Felstead Database - Peal List for Tower

443 valid peals for Middleton, S Leonard, Lancashire, England.

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401 to 443 out of 443 peals

PealPB-IDStatusDate RungMethod
40104A-918OK8 Jul 2016Neodymium Surprise Major
RW 5491.0755
40204A-A92OK12 Aug 2016Bleaklow Delight Major
RW 5496.0873
40304A-BC3OK9 Sep 2016Stansted Mountfitchet Surprise Major
RW 5500.0970
40404A-D29OK14 Oct 2016Edale Delight Major
RW 5505.1097
40504A-E82OK11 Nov 2016Great Shunner Fell Delight Major
RW 5510.1219
40604A-FCAOK9 Dec 2016High Force Delight Major
RW 5513.1305
40704B-16COK13 Jan 2017Ickornshaw Moor Delight Major
RW 5518.0081
40804B-262OK10 Feb 2017Wembley Surprise Major
RW 5522.0178
40904B-3C5OK10 Mar 2017Kinder Scout Delight Major
RW 5526.0277
41004B-5A0OK21 Apr 2017Malham Delight Major
RW 5535.0531
41104B-678OK12 May 2017New Bridge Delight Major
RW 5535.0529
41204B-781OK9 Jun 2017Pen-y-ghent Delight Major
RW 5539.0626
41304B-8FDOK14 Jul 2017Ribblesdale Delight Major
RW 5544.0747
41404B-9D7OK11 Aug 2017Tan Hill Delight Major
RW 5548.0844
41504B-B36OK8 Sep 2017Vallum Delight Major
RW 5552.0942
41604B-CBBOK13 Oct 2017Windy Gyle Delight Major
RW 5557.0000
41704B-DFBOK10 Nov 2017Yetholm Delight Major
RW 5561.1162
41804B-F6AOK8 Dec 2017Quick March Delight Major
RW 5565.1273
41904C-0FFOK12 Jan 2018Janvier Delight Major
RW 5570.0083
42012D-7A3OK16 Feb 2018Fevrier Delight Major
RW 5575.0203
42112D-87BOK9 Mar 2018Lyme Surprise Major
RW 5578.0280
42212D-9FAOK13 Apr 2018Avril Delight Major
RW 5598.0777
42312D-B2DOK11 May 2018Mai Delight Major
RW 5587.0501
42412D-C53OK8 Jun 2018Juin Delight Major
RW 5591.0598
42512D-D94OK13 Jul 2018Juillet Delight Major
RW 5596.0720
42612D-EA6OK10 Aug 2018Diamond Delight Major
RW 5600.0815
42712E-00BOK14 Sep 2018Septembre Delight Major
RW 5605.0936
42812E-12AOK12 Oct 2018Octobre Delight Major
RW 5609.1035
42912E-258OK9 Nov 2018Novembre Delight Major
RW 5615.1230
43012E-450OK14 Dec 2018Decembre Delight Major
RW 5620.0033
43112E-577OK11 Jan 2019Affpuddle Treble Bob Major
RW 5623.0111
43212E-5FAOK25 Jan 2019Ladybird Alliance Major
RW 5624.0135
43312E-68DOK8 Feb 2019Barleycroft Treble Bob Major
RW 5626.0183
43412E-7BAOK8 Mar 2019Ventose Delight Major
RW 5630.0282
43512E-934OK12 Apr 2019Cumberland Exercise Treble Bob Major
RW 5635.0404
43612E-A4AOK10 May 2019Dire Treble Bob Major
RW 5639.0512
43712E-BB5OK14 Jun 2019Zulu Alliance Major
RW 5644.0631
43812E-CCCOK12 Jul 2019Frodsham Surprise Major
RW 5648.0727
43912E-DEAOK9 Aug 2019Thermidor Delight Major
RW 5652.0824
44012E-F45OK13 Sep 2019Upper Armley Alliance Major
RW 5657.0943
44112F-063OK11 Oct 2019Ely Surprise Major
RW 5661.1038
44212F-18AOK8 Nov 2019Deva Surprise Major
RW 5665.1133
44312F-439OK10 Jan 2020Ipswich Surprise Major
RW 5674.0095

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