus
1163A8-8B5OK9 Feb 1980Cantuar Alliance Maximus
1173A8-8AAOK24 Feb 1980Stedman Cinques
1183A8-89FOK3 May 1980Stedman Cinques
1193A8-894OK7 Jun 1980Yorkshire Surprise Maximus
1203A8-889OK15 Nov 1980Bristol Surprise Maximus
1213A8-87EOK22 Nov 1980Cambridge Surprise Maximus
1223A8-873OK31 Jan 1981Cambridge Surprise Maximus
1233A8-868OK4 Apr 1981Newgate Surprise Maximus
RW 3671.0788
1243A8-85DOK18 Apr 1981Stedman Cinques
1253A8-852OK23 May 1981Stedman Cinques
1263A8-847OK13 Jun 1981Cambridge Surprise Maximus
1273A8-83COK29 Jul 1981Yorkshire Surprise Royal
1283A8-831OK19 Sep 1981Stedman Cinques
1293A8-826OK17 Oct 1981Spliced Surprise Major (8 methods)
RW 3682.1016
1303A8-81BOK7 Nov 1981Cambridge Surprise Minor
1313A8-810OK5 Dec 1981Cambridge Surprise Maximus
1323A8-805OK28 Dec 1981Yorkshire Surprise Maximus
1333A8-7FAOK28 Feb 1982Stedman Cinques
1343A8-7EFOK13 Mar 1982Stedman Cinques
1353A8-7E4OK3 Apr 1982Stedman Cinques
1363A8-7D9OK17 Apr 1982Cambridge Surprise Maximus
1373A8-7CEOK5 Jun 1982Stedman Cinques
1383A8-7C3OK4 Jul 1982Cambridge Surprise Major
1393A8-7B8OK1 Aug 1982Stedman Cinques
1403A8-7ADOK11 Sep 1982Cambridge Surprise Maximus
1413A8-7A2OK23 Oct 1982Cambridge Surprise Maximus
1423A8-797OK20 Nov 1982Bristol Surprise Maximus
1433A8-78COK1 Jan 1983Superlative Surprise Maximus
1443A8-781OK5 Feb 1983Cambridge Surprise Maximus
1453A8-776OK19 Feb 1983Pudsey Surprise Maximus
1463A8-76BOK5 Mar 1983Spliced Surprise Maximus (5 methods)
1473A8-760OK6 Aug 1983Stedman Cinques
1483A8-755OK8 Oct 1983Cambridge Surprise Maximus
1493A8-74AOK19 Nov 1983Yorkshire Surprise Royal
1503A8-73FOK27 Dec 1983Bristol Surprise Maximus
1513A8-734OK4 Mar 1984Stedman Cinques
1523A8-729OK25 Mar 1984Stedman Cinques
1533A8-71EOK21 Apr 1984Cambridge Surprise Maximus
1543A8-713OK19 May 1984Cambridge Surprise Maximus
1553A8-708OK29 Jul 1984Cambridge Surprise Maximus
1563A8-6FDOK19 Aug 1984Spliced Surprise Major (9 methods)
1573A8-6F2OK2 Sep 1984Bristol Surprise Major
1583A8-6E7OK20 Oct 1984Spliced Surprise Major (23 methods)
1593A8-6DCOK3 Nov 1984Cantuar Alliance Maximus
1603A8-6D1OK17 Nov 1984Cambridge Surprise Maximus
1613A8-6C6OK10 Feb 1985Bristol Surprise Maximus
1623A8-6BBOK10 Mar 1985Halifax Surprise Maximus
1633A8-6B0OK27 Apr 1985Uxbridge Surprise Major
1643A8-6A5OK9 Jun 1985Bristol Surprise Royal
1653A8-69AOK8 Sep 1985Yorkshire Surprise Maximus
1663A8-68FOK24 May 1986Cambridge Surprise Maximus
1673A8-684OK23 Aug 1986Cambridge Surprise Maximus
1683A8-679OK18 Oct 1986Cambridge Surprise Maximus
1693A8-66EOK3 Jan 1987Stedman Cinques
1703A8-663OK8 Feb 1987Stedman Cinques
1713A8-658OK18 Apr 1987Bristol Surprise Maximus
1723A8-64DOK15 Nov 1987Spliced Surprise Major (9 methods)
1733A8-642OK24 Jan 1988Bristol Surprise Maximus
1743A8-637OK25 Mar 1989Combretonio Surprise Maximus
1753A8-62COK1 May 1989Cambridge Surprise Maximus
17600C-C11OK7 May 1990Stedman Cinques
RW 4129.0583
17700E-628OK26 Aug 1991Cambridge Surprise Maximus
RW 4197.0945
17800E-968OK20 Oct 1991Cambridge Surprise Maximus
RW 4203.1087
17900F-6AFOK25 May 1992Bristol Surprise Maximus
RW 4238.0700
180010-58COK7 Feb 1993Plain Bob Maximus
RW 4272.0243
181010-8E5OK10 Apr 1993Orion Surprise Maximus
RW 4280.0449
182010-A83OK3 May 1993Bristol Surprise Maximus
RW 4285.0578
183011-13FOK30 Aug 1993Olympic Delight Maximus
RW 4301.0977
184011-493OK24 Oct 1993Yorkshire Surprise Maximus
RW 4310.1192
185011-E3COK1 Apr 1994Spliced Surprise Maximus (10 methods)
RW 4335
186012-F44OK2 Jan 1995Peterlord Little Surprise Maximus
RW 4375
187013-50COK15 Apr 1995Bristol Surprise Maximus
RW 4386
188013-58BOK22 Apr 1995Avon Delight Maximus
RW 4386
189014-21BOK19 Nov 1995Yorkshire Surprise Maximus
RW 4419
190014-440OK26 Dec 1995Cambridge Surprise Maximus
RW 4426
191014-4DEOK1 Jan 1996Cambridge Surprise Royal
RW 4424
192014-977OK23 Mar 1996Cambridge Surprise Maximus
RW 4435
193014-A14OK5 Apr 1996Rigel Surprise Maximus
RW 4435
194014-A34OK7 Apr 1996Yorkshire Surprise Maximus
RW 4438
195014-C40OK5 May 1996Bristol Surprise Maximus
RW 4444
196015-9F0OK26 Dec 1996Cambridge Surprise Maximus
RW 4475
197015-AA1OK1 Jan 1997Bristol Surprise Maximus
RW 4476
198015-FAAOK28 Mar 1997Spliced Maximus (5 methods)
RW 4486
199016-137OK20 Apr 1997Elcombe Surprise Maximus
RW 4492
200016-936OK7 Sep 1997Cambridge Surprise Maximus
RW 4509

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