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550 valid peals for Reading, S Laurence, Berkshire, England.

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401 to 500 out of 550 peals

PealPB-IDStatusDate RungMethod
401016-46FOK15 Jun 1997Stedman Cinques
RW 4499
402016-B47OK12 Oct 1997Bristol Surprise Maximus
RW 4514
403016-C1FOK25 Oct 1997Plain Bob Royal
RW 4519
404016-F91OK18 Dec 1997Upwell Fen Surprise Maximus
RW 4527
405017-1AFOK18 Jan 1998Brave New World Bob Royal
RW 4531
406017-526OK22 Mar 1998Stedman Cinques
RW 4537
407017-61DOK12 Apr 1998Bristol Surprise Maximus
RW 4543
408017-682OK16 Apr 1998Yorkshire Surprise Maximus
RW 4546
409017-743OK26 Apr 1998Stedman Cinques
RW 4545
410017-83DOK15 May 1998Spliced Surprise Royal (6 methods)
RW 4544
411017-86AOK17 May 1998Avon Delight Maximus
RW 4544
412017-943OK6 Jun 1998Bristol Surprise Maximus
RW 4549
413017-A48OK28 Jun 1998Bristol Surprise Royal
RW 4552.0724
414017-C21OK2 Aug 1998Yorkshire Surprise Maximus
RW 4557
415017-C94OK9 Aug 1998Rigel Surprise Maximus
RW 4557
416017-D16OK22 Aug 1998Cambridge Surprise Maximus
RW 4561
417017-F1COK27 Sep 1998Stedman Cinques
RW 4570
418018-08AOK24 Oct 1998Grandsire Cinques
RW 4582
419018-3A1OK17 Dec 1998Yorkshire Surprise Maximus
RW 4578.0071
420018-4F3OK4 Jan 1999Spliced Surprise Maximus (4 methods)
RW 4580.0118
421018-5A1OK17 Jan 1999Avon Delight Maximus
RW 4584
422018-5E5OK23 Jan 1999Bristol Surprise Maximus
RW 4582
423018-667OK31 Jan 1999Bristol Surprise Maximus
RW 4583
424018-8C3OK15 Mar 1999Spliced Surprise Maximus (14 methods)
RW 4588
425018-A9BOK18 Apr 1999Cambridge Surprise Royal
RW 4594
426018-C87OK23 May 1999Spliced Surprise Maximus (6 methods)
RW 4599
427018-D97OK14 Jun 1999Spliced Surprise Maximus (18 methods)
RW 4601
428018-E57OK27 Jun 1999Stedman Cinques
RW 4604
429018-E6DOK29 Jun 1999Cambridge Surprise Royal
RW 4607
430018-F76OK18 Jul 1999Spliced Surprise Maximus (8 methods)
RW 4606
431019-02BOK1 Aug 1999Bristol Surprise Maximus
RW 4609
432019-05AOK5 Aug 1999Yorkshire Surprise Maximus
RW 4608
433019-25DOK13 Sep 1999Spliced Surprise Maximus (27 methods)
RW 4614
434019-3CDOK10 Oct 1999Stedman Cinques
RW 4618
435019-49AOK24 Oct 1999Yorkshire Surprise Maximus
RW 4620
436019-79FOK13 Dec 1999Spliced Surprise Maximus (36 methods)
RW 4628
43701A-2A9OK12 Jun 2000Spliced Maximus (3 methods)
RW 4655
43801A-366OK25 Jun 2000London Surprise Major
RW 4657
43901A-4A7OK16 Jul 2000Spliced Surprise Maximus (10 methods)
RW 4671
44001A-A72OK22 Oct 2000Avon Delight Maximus
RW 4673
44101A-A84OK23 Oct 2000Stedman Caters
RW 4675
44201A-AE1OK28 Oct 2000Grandsire Cinques
RW 4676
44301A-BB4OK12 Nov 2000Spliced Maximus (5 methods)
RW 4676
44401A-C92OK25 Nov 2000Pudsey Surprise Maximus
RW 4681
44501A-D4DOK9 Dec 2000Doubles (3 methods)
RW 4681
44601A-F5BOK8 Jan 2001Ariel Surprise Maximus
RW 4685
44701B-113OK10 Feb 2001Bristol Surprise Maximus
RW 4689
44801B-2C1OK10 Mar 2001Cambridge Surprise Maximus
RW 4694
44901B-883OK23 Jun 2001Spliced Maximus (11 methods)
RW 4707
45001B-95AOK8 Jul 2001Yorkshire Surprise Major
RW 4711
45101B-A9EOK28 Jul 2001Bristol Surprise Maximus
RW 4717
45201B-DA7OK23 Sep 2001Stedman Cinques
RW 4720
45301C-681OK16 Feb 2002Stedman Cinques
RW 4741
45401C-855OK19 Mar 2002Magdalen Surprise Royal
RW 4746
45501C-96BOK7 Apr 2002Stedman Cinques
RW 4751
45601C-DFEOK6 Jun 2002Stedman Caters
RW 4757
45701C-F36OK29 Jun 2002Spliced Maximus (36 methods)
RW 4761
45801D-4CAOK8 Oct 2002Quedgeley Surprise Maximus
RW 4776
45901D-5D1OK26 Oct 2002Spliced Caters & Royal (4 methods)
RW 4778
46001D-80FOK30 Nov 2002Doubles (10 methods)
RW 4782
46101D-E5DOK8 Mar 2003Plain Bob Minor
RW 4796.0297
46201F-689OK29 Apr 2004Cambridge Surprise Maximus
RW 4857.0518
463020-117OK7 Nov 2004Spliced Cinques & Maximus (2 methods)
RW 4883.1140
464020-5A1OK20 Jan 2005Yorkshire Surprise Maximus
RW 4899.0260
465020-639OK29 Jan 2005Yorkshire Surprise Maximus
RW 4896.0183
466020-8AFOK12 Mar 2005Stedman Caters
RW 4902.0329
467020-978OK28 Mar 2005Yorkshire Surprise Maximus
RW 4903.0354
468020-C5FOK14 May 2005Cambridge Surprise Maximus
RW 4910.0527
469020-ED1OK3 Jul 2005Orion Surprise Maximus
RW 4919.0743
470021-3D6OK9 Oct 2005Clackmannan Surprise Maximus
RW 4931.1036
471021-415OK15 Oct 2005Stedman Cinques
RW 4932.1062
472021-CF2OK12 Mar 2006Stedman Cinques
RW 4955.0355
473021-D69OK21 Mar 2006Cambridge Surprise Maximus
RW 4954.0330
474021-DE7OK1 Apr 2006Spliced Maximus (6 methods)
RW 4956.0377
475021-F05OK23 Apr 2006Bristol Surprise Maximus
RW 4959.0448
476023-E4AOK7 May 2006Bristol Surprise Maximus
RW 4961.0501
477023-FFBOK14 May 2006Spliced Treble Dodging Maximus (5 methods)
RW 4962.0525
478024-648OK15 Jun 2006Knotty Ash Delight Maximus
RW 4967.0645
479024-6E8OK2 Jul 2006Spliced Surprise Maximus (4 methods)
RW 4970.0711
480026-E58OK14 Oct 2006Grandsire Cinques
RW 4984.1056
481026-DD4OK15 Oct 2006Spliced Maximus (5 methods)
RW 4984.1055
482026-F6EOK4 Nov 2006Bristol Surprise Maximus
RW 4987.1125
483026-FE0OK19 Nov 2006Yorkshire Surprise Maximus
RW 4989.1175
484026-FF7OK21 Nov 2006Cambridge Surprise Maximus
RW 4989.1173
485027-134OK2 Dec 2006Stedman Cinques
RW 4991.1227
486028-8E3OK17 Mar 2007Bristol Surprise Maximus
RW 5006.0339
487028-B97OK14 Apr 2007Bristol Surprise Maximus
RW 5011.0494
488028-FC1OK10 Jul 2007Cambridge Surprise Maximus
RW 5028.0907
489029-1DEOK25 Aug 2007Palatino Surprise Maximus
RW 5029.0932
49002A-927OK5 Sep 2007Cambridge Surprise Maximus
RW 5031.0984
49102B-0D6OK20 Oct 2007Stedman Cinques
RW 5037.1121
49202B-1A9OK28 Oct 2007Spliced Maximus (4 methods)
RW 5038.1144
49302B-3E4OK25 Nov 2007Lincolnshire Surprise Maximus
RW 5042.1242
49402B-4ACOK5 Dec 2007Spliced Surprise Royal (3 methods)
RW 5046.0034
49502B-603OK24 Dec 2007Grandsire Caters
RW 5048.0086
49602B-859OK17 Jan 2008Highclere Church Surprise Maximus
RW 5052.0216
49702B-85AOK19 Jan 2008Bristol Surprise Maximus
RW 5052.0216
49802B-E2FOK16 Feb 2008Lincolnshire Surprise Maximus
RW 5055.0290
49902C-972OK2 Apr 2008Merseyside Surprise Maximus
RW 5061.0441
50002C-C82OK7 Jun 2008Zanussi Surprise Maximus
RW 5070.0697

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