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46 valid peals for Rickinghall Superior, S Mary, Suffolk, England.

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PealPB-IDStatusDate RungMethod
1354-8D1OK15 Apr 1845Minor (4 methods)
2354-8C6OK9 May 1906Minor (3 methods)
3354-8BBOK20 Jun 1907Minor (3 methods)
4354-8B0OK20 Feb 1908Plain Bob Minor
5354-8A5OK29 Jan 1912Minor (3 methods)
6354-89AOK11 Apr 1912Minor (5 methods)
7354-88FOK1 Jun 1912Minor (4 methods)
8354-884OK28 Nov 1912Minor (6 methods)
9354-879OK29 Mar 1913Minor (7 methods)
10354-863OK8 Apr 1913Minor (7 methods)
11354-86EOK19 Apr 1913Minor (7 methods)
12354-858OK19 Feb 1914Minor (7 methods)
13354-84DOK23 Apr 1914Minor (7 methods)
14354-842OK31 Oct 1920Minor (4 methods)
15354-837OK14 Mar 1926Minor (2 methods)
16354-82COK13 Mar 1927Minor (3 methods)
17354-821OK5 May 1928Minor (3 methods)
18354-816OK25 May 1929Minor (3 methods)
19354-80BOK5 Aug 1929Minor (3 methods)
20354-800OK9 Oct 1929Minor (3 methods)
21354-7F5OK7 Nov 1929Minor (3 methods)
22354-7EAOK1 Dec 1929Minor (3 methods)
23354-7DFOK23 Aug 1930Minor (4 methods)
24354-7D4OK18 Nov 1930Minor (5 methods)
25354-7C9OK29 Dec 1935Minor (5 methods)
26354-7BEOK23 May 1937Minor (3 methods)
27354-7B3OK20 Oct 1946Minor (3 methods)
28354-7A8OK29 Jan 1949Minor (3 methods)
29354-79DOK27 Feb 1949Minor (4 methods)
30354-792OK4 Jul 1953Minor (3 methods)
31354-787OK16 Jul 1955Kent Treble Bob Minor
32354-77COK6 Jun 1977Plain Bob Minor
33354-771OK9 Jul 1978Plain Bob Minor
34354-766OK4 May 1986Minor (7 methods)
35354-75BOK8 Jul 1986Grandsire Doubles
36354-750OK20 Aug 1986Minor (7 methods)
37354-745OK6 Oct 1988Minor (7 methods)
38354-73AOK2 Oct 1989Minor (7 methods)
3900C-B50OK26 Apr 1990Plain Bob Minor
RW 4130.0607
4000C-DAAOK9 Jun 1990Armitage-is-the-name Bob Minor
RW 4132.0653
4100D-3FDOK4 Oct 1990Surprise Minor (7 methods)
RW 4149.1058
42019-373OK3 Oct 1999Surprise Minor (7 methods)
RW 4616
4303F-9ECOK27 Aug 2011Doubles (5 methods)
RW 5238.0942
44042-1D5OK15 Feb 2012Doubles (7 methods)
RW 5263.0243
45044-983OK6 Oct 2012Plain Bob Minor
RW 5296.1119
4604C-09BOK2 Jan 2018Spliced Surprise Minor (14 methods)
RW 5576.0231

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