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184 valid peals for Perry Barr, S John the Evangelist, Warwickshire, England.

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PealPB-IDStatusDate RungMethod
10136C-09FOK16 May 1931Grandsire Triples
10236C-094OK21 Nov 1931Cambridge Surprise Major
10336C-089OK19 Dec 1931Grandsire Triples
10436C-07EOK12 Mar 1932Grandsire Triples
10536C-073OK25 Mar 1933Superlative Surprise Major
10636C-068OK6 May 1933Stedman Triples
10736C-05DOK17 Mar 1934Grandsire Triples
10836C-052OK16 Mar 1935Grandsire Triples
10936C-047OK15 Jun 1935Grandsire Triples
11036C-03COK26 Oct 1935Stedman Triples
11136C-031OK22 Feb 1936Double Norwich Court Bob Major
11236C-026OK14 Mar 1936Grandsire Triples
11336C-01BOK23 Feb 1938Stedman Triples
11436C-010OK30 Apr 1938Stedman Triples
11536C-005OK27 Aug 1938Grandsire Triples
11636B-FFAOK27 Oct 1945Stedman Triples
11736B-FEFOK24 Nov 1945Stedman Triples
11836B-FE4OK1 Mar 1947Cambridge Surprise Major
11936B-FD9OK10 Jan 1948Stedman Triples
12036B-FCEOK4 Sep 1948Grandsire Triples
12136B-FC3OK30 Dec 1948Double Norwich Court Bob Major
12236B-FB8OK5 Mar 1949Bristol Surprise Major
12336B-FADOK9 Apr 1949Superlative Surprise Major
12436B-FA2OK12 Sep 1949Plain Bob Major
12536B-F97OK2 Jan 1950Plain Bob Major
12636B-F8COK3 Mar 1950London Surprise Major
12736B-F81OK12 Jun 1950Plain Bob Major
12836B-F76OK2 Mar 1951Cambridge Surprise Major
12936B-F6BOK26 Jan 1953Cambridge Surprise Major
13036B-F60OK22 Jun 1953Yorkshire Surprise Major
13136B-F55OK8 Dec 1955Yorkshire Surprise Major
13236B-F4AOK6 Feb 1965Cambridge Surprise Major
13336B-F3FOK19 Jun 1965Plain Bob Major
13436B-F34OK26 Apr 1969Plain Bob Triples
13536B-F29OK13 Feb 1971Plain Bob Major
RW 3140.0575
13636B-F1EOK16 Dec 1972Lincolnshire Surprise Major
13736B-F13OK24 Feb 1973London Surprise Major
13836B-F08OK1 Dec 1973Yorkshire Surprise Major
13936B-EFDOK9 Feb 1974Grandsire Triples
14036B-EF2OK23 Mar 1974Superlative Surprise Major
14136B-EE7OK14 Dec 1974Stedman Triples
RW 3325.0049. Date from St Martin's Guild Records.
14236B-EDCOK1 Feb 1975Cornwall Surprise Major
14336B-ED1OK1 Mar 1975London Surprise Major
14436B-EC6OK24 May 1975Glasgow Surprise Major
RW 3347.0508 - published as 26/5/75 - correction from Richard Grimmett
14536B-EBBOK4 Oct 1975Medway Surprise Major
14636B-EB0OK26 Apr 1980Grandsire Triples
14736B-EA5OK27 Mar 1982Bristol Surprise Major
RW 3715.0577
14836B-E9AOK19 Jun 1982Plain Bob Minor
RW 3716.0595 - Published as rung at Knowle - correction RW 3719.0668
14936B-E8FOK6 Oct 1982Stedman Triples
15036B-E84OK3 Nov 1984Rutland Surprise Major
RW 3856.0262
15136B-E79OK18 May 1985Bristol Surprise Major
15236B-E6EOK2 Apr 1986London Surprise Major
15336B-E63OK25 Oct 1986Stedman Triples
15436B-E58OK6 Dec 1986London Surprise Major
15536B-E4DOK13 Jan 1988Stedman Triples
15636B-E42OK16 Apr 1988Stedman Triples
15736B-E37OK17 Jun 1988Spliced Surprise Major (8 methods)
15836B-E2COK31 Mar 1989Perry Barr Surprise Major
RW 4071.0410
15900C-8C1OK10 Mar 1990Double Norwich Court Bob Major
RW 4120.0378
16000D-065OK31 Jul 1990Spliced Surprise Major (8 methods)
RW 4142.0887
16100D-20BOK27 Aug 1990Superlative Surprise Major
RW 4145.0958
16200D-2AFOK8 Sep 1990Perry Barr Surprise Major
RW 4153.1151
16300D-359OK22 Sep 1990Bristol Surprise Major
RW 4149.1057
16400F-28FOK14 Mar 1992Lincolnshire Surprise Major
RW 4227.0433
16500F-4A2OK22 Apr 1992Spliced Surprise Major (3 methods)
RW 4229.0480
166013-1E6OK18 Feb 1995Yorkshire Surprise Major
RW 4378
167014-778OK17 Feb 1996Lincolnshire Surprise Major
RW 4430.0302
168014-FC5OK6 Jul 1996Jasmine Surprise Major
RW 4450
169015-C1FOK25 Jan 1997Ullesthorpe Surprise Major
RW 4480
170016-FBAOK20 Dec 1997Pudsey Surprise Major
RW 4526
171017-BAEOK25 Jul 1998Yorkshire Surprise Major
RW 4557
172018-2E4OK5 Dec 1998Fordcombe Surprise Major
RW 4575
173018-CC4OK29 May 1999Rutland Surprise Major
RW 4601
17401A-2E9OK17 Jun 2000Cambridge Surprise Major
RW 4656
175020-2D7OK4 Dec 2004Stedman Triples
RW 4896.0184
176021-50EOK29 Oct 2005Stedman Triples
RW 4934.1110
177023-F91OK13 May 2006Yorkshire Surprise Major
RW 4963.0550
178040-FCBOK16 Nov 2011Lincolnshire Surprise Major
RW 5249.1210
179045-119OK11 Nov 2012Spliced Surprise Major (4 methods)
RW 5302.1264
180046-007OK30 Jun 2013Spliced Surprise Major (6 methods)
RW 5335.0750
181046-B06OK9 Feb 2014Spliced Surprise Major (23 methods)
RW 5366.0209
182047-6B8OK26 Oct 2014Spliced Surprise Major (8 methods)
RW 5402.1139
183048-3C5OK2 May 2015Spliced Surprise Major (8 methods)
RW 5444.0867
18412D-6C3OK28 Jan 2018Bristol Surprise Major
RW 5580.0330

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