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239 valid peals for Southgate, Christ Church, Middlesex, England.

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PealPB-IDStatusDate RungMethod
132B-A1AOK21 Apr 1880Grandsire Triples
232B-A0FOK15 Oct 1881Kent Treble Bob Major
332B-A04OK13 Jan 1883Stedman Triples
432B-9F9OK27 Oct 1883Stedman Triples
532B-9EEOK23 Jan 1884Kent Treble Bob Major
632B-9E3OK8 Mar 1884Grandsire Triples
732B-9D8OK1 Nov 1884Kent Treble Bob Major
832B-9CDOK20 Nov 1884Stedman Triples
932B-9C2OK31 Jan 1885Double Norwich Court Bob Major
1032B-9B7OK14 Jan 1886Stedman Triples
1132B-9ACOK15 Apr 1886Grandsire Triples
1232B-9A1OK30 Oct 1886Kent Treble Bob Major
1332B-996OK5 Feb 1887Grandsire Triples
1432B-98BOK12 Feb 1887Grandsire Triples
1532B-980OK19 Feb 1887Grandsire Triples
1632B-975OK8 Mar 1887Grandsire Triples
1732B-96AOK11 Feb 1888Stedman Triples
1832B-95FOK1 Mar 1888Grandsire Major
1932B-954OK24 Mar 1888Single Oxford Bob Triples
2032B-949OK30 Mar 1888Stedman Triples
2132B-93EOK12 Jan 1889Plain Bob Major
2232B-933OK4 Mar 1889Plain Bob Triples
2332B-928OK9 Mar 1889Kent Treble Bob Major
2432B-91DOK14 Dec 1889Double Norwich Court Bob Major
2532B-912OK4 Feb 1890Grandsire Triples
2632B-907OK6 Mar 1890Grandsire Triples
2732B-8FCOK13 Mar 1890Grandsire Triples
2832B-8F1OK8 May 1890Plain Bob Major
2932B-8E6OK11 Oct 1890Grandsire Triples
3032B-8DBOK13 Nov 1890Plain Bob Major
3132B-8D0OK26 Feb 1891Kent Treble Bob Major
3232B-8C5OK28 Feb 1891Double Norwich Court Bob Major
3332B-8BAOK7 Mar 1891Double Norwich Court Bob Major
3432B-8AFOK21 Mar 1891Plain Bob Major
3532B-8A4OK2 May 1891Double Norwich Court Bob Major
3632B-899OK6 Jun 1891Plain Bob Major
3732B-88EOK5 Sep 1891Kent Treble Bob Major
3832B-883OK5 Oct 1891Grandsire Triples
3932B-878OK21 Oct 1891Stedman Triples
4032B-86DOK2 Nov 1891Grandsire Triples
4132B-862OK10 Nov 1891Grandsire Triples
4232B-857OK28 Nov 1891Cambridge Surprise Major
4332B-84COK1 Dec 1891Double Norwich Court Bob Major
4432B-841OK5 Dec 1891Stedman Triples
4532B-836OK12 Dec 1891Cambridge Surprise Major
4632B-82BOK14 Dec 1891Single Canterbury Pleasure Bob Major
4732B-820OK5 Mar 1892Double Norwich Court Bob Major
4832B-815OK2 Apr 1892Double Norwich Court Bob Major
4932B-80AOK4 Feb 1893Stedman Triples
5032B-7FFOK22 Apr 1893Double Norwich Court Bob Major
5132B-7F4OK8 Dec 1894Superlative Surprise Major
5232B-7E9OK15 Dec 1894Grandsire Triples
5332B-7DEOK5 Jan 1895Superlative Surprise Major
5432B-7D3OK2 Mar 1895Grandsire Triples
5532B-7C8OK2 Nov 1895Kent Treble Bob Major
5632B-7BDOK10 Feb 1896Grandsire Triples
5732B-7B2OK24 Sep 1896Stedman Triples
5832B-7A7OK19 Dec 1896Stedman Triples
5932B-79COK2 Mar 1897Grandsire Triples
6032B-791OK3 Apr 1897Superlative Surprise Major
6132B-786OK15 May 1897Grandsire Triples
6232B-77BOK26 Nov 1897Superlative Surprise Major
6332B-770OK4 Jan 1898Stedman Triples
6432B-765OK8 Jan 1898Stedman Triples
6532B-75AOK29 Jan 1898Superlative Surprise Major
6632B-74FOK15 Feb 1898Grandsire Triples
6732B-744OK15 Mar 1898Superlative Surprise Major
6832B-739OK2 May 1898Grandsire Triples
6932B-72EOK27 Jun 1898Grandsire Triples
7032B-723OK11 Oct 1898Grandsire Triples
7132B-718OK26 Nov 1898Superlative Surprise Major
7232B-70DOK17 Jan 1899Plain Bob Major
7332B-702OK20 Feb 1899Grandsire Triples
7432B-6F7OK6 Mar 1899Plain Bob Major
7532B-6ECOK13 May 1899Superlative Surprise Major
7632B-6E1OK3 Oct 1899Superlative Surprise Major
7732B-6D6OK14 Oct 1899Plain Bob Major
7832B-6CBOK11 Nov 1899Double Norwich Court Bob Major
7932B-6C0OK25 Nov 1899Kent Treble Bob Major
8032B-6B5OK30 Nov 1899Plain Bob Major
8132B-6AAOK9 Dec 1899Kent Treble Bob Major
8232B-69FOK11 Jan 1900Plain Bob Major
8332B-694OK8 Feb 1900Plain Bob Major
8432B-689OK17 May 1900Plain Bob Major
8532B-67EOK21 May 1900Plain Bob Major
8632B-673OK9 Oct 1900Plain Bob Major
8732B-668OK6 Dec 1900Grandsire Triples
8832B-65DOK8 Jan 1901Plain Bob Major
8932B-652OK17 Jan 1901Plain Bob Triples
9032B-647OK2 Feb 1901Plain Bob Triples
9132B-63COK21 Feb 1901Kent Treble Bob Major
9232B-631OK28 Mar 1901Plain Bob Major
9332B-626OK3 Jul 1901Plain Bob Major
9432B-61BOK12 Sep 1901Plain Bob Major
9532B-610OK1 Oct 1901Kent Treble Bob Major
9632B-605OK10 Oct 1901Kent Treble Bob Major
9732B-5FAOK24 Oct 1901Grandsire Triples
9832B-5EFOK4 Nov 1901Kent Treble Bob Major
9932B-5E4OK14 Nov 1901Plain Bob Major
10032B-5D9OK23 Nov 1901Plain Bob Major

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