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7 invalid peals for Sheffield, SS Peter & Paul, Yorkshire, England.

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PealPB-IDStatusDate RungMethod
133D-027FALSE5 Nov 1787Cambridge Surprise Major
(6,048) SR 10.xi.87; LNJ 10.xi.87; LI 13.xi.87; YC 13.xi.87; CR 295 (Nov 30th); Surprise Book. False (1st in m 11/2/1873 - pabs)
233D-01CFALSE20 Apr 1809Cambridge Surprise Major
BN 1.x.10. False (1st in m 11/2/1873 - pabs)
333D-ADABAD_DATE4 May 1809Oxford Treble Bob Royal
CR 296 - peal was rung on 4/5/1808
433D-A82BAD_DATE19 Feb 1830Kent Treble Bob Royal
(6,120) CR 297 - duplicate of 19/2/1833
533D-011FALSE12 Feb 1889Grandsire Caters
633D-006FALSE8 Feb 1890Stedman Caters
733C-FFBFALSE26 Dec 1924Stedman Caters

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