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41 valid peals for Wood Green, S Michael, Middlesex, England.

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PealPB-IDStatusDate RungMethod
12C7-349OK19 Jul 1890Minor (7 methods)
22C7-33EOK18 Oct 1890Minor (7 methods)
32C7-333OK3 Jun 1891Minor (7 methods)
42C7-328OK17 Sep 1891Minor (7 methods)
52C7-31DOK14 Nov 1899Minor (3 methods)
62C7-312OK9 Jan 1900Minor (7 methods)
72C7-307OK28 Mar 1903Plain Bob Minor
82C7-2FCOK21 Mar 1925Plain Bob Minor
92C7-2F1OK20 Mar 1926Minor (3 methods)
102C7-2E6OK19 Feb 1927Kent Treble Bob Minor
112C7-2DBOK1 Dec 1928Minor (4 methods)
122C7-2D0OK24 Oct 1931Minor (3 methods)
132C7-2C5OK2 Apr 1932Cambridge Surprise Minor
142C7-2BAOK13 May 1939Plain Bob Minor
152C7-2AFOK11 Dec 1948Cambridge Surprise Minor
162C7-2A4OK2 Jan 1960Primrose Surprise Minor
172C7-299OK28 Jan 1961Plain Bob Minor
182C7-28EOK27 Apr 1968Plain Bob Minor
192C7-283OK24 Aug 1968Plain Bob Minor
202C7-278OK24 May 1969Minor (2 methods)
212C7-26DOK5 Nov 1969Minor (5 methods)
222C7-262OK14 Jan 1970Minor (18 methods)
232C7-257OK22 Feb 1972Minor (107 methods)
242C7-24COK21 May 1972London Surprise Minor
RW 3190.0481 - published as 26/5/72 - correction RW 3209.0872
252C7-241OK1 Jun 1974London Surprise Minor
262C7-236OK9 Oct 1974Cunecastre Surprise Minor
272C7-22BOK7 Dec 1974Minor (3 methods)
282C7-220OK15 Sep 1979Ipswich Surprise Minor
292C7-215OK22 Mar 1980Minor (5 methods)
302C7-20AOK20 Feb 1982Minor (7 methods)
312C7-1FFOK5 Mar 1983Plain Bob Minor
322C7-1F4OK2 Feb 1986Minor (7 methods)
332C7-1E9OK14 Jan 1989Minor (6 methods)
3400D-251OK1 Sep 1990Surprise Minor (7 methods)
RW 4144.0938
3500F-00FOK1 Feb 1992Minor (6 methods)
RW 4219.0237
36017-942OK6 Jun 1998Plain Bob Minor
RW 4549
37018-662OK30 Jan 1999Surprise Minor (7 methods)
RW 4593
3801A-4E4OK22 Jul 2000Surprise Minor (7 methods)
RW 4659
3901B-E92OK12 Oct 2001Minor (7 methods)
RW 4723.1093
40020-24AOK27 Nov 2004Plain Bob Minor
RW 4886.1218
4112D-95AOK1 Apr 2018Minor (7 methods)
RW 5585.0450

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