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5 invalid peals for Shoreditch, S Leonard, Middlesex, England.

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PealPB-IDStatusDate RungMethod
1336-090DUPLICATE14 Oct 1765Grandsire Caters
RCY; CB vi.259 Duplicate of 14/10/1766
2336-085FALSE19 Oct 1766Oxford Treble Bob Royal
(6,000) CY; GNDA 25.x.66; False - CR 631
3336-07AFALSE19 Jan 1767Oxford Treble Bob Royal
(6,200) LY; False - CR 631
4371-32ABAD_METHOD18 Feb 1777Grandsire Caters
(10,080) JCM 3.iii.77 - method rung was 10,000 Oxford TB Royal
5337-E0ADUPLICATE8 Dec 1810Oxford Treble Bob Maximus
(6,000) BN xxix.410 Duplicate of 9/12/1809

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