Felstead Database - Peal List for Tower

443 valid peals for Middleton, S Leonard, Lancashire, England.

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201 to 300 out of 443 peals

PealPB-IDStatusDate RungMethod
201016-9DFOK19 Sep 1997Yorkshire Surprise Major
RW 4514
202016-B19OK10 Oct 1997Baildon Surprise Major
RW 4517
203016-E42OK28 Nov 1997Zanzibar Surprise Major
RW 4524
204017-120OK9 Jan 1998Dunmore Surprise Major
RW 4531
205017-2F6OK13 Feb 1998Upton Cheyne Surprise Major
RW 4534
206017-487OK13 Mar 1998Morganite Surprise Major
RW 4540
207017-702OK24 Apr 1998Jasper Surprise Major
RW 4543
208017-7DCOK8 May 1998Cat's-Eye Surprise Major
RW 4547
209017-FA7OK9 Oct 1998Commonwealth Surprise Major
RW 4570
210018-177OK13 Nov 1998Corpus Christi College Surprise Major
RW 4575
211018-6F8OK12 Feb 1999Fevrier Delight Major
RW 4587.0290
212018-883OK12 Mar 1999Mars Delight Major
RW 4592
213018-AD4OK23 Apr 1999Avril Delight Major
RW 4595
214018-BECOK14 May 1999Mai Delight Major
RW 4600
215018-CFAOK4 Jun 1999Juin Delight Major
RW 4605
216018-EF2OK9 Jul 1999Juillet Delight Major
RW 4607
217019-11FOK20 Aug 1999Aout Delight Major
RW 4614
218019-22AOK10 Sep 1999Septembre Delight Major
RW 4615
219019-58BOK12 Nov 1999Novembre Delight Major
RW 4626
220019-7CAOK17 Dec 1999Decembre Delight Major
RW 4629
221019-A0BOK21 Jan 2000January Delight Major
RW 4635
222019-B63OK11 Feb 2000February Delight Major
RW 4639
223019-D19OK10 Mar 2000March Delight Major
RW 4643
224019-F0DOK14 Apr 2000April Delight Major
RW 4647
22501A-0DAOK12 May 2000May Delight Major
RW 4652
22601A-26BOK9 Jun 2000June Delight Major
RW 4657
22701A-476OK14 Jul 2000July Delight Major
RW 4660
22801A-686OK11 Aug 2000August Delight Major
RW 4667
22901A-812OK8 Sep 2000September Delight Major
RW 4668
23001A-F7AOK12 Jan 2001Nivose Delight Major
RW 4688
23101B-109OK9 Feb 2001Pluviose Delight Major
RW 4694
23201B-3C2OK30 Mar 2001Germinal Delight Major
RW 4695
23301B-634OK11 May 2001Floreal Delight Major
RW 4704
23401B-7AFOK8 Jun 2001Prairial Delight Major
RW 4708
23501B-997OK13 Jul 2001Messidor Delight Major
RW 4712
23601B-B47OK10 Aug 2001Thermidor Delight Major
RW 4714
23701B-D1FOK14 Sep 2001Fructidor Delight Major
RW 4721
23801B-E98OK12 Oct 2001Vendemiaire Delight Major
RW 4726
23901C-02AOK9 Nov 2001Brumaire Delight Major
RW 4729
24001C-267OK14 Dec 2001Frimaire Delight Major
RW 4734
24101C-462OK11 Jan 2002Nivose Alliance Major
RW 4739
24201C-60BOK8 Feb 2002Pluviose Alliance Major
RW 4744.0316
24301C-7A2OK8 Mar 2002Ventose Alliance Major
RW 4746
24401C-B86OK10 May 2002Floreal Alliance Major
RW 4758
24501C-E71OK14 Jun 2002Prairial Alliance Major
RW 4760.0736
24601C-FD9OK12 Jul 2002Messidor Alliance Major
RW 4767
24701D-33AOK13 Sep 2002Fructidor Alliance Major
RW 4773
24801D-697OK8 Nov 2002Vendemiaire Alliance Major
RW 4782
24901D-7F3OK29 Nov 2002Brumaire Alliance Major
RW 4784.0006
25001D-8FBOK13 Dec 2002Frimaire Alliance Major
RW 4786.0056
25101D-AFAOK10 Jan 2003Sebat Delight Major
RW 4791.0176
25201D-CE8OK14 Feb 2003Adar Delight Major
RW 4795.0273
25301D-EB0OK14 Mar 2003Nisan Delight Major
RW 4804.0491
25401E-02BOK11 Apr 2003Zif Delight Major
RW 4804.0492
25501E-1BCOK9 May 2003Sivan Delight Major
RW 4808.0588
25601E-3D3OK13 Jun 2003Tammuz Delight Major
RW 4812.0685
25701E-6E4OK8 Aug 2003Elul Delight Major
RW 4821.0901
25801E-89EOK12 Sep 2003Ethanim Delight Major
RW 4826.1020
25901E-A4FOK10 Oct 2003Marchesvan Delight Major
RW 4830.1117
26001E-C5COK14 Nov 2003Chisleu Delight Major
RW 4839.0081
26101E-E32OK12 Dec 2003Tebeth Delight Major
RW 4839.0082
26201F-00COK9 Jan 2004Sebat Surprise Major
RW 4843.0179
26301F-211OK13 Feb 2004Adar Surprise Major
RW 4847.0273
26401F-3B3OK12 Mar 2004Nisan Surprise Major
RW 4853.0421
26501F-5ADOK16 Apr 2004Zif Surprise Major
RW 4856.0494
26601F-75EOK14 May 2004Sivan Surprise Major
RW 4860.0589
26701F-8E0OK11 Jun 2004Tammuz Surprise Major
RW 4865.0710
26801F-C41OK13 Aug 2004Elul Surprise Major
RW 4873.0902
26901F-DADOK10 Sep 2004Ethanim Surprise Major
RW 4877.0998
27001F-F37OK8 Oct 2004Yorkshire Surprise Major
RW 4882.1117
271020-161OK12 Nov 2004Chisleu Surprise Major
RW 4885.1188
272020-391OK17 Dec 2004Tebeth Surprise Major
RW 4891.0057
273020-545OK14 Jan 2005January Surprise Major
RW 4895.0157
274020-6DEOK11 Feb 2005February Surprise Major
RW 4899.0258
275020-895OK11 Mar 2005March Surprise Major
RW 4904.0379
276020-C50OK13 May 2005May Surprise Major
RW 4913.0598
277020-DB6OK10 Jun 2005June Surprise Major
RW 4917.0696
278020-F11OK8 Jul 2005July Surprise Major
RW 4920.0771
279021-0D3OK12 Aug 2005August Surprise Major
RW 4926.0918
280021-407OK14 Oct 2005October Surprise Major
RW 4934.1110
281021-5B7OK11 Nov 2005November Surprise Major
RW 4938.1221
282021-9A2OK13 Jan 2006Capricorn Surprise Major
RW 4948.0177
283021-B2BOK10 Feb 2006Aquarius Surprise Major
RW 4952.0281
284021-CC2OK10 Mar 2006Pisces Surprise Major
RW 4956.0378
285023-F6DOK21 Apr 2006Taurus Surprise Major
RW 4960.0475
286024-615OK19 May 2006Bristol Surprise Major
RW 4965.0597
287025-B0COK21 Jul 2006Cancer Surprise Major
RW 4974.0813
288026-BA3OK11 Aug 2006Leo Surprise Major
RW 4978.0909
289026-D9BOK8 Sep 2006Virgo Surprise Major
RW 4982.1005
290026-F79OK13 Oct 2006Libra Surprise Major
RW 4987.1126
291027-113OK10 Nov 2006Scorpio Surprise Major
RW 4991.1226
292027-2FFOK8 Dec 2006Sagittarius Surprise Major
RW 4995.0063
293027-31DOK12 Jan 2007Baxenden Surprise Major
RW 4997.0117
294028-43EOK9 Feb 2007Chadderton Surprise Major
RW 5001.0218
295028-884OK9 Mar 2007Grotton Surprise Major
RW 5005.0313
296028-A51OK13 Apr 2007Greenacres Surprise Major
RW 5010.0470
297028-DE4OK8 Jun 2007Waterhead Surprise Major
RW 5018.0666
298028-FE0OK13 Jul 2007Derker Surprise Major
RW 5023.0785
299029-188OK17 Aug 2007Failsworth Surprise Major
RW 5028.0905
30002A-7D2OK14 Sep 2007Werneth Surprise Major
RW 5032.1001

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