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44 valid peals for Algarkirk, SS Peter & Paul, Lincolnshire, England.

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PealPB-IDStatusDate RungMethod
14F9-5A2OK6 May 1935Minor (7 methods)
24F9-597OK31 Aug 1935Cambridge Surprise Minor
34F9-58COK4 Jan 1936Minor (2 methods)
44F9-581OK28 Jan 1936Minor (7 methods)
54F9-576OK21 Feb 1936Minor (30 methods)
Date 11/02?
64F9-56BOK27 Apr 1936Minor (7 methods)
74F9-560OK16 May 1936Minor (48 methods)
84F9-555OK13 Jun 1936Minor (57 methods)
94F9-54AOK5 Dec 1936Minor (70 methods)
104F9-53FOK4 Jan 1937Minor (25 methods)
114F9-534OK21 Jan 1937Cambridge Surprise Minor
124F9-529OK4 Dec 1937Minor (80 methods)
134F9-51EOK11 Dec 1937Cambridge Surprise Minor
144F9-513OK10 Jan 1948Minor (7 methods)
154F9-508OK19 Feb 1951Minor (7 methods)
164F9-4FDOK27 Jun 1951Minor (7 methods)
174F9-4F2OK2 Oct 1951Minor (4 methods)
184F9-4E7OK18 Nov 1959Minor (9 methods)
194F9-4DCOK20 Jan 1960Minor (10 methods)
204F9-4D1OK16 Mar 1960Minor (7 methods)
214F9-4C6OK4 May 1960Minor (7 methods)
224F9-4BBOK25 Jun 1960Minor (7 methods)
234F9-4B0OK9 Aug 1960Minor (7 methods)
244F9-4A5OK22 Oct 1960Minor (3 methods)
254F9-49AOK25 Nov 1960Minor (8 methods)
264F9-48FOK1 Jul 1961Grandsire Doubles
274F9-484OK9 Apr 1962Minor (8 methods)
284F9-479OK25 Jun 1962Minor (9 methods)
294F9-46EOK1 Dec 1962Beverley Surprise Minor
Method auto corrected from Beverley Minor.
304F9-463OK18 May 1963Minor (7 methods)
314F9-458OK5 Jun 1965Minor (16 methods)
324F9-44DOK27 Aug 1966Minor (7 methods)
334F9-442OK28 Jan 1967Minor (11 methods)
344F9-437OK1 Jul 1971Minor (7 methods)
354F9-42COK25 Mar 1972Cambridge Surprise Minor
364F9-421OK14 Dec 1974Minor (2 methods)
374F9-416OK5 Mar 1984Minor (4 methods)
384F9-40BOK18 Aug 1984Cambridge Surprise Minor
394F9-400OK11 Apr 1988Doubles (3 methods)
404F9-3F5OK27 Dec 1989Minor (7 methods)
4100C-AEBOK20 Apr 1990Minor (6 methods)
RW 4130.0607
4200D-19AOK20 Aug 1990Cambridge Surprise Minor
RW 4143.0912
43019-7F4OK18 Dec 1999Surprise Minor (7 methods)
RW 4629
4401A-229OK3 Jun 2000Surprise Minor (7 methods)
RW 4654

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