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2019 valid peals for Birmingham, S Philip, Warwickshire, England.

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PealPB-IDStatusDate RungMethod
14CC-B5DOK16 Sep 1755Plain Bob Major
CR 264; BN xiv.569; EJO
24CC-B52OK17 Aug 1773Grandsire Caters
ABG 23.viii.73; St Martin's; EJO
34CC-B47OK25 Oct 1773Grandsire Caters
(6,426) ABG 1.xi.73; DM 5.xi.73; St Martin's; EJO
44CC-B3COK4 Jun 1787Plain Bob Major
St Martin's; EJO
54CC-B31OK1 Oct 1787Treble Bob Major
DUR 6.x.87; St Martin's; EJO
64CC-B26OK14 Jul 1789Plain Bob Major
CR 264; EJO
74CC-B1BOK25 Oct 1790Stedman Caters
CR 264; EJO
84CC-B10OK13 Dec 1802Oxford Treble Bob Royal
CR 264; EJO
94CC-B05OK28 Feb 1816Oxford Treble Bob Royal
St Martin's Peal Book
104CC-AFAOK5 Apr 1819Stedman Caters
CR 264 (5/4/17); St Martin's Peal Book; ABG 12.iv.19; SC 16.iv.19
114CC-AEFOK14 Oct 1822Grandsire Caters
CR 264; EJO
124CC-AE4OK6 Oct 1835Grandsire Caters
BL 11.x.35; HBPG 17.x.35; BN viii.593; EJO
134CC-AD9OK21 Dec 1840Grandsire Royal
CR 264; BN viii.593; BL 27.xii.40; EJO
144CC-ACEOK24 May 1843Stedman Caters
BL 4.vi.44: BN viii.593; EJO
154CC-AC3OK8 Jan 1844Stedman Caters
St Martin's Peal Book; CR 264; BL 14.i.44; E 14.i.44 (6th); EJO
164CC-AB8OK4 Dec 1844Stedman Caters
E 8.xii.44; CB iv.307
174CC-AADOK4 Feb 1845Kent Treble Bob Royal
BL 9.ii.45; EJO
184CC-AA2OK25 Mar 1845Stedman Caters
E.30.iii.45; EJO
194CC-A97OK25 Mar 1846Stedman Caters
BL 29.iii.46; EJO
204CC-A8COK14 Jan 1851Stedman Caters
214CC-A81OK24 Mar 1852Stedman Triples
BL 28.iii.52; St Philip's Soc Peal Book
224CC-A76OK21 Sep 1852Grandsire Caters
BL 26.ix.52
234CC-A6BOK7 Mar 1854Treble Bob Royal
BL 12.iii.54
244CC-A60OK10 Jan 1856Grandsire Caters
BL 20.i.56
254CC-A55OK25 Mar 1856Oxford Treble Bob Royal
BL 30.iii.56
264CC-A4AOK24 May 1865Stedman Caters
BL 27.v.65
274CC-A3FOK12 Apr 1868Stedman Caters
BL 18.iv.68; BN viii.593
284CC-A34OK17 Nov 1873Stedman Caters
BN viii.593; CB iii.631
294CC-A29OK10 Dec 1877Grandsire Triples
CB viii.27; BL 22.xii.77
304CC-A1EOK18 Jun 1883Grandsire Caters
BN ii.139
314CC-A13OK14 Jan 1884Grandsire Caters
BN ii.498
324CC-A08OK23 Nov 1885Grandsire Caters
BN iv.277
334CC-9FDOK20 Nov 1886Grandsire Caters
BN v.292
344CC-9F2OK13 Feb 1892Grandsire Caters
BN x.571
354CC-9E7OK25 Feb 1893Grandsire Caters
BN xi.588
364CC-9DCOK27 Jan 1894Grandsire Caters
BN xii.464
374CC-9D1OK17 Feb 1894Stedman Caters
BN xii.499
384CC-9C6OK26 May 1894Grandsire Caters
BN xiii.20
394CC-9BBOK3 Sep 1894Grandsire Caters
BN xiii.187
404CC-9B0OK8 Dec 1894Single Darlaston Bob Caters
BN xiii.355
414CC-9A5OK2 Feb 1895Grandsire Caters
BN xiii.452
424CC-99AOK30 Mar 1895Plain Bob Caters
BN xiii.555
434CC-98FOK14 Dec 1895Stedman Caters
BN xiv.356
444CC-984OK21 Dec 1895Stedman Caters
BN xiv.379
454CC-979OK11 Jan 1896Grandsire Caters
BN xiv.403
464CC-96EOK22 Feb 1896Plain Bob Royal
BN xiv.475
474CC-963OK7 Mar 1896Kent Treble Bob Royal
BN xiv.500
484CC-958OK16 May 1896Forward Royal
BN xv.39
494CC-94DOK17 Oct 1896Grandsire Caters
BN xv.337
504CC-942OK6 Feb 1897Plain Bob Royal
BN xv.568
514CC-937OK2 Oct 1897Kent Treble Bob Royal
BN xvi.288
524CC-92COK22 Aug 1903Stedman Caters
BN xxii.272
534CC-921OK28 Aug 1937Stedman Caters
RW 1380.0578 First on the new bells, recast 1937
544CC-916OK23 Jul 1938Grandsire Caters
RW 1427.0486
554CC-90BOK5 Aug 1944Cambridge Surprise Royal
RW 1743.0342
564CC-900OK26 Dec 1944Stedman Caters
RW 1764.0014
574CC-8F5OK9 May 1945Stedman Caters
RW 1782.0195
584CC-8EAOK21 May 1945Stedman Caters
RW 1784.0214
594CC-8DFOK22 Sep 1945Stedman Caters
RW 1802.0398
604CC-8D4OK24 Dec 1945Stedman Caters
RW 1815.0002
614CC-8C9OK8 Jun 1946Stedman Caters
RW 1839.0279
624CC-8BEOK3 Aug 1946Yorkshire Surprise Royal
RW 1847.0378
634CC-8B3OK26 Dec 1946New Cambridge Surprise Royal
RW 1868.0014
644CC-8A8OK17 May 1947Stedman Caters
RW 1886.0246
654CC-89DOK2 Aug 1947Stedman Caters
RW 1897.0386
664CC-892OK6 Sep 1947Stedman Caters
RW 1903.0458
674CC-887OK20 Nov 1947Stedman Caters
RW 1913.0578
684CC-87COK26 Dec 1947Yorkshire Surprise Major
RW 1920.0034
694CC-871OK26 Feb 1948Cambridge Surprise Royal
RW 1928.0114
704CC-866OK29 Apr 1948Cambridge Surprise Royal
RW 1938.0215
714CC-85BOK13 May 1948Stedman Caters
RW 1939.0226
724CC-850OK10 Jun 1948Yorkshire Surprise Royal
RW 1943.0270
734CC-845OK5 Aug 1948Yorkshire Surprise Royal
RW 1950.0346
744CC-83AOK11 Sep 1948Yorkshire Surprise Royal
RW 1956.0414
754CC-82FOK16 Sep 1948Stedman Caters
RW 1956.0414
764CC-824OK14 Oct 1948Yorkshire Surprise Royal
RW 1960.0458
774CC-819OK18 Nov 1948Stedman Caters
RW 1965.0518
784CC-80EOK17 Feb 1949Stedman Cinques
RW 1978.0090 Augmented from ten to twelve 1949
794CC-803OK10 Mar 1949Stedman Cinques
RW 1982.0138
804CC-7F8OK19 Mar 1949Cambridge Surprise Maximus
RW 1983.0150
814CC-7EDOK18 Apr 1949Lincolnshire Surprise Royal
RW 1987.0198
824CC-7E2OK23 Apr 1949Stedman Cinques
RW 1987.0198
834CC-7D7OK28 May 1949Stedman Cinques
RW 1993.0274
844CC-7CCOK9 Jun 1949Stedman Cinques
RW 1994.0290
854CC-7C1OK14 Jul 1949Albanian Surprise Maximus
RW 1999.0350
864CC-7B6OK1 Aug 1949Stedman Cinques
RW 2002.0386
874CC-7ABOK4 Aug 1949Yorkshire Surprise Maximus
RW 2002.0386
884CC-7A0OK24 Sep 1949Yorkshire Surprise Maximus
RW 2010.0487
894CC-795OK13 Oct 1949Prittlewell Surprise Maximus
RW 2012.0514
904CC-78AOK22 Oct 1949Yorkshire Surprise Maximus
RW 2014.0538
914CC-77FOK10 Nov 1949Prittlewell Surprise Royal
RW 2016.0566
924CC-774OK26 Nov 1949Stedman Cinques
RW 2018.0590
934CC-769OK17 Dec 1949Cambridge Surprise Royal
RW 2022.0002
944CC-75EOK31 Dec 1949Yorkshire Surprise Maximus
RW 2025.0050
954CC-753OK12 Jan 1950Stedman Cinques
RW 2026.0066
964CC-748OK25 Feb 1950Pudsey Surprise Royal
RW 2032.0162
974CC-73DOK9 Mar 1950Cambridge Surprise Royal
RW 2033.0178
984CC-732OK23 Mar 1950Solihull Surprise Maximus
RW 2035.0210
994CC-727OK20 Apr 1950Solihull Surprise Royal
RW 2039.0274
1004CC-71COK6 May 1950Cambridge Surprise Maximus
RW 2041.0306

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