Felstead Database - Peal List for Tower

307 valid peals for Manchester, Virgin Mary, SS George & Denys, Lancashire, England.

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1 to 100 out of 307 peals

PealPB-IDStatusDate RungMethod
13A8-616OK4 Nov 1782Grandsire Triples
WMC 9.xi.82
23A8-60BOK27 Aug 1810Grandsire Triples
MM 28.viii.10
33A8-600OK25 Dec 1810Grandsire Triples
BN xxix.410
43A8-5F5OK30 Mar 1812Kent Treble Bob Major
LM 11.iv.12 (Easter Monday)
5500-B0COK19 Jul 1824Kent Treble Bob Major
MM 27.vii.24 (John Eisel)
63A8-5EAOK13 Jun 1825Treble Bob Royal
WMC 18.vi.25 (1st on the 10)
73A8-5DFOK14 Jun 1825Grandsire Caters
WMC 18.vi.25
8500-DD6OK6 Nov 1825Grandsire Caters
MCou 12.xi.25 (John Eisel)
93A8-5D4OK2 Jan 1826Grandsire Caters
(7,001) E 16.ii.51; date changed from 1/2/1826 (John Eisel)
10500-DC5OK8 Apr 1826Grandsire Caters
MCou 15.iv.26 - published as Saturday 9th, which was a Sunday (John Eisel)
11500-DF8OK25 Dec 1826Grandsire Caters
(7,524) MCou 30.xii.26 (John Eisel)
12503-4D1OK7 Oct 1827Grandsire Triples
MCou 13.x.27 (John Eisel)
13500-237OK24 Dec 1827Kent Treble Bob Royal
(6,000) MCou 29.xii.27; ChC 4.i.28 (John Eisel)
14500-1F3OK31 Dec 1827Grandsire Caters
MCou 5.i.28 (John Eisel)
15501-B0DOK23 Apr 1828Grandsire Caters
(6,155) MCou 26.iv.28 (John Eisel)
16500-204OK26 May 1828Grandsire Caters
(6,245) MCou 31.v.28 (Whit-Monday) (John Eisel)
17500-DE7OK5 Oct 1828Grandsire Caters
MCou 11.x.28 (John Eisel)
18500-215OK9 Nov 1828Grandsire Caters
MCou 15.xi.28 (John Eisel)
19502-712OK1 Jan 1829Grandsire Caters
MCou 3.i.29; TS 5.i.29
203A8-5C9OK31 Dec 1829Grandsire Caters
(10,043) MCou 2.i.30; BL 10.i.30; MG 2.i.30; DM 20.i.30
213A8-5BEOK3 Jan 1830Kent Treble Bob Royal
(7,400) BL 10.i.30
223A8-5B3OK23 Feb 1830Kent Treble Bob Royal
(8,000) MCou 27.ii.30; CR 294
233A8-5A8OK26 Sep 1831Kent Treble Bob Royal
LiM 30.ix.31; EJO
24501-1C1OK11 Jun 1832Grandsire Caters
MCou 16.vi.32; MT 23.vi.32 (John Eisel)
25501-1D2OK5 Jun 1837Grandsire Caters
MCou 10.vi.37 (John Eisel)
263A8-59DOK29 Oct 1837Kent Treble Bob Royal
MT 4.xi.37; MTG 4.xi.37 (Sam Austin)
273A8-592OK18 Nov 1837Kent Treble Bob Caters
MT 2.xii.37; Butterworth ms
283A8-587OK31 Dec 1837Stedman Caters
MT 6.i.38; MTG 6.i.38; BM 20.i.38 (Sam Austin)
29500-787OK16 May 1838Stedman Caters
MT 19.v.38; MCou 19.v.38; BS 23.v.38 (John Eisel)
30501-B51OK20 Sep 1840Grandsire Caters
MCou 26.ix.40 (John Eisel)
313A8-57COK26 Jan 1846Grandsire Caters
E 1.ii.46; BL 1.ii.46 ; EJO
32501-1E3OK23 Feb 1846Grandsire Caters
MCou 25.ii.46 (John Eisel)
333A8-571OK9 May 1846Kent Treble Bob Royal
BL 17.v.46; EJO
343A8-566OK28 Oct 1848Grandsire Triples
E 5.xi.48; EJO
353A8-55BOK31 Jan 1849Stedman Triples
363A8-550OK20 May 1871Grandsire Triples
BL 27.v.71
373A8-545OK16 Mar 1872Grandsire Caters
CB ii.211
383A8-53AOK8 Nov 1873Grandsire Caters
R E Edwards
393A8-52FOK10 Jan 1874Kent Treble Bob Royal
CB iv.103
403A8-524OK3 Oct 1874Grandsire Caters
CB iv.547; BL 17.x.74
413A8-519OK4 Mar 1879Plain Bob Major
(6,048) CB ix.175
423A8-50EOK19 Jun 1880Grandsire Caters
CB x.483
433A8-503OK21 Dec 1880Grandsire Caters
CB xi.75
443A8-4F8OK13 May 1882Kent Treble Bob Royal
BN i.53 - published as 6th May; but composition on BN i.54 & CB 27.v.82 indicate 13th May
453A8-4EDOK24 Jun 1882Grandsire Caters
463A8-4E2OK2 Dec 1882Grandsire Caters
473A8-4D7OK26 Mar 1883Grandsire Caters
483A8-4CCOK29 Sep 1883Kent Treble Bob Royal
493A8-4C1OK27 Oct 1883Grandsire Royal
503A8-4B6OK31 Dec 1883Grandsire Caters
513A8-4ABOK14 Apr 1884Grandsire Royal
523A8-4A0OK19 May 1884Grandsire Caters
533A8-495OK20 Sep 1884Grandsire Caters
543A8-48AOK14 Oct 1884Kent Treble Bob Royal
553A8-47FOK27 Oct 1884Grandsire Royal
563A8-474OK15 Nov 1884Grandsire Caters
573A8-469OK27 Dec 1884Grandsire Caters
583A8-45EOK21 Feb 1885Kent Treble Bob Royal
593A8-453OK5 Mar 1885Grandsire Caters
603A8-448OK25 Apr 1885Grandsire Caters
613A8-43DOK13 Jun 1885Grandsire Caters
623A8-432OK15 Aug 1885Kent Treble Bob Royal
633A8-427OK26 Oct 1885Kent Treble Bob Royal
BN iv.246
643A8-41COK3 Nov 1885Kent Treble Bob Royal
BN iv.253
653A8-411OK5 Dec 1885Plain Bob Royal
663A8-406OK2 Mar 1886Grandsire Triples
673A8-3FBOK11 Mar 1886Kent Treble Bob Royal
683A8-3F0OK20 Mar 1886Kent Treble Bob Major
693A8-3E5OK15 May 1886Kent Treble Bob Major
703A8-3DAOK24 May 1886Kent Treble Bob Major
713A8-3CFOK16 Aug 1886Kent Treble Bob Royal
723A8-3C4OK28 Aug 1886Kent Treble Bob Royal
733A8-3B9OK14 Sep 1886Grandsire Caters
743A8-3AEOK28 Sep 1886Grandsire Caters
753A8-3A3OK11 Oct 1886Grandsire Caters
763A8-398OK4 Dec 1886Kent Treble Bob Major
773A8-38DOK27 Dec 1886Kent Treble Bob Royal
783A8-382OK7 Feb 1887Kent Treble Bob Major
793A8-377OK10 Mar 1887Kent Treble Bob Royal
803A8-36COK16 Apr 1887Kent Treble Bob Royal
813A8-361OK25 Apr 1887Plain Bob Royal
823A8-356OK16 May 1887Kent Treble Bob Royal
833A8-34BOK2 Jun 1887Kent Treble Bob Major
843A8-340OK24 Sep 1887Grandsire Caters
853A8-335OK8 Oct 1887Kent Treble Bob Royal
863A8-32AOK17 Dec 1887Kent Treble Bob Royal
873A8-31FOK2 Feb 1888Kent Treble Bob Royal
883A8-314OK12 May 1888Grandsire Caters
893A8-309OK21 May 1888Kent Treble Bob Royal
903A8-2FEOK30 Jul 1888Grandsire Caters
913A8-2F3OK24 Sep 1888Kent Treble Bob Royal
923A8-2E8OK3 Nov 1888Plain Bob Royal
933A8-2DDOK28 Mar 1889Kent Treble Bob Royal
943A8-2D2OK5 Oct 1889Grandsire Caters
953A8-2C7OK17 May 1890Grandsire Caters
963A8-2BCOK8 Jun 1891Grandsire Caters
973A8-2B1OK7 Nov 1891Grandsire Caters
983A8-2A6OK12 Jan 1892Grandsire Caters
993A8-29BOK5 Mar 1892Kent Treble Bob Major
1003A8-290OK8 Mar 1892Kent Treble Bob Royal

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