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44 valid peals for Roydon, S Peter, Essex, England.

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PealPB-IDStatusDate RungMethod
134C-668OK24 Apr 1888Minor (7 methods)
234C-65DOK29 Mar 1898Minor (7 methods)
334C-652OK4 Jan 1899Minor (7 methods)
434C-647OK19 Dec 1899Doubles (5 methods)
534C-63COK15 Dec 1900Plain Bob Minor
634C-631OK2 Feb 1901Doubles (6 methods)
734C-626OK4 Dec 1901Minor (7 methods)
834C-61BOK31 Mar 1902Minor (7 methods)
934C-610OK11 Oct 1902Minor (5 methods)
1034C-605OK1 Nov 1902Minor (3 methods)
1134C-5FAOK22 Nov 1902Minor (5 methods)
1234C-5EFOK4 Feb 1905Minor (7 methods)
1334C-5E4OK11 Mar 1905Minor (7 methods)
1434C-5D9OK4 Apr 1905Plain Bob Minor
1534C-5CEOK10 Feb 1906Minor (5 methods)
1634C-5C3OK15 May 1906Minor (7 methods)
1734C-5B8OK26 Sep 1906Minor (7 methods)
1834C-5ADOK15 May 1912Minor (2 methods)
1934C-5A2OK4 Feb 1913Minor (3 methods)
2034C-597OK7 Sep 1920Grandsire Doubles
2134C-58COK18 Oct 1921Doubles (4 methods)
2234C-581OK6 Jul 1929Grandsire Doubles
2334C-576OK30 Apr 1938Grandsire Doubles
2434C-56BOK21 Oct 1950Grandsire Doubles
2534C-560OK15 May 1954Grandsire Doubles
2634C-555OK4 Dec 1954Plain Bob Minor
2734C-54AOK15 Dec 1956Plain Bob Minor
2834C-53FOK23 Nov 1957Grandsire Doubles
2934C-534OK21 May 1960Grandsire Doubles
3034C-529OK25 Nov 1961Plain Bob Minor
3134C-51EOK17 Feb 1962Plain Bob Minor
3234C-513OK10 Mar 1979Plain Bob Minor
3334C-508OK28 Jul 1979Minor (2 methods)
3434C-4FDOK19 Apr 1980Roydon Bob Minor
3534C-4F2OK13 Feb 1982Minor (3 methods)
3634C-4E7OK30 May 1983Minor (3 methods)
3734C-4DCOK13 Jan 1985Surprise Minor (7 methods)
RW 3857.0286
3834C-4D1OK15 Mar 1986Minor (7 methods)
3934C-4C6OK16 Apr 1988Minor (7 methods)
40017-C80OK8 Aug 1998Surprise Minor (7 methods)
RW 4558
4101B-126OK10 Feb 2001Surprise Minor (7 methods)
RW 4692
4201F-707OK8 May 2004Plain Bob Minor
RW 4857.0517
43020-564OK15 Jan 2005Crowland Delight Minor
RW 4893.0107
4404B-8ADOK8 Jul 2017Surprise Minor (5 methods)
RW 5543.0725

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