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Anniversaries of Historic Events

Date Day Event year Anniv- ersary Event Comment
17 JanSat1209800800th anniversary of Cambridge University 800 of Cambridge rung around the world
24 MarThu1911100Publication of The Ringing World Centenary articles in The Ringing World
7-8 AprThu-Fri1761250Extent of Major rung at Leeds, Kent by 14 ringers
12 AprTue196150Yuri Gagarin became first human in space
2 MayMon1611400King James Bible published
10 JunFri192190Duke of Edinburgh born
14 DecWed1861150Prince Albert diedConsort to Queen Victoria, d 1861
8 JanSun1912100African National Congress foundedSouth Africa
17 JanTue1912100Robert Falcon Scott reached South PoleBut found Amundson had been there first
23 JanMon1912100International Opium Convention signedFirst international drug control treaty
6 FebMon195260Accession of Queen Elizabeth IIOn the death of George VI
7 FebTue1812200Charles Dickens bornAuthor and social commentator
27 MarTue1912100James Callaghan bornUK Prime Minister 1976-79
10 AprTue1912100RMS Titanic left Southampton on maiden voyageDesigned to be 'unsinkable'
15 AprSun1912100RMS Titanic sank2:20am after hitting iceberg a few hours earlier
11 MayFri1812200Spencer Perceval assassinatedUK Prime Minister 1809-1812 (only one to be assassinated)
12 MaySat1812200Edward Lear bornEnglish artist, illustrator, author, and poet, renowned for literary nonsense, especially limericks
13 MaySun1912100Royal Flying Corps establishedForerunner of the Royal air Force
19 MaySat1662350Act of UniformityPrescribed use of the Book of Common Prayer
24 MayThu1862150Opening of new Westminster BridgeOldest bridge in central London
23 JunSat1912100Alan Turing bornBritish mathematician, pioneer of computer science
4 JulWed1862150Lewis Carroll conceives outline of Alice in WonderlandDuring a boat trip with Alice Liddell
20 JulFri1912100First peal by all ladies bandChristchurch, Cubitt Town, London
4 NovSun194270Battle of El AlameinTurning point in World War 2
10 JanThu1863150World's first underground railway opened to the public6km of the Metropolitan Line between Paddington & Farringdon
17 JanThu1863150David Lloyd George bornUK Prime Minister 1916-22
19 JanSat1813200Henry Bessemer bornBritish engineer, invented the modern steel-making process
19 MarTue1813200David Livingston bornScottish missionary and explorer
20 MarWed1413600Henry IV diedKing of England 1399-1413
27 MarWed1863150Henry Royce bornEnglish engineer and co-founder of Rolls-Royce
25 AprThu194370Wartime ban on ringing lifted for service ringingThe ban was lifted for all ringing in June
15 MayWed1863150Frank Hornby bornInventor of Meccano and Hornby model railways
22 MayWed1813200Richard Wagner bornGerman composer
2 JunSun195360Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II
28 JunFri1838175Coronation of Queen Victoria
29 JunSat1613400Globe Theatre destroyed by fireBuilt in 1599 for Shakespeare's playing company
27 JulSat196350Extent of Major rung by 8 ringersAt Loughborough, in 17h58m
30 JulTue1863150Henry Ford bornFounder of Ford Motor Company
4 AugSun1213800Barons and Clergy met at St Albans AbbeyStart of the process that led to Magna Carta 2 years later
28 AugWed196350Martin Luther King's 'I have a Dream' speech
31 AugSat1913100Bernard Lovell born'Father of radio astronomy'
20 SepFri1863150Jacob Grimm diedGerman folklorist
30 SepMon1913100Rudolf Diesel diedGerman engineer, inventor of the diesel engine
10 OctThu1813200Giuseppe Verdi bornItalian Romantic composer
16 NovSat1713300Tercentenary of Fabian Stedman's burial at St Andrew Undershaft, London(Exact date of death unknown.)
Details of ringing and publicity
19 NovTue1863150Lincoln gives the Gettysburg AddressDuring the American Civil War
22 NovFri1913100Benjamin Britten bornBritish composer
22 NovFri196350John F Kennedy assassinated35th US President
24 DecTue1863150William Makepeace Thackeray diedBritish novelist
25 AprFri1874140Guglielmo Marconi bornFather of long distance Radio Transmission
26 AprSat1564450William Shakespeare baptisedDate of birth unknown
6 MayTue195460Roger Banister runs the mile in 4 minutesFirst person to do so
20 MayTue1514500Royal Charter granted to Trinity House General Lighthouse Authority for England, Wales, and British territorial waters (except) Scotland
7 JunSat195450Alan Turing diedBritish mathematician, pioneer of computer science
24 JunTue1314700Battle of Bannockburn
31 JulThu1714300Queen Anne died
1 AugFri1714300Accession of George I
4 AugMon1914100Britain entered First World WarRinging for First World War centenary
22 AugFri1864150First Geneva Convention signed
20 OctMon1714300Coronation of King George I
22 OctWed1814200First plastic surgery in Britain
Jan-Dec   FirstPeal2015A year long initiative to mark a special year for ringing
20 JanTue1265750First English Parliament held
24 JanSat196550Winston Churchill died
4 MarWed1890125Forth Rail Bridge opened
24 AprFri196550Pennine Way - Opening ceremony on Malham MoorBritain's first long distance footpath (267 miles)
2 MaySat1715300First recorded pealPlain Bob Triples at St Peter Mancroft, Norwich
8 MayFri194570VE DayWorld War II end of hostilities in Europe
31 MaySun197540First National Twelve-bell Striking CompetitionSt Mary Redcliffe, Bristol
14 JunSun800Grand Ringing Day for Magna CartaMagna Carta, the Grand Ringing Day and LiberTeas
15 JunMon1215800Magna Carta sealedBy King John, on Runnymede Island
18 JunThu1815200Battle of Waterloo
4 JulSat1865150Alice in Wonderland published
15 AugSat194570VJ DayWorld War II end of hostilities in Japan
9 SepWed  Queen Elizabeth II will become the longest reigning British MonarchSurpassing the record of Queen Victoria (63 years & 216 days)
28 SepMon1865150Britain's first Woman doctor qualified
25 OctSun1415600Battle of AgincourtHenry V victory on St Crispins Day
Unknown1666350Isaac Newton discovered gravity
6 JanWed1066950Harold crowned King of England
21 JanThu197640Concorde's first commercial flightLondon to Bahrain & Paris to Rio
18 FebThu1516500Queen Mary Tudor born
31 MarThu1891125First meeting of the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers
21 AprThu192690Queen Elizabeth II bornSee also Official Birthday weekend in June
20 AprWed1916100Sir A P Heywood diedFounder and first president of the Central Council
23 AprSat1616400William Shakespeare died
23-24 AprSat-Sun  Weekend organised by Derby DA & CC Ringing and other events in Duffield / Derby to mark centenary of death of AP Heywood death and 125th anniversary of the Central Council.
31 May/1 JunTue - Wed1916100Battle of Jutland
3 JunFri  BBC Music Day Widespread ringing at 7pm. Let the BBC know you are taking part.
10-12 JunFri - Sun1926(90)Celebration for Queen Elizabeth II's 90th birthdayOfficial birthday is 11 June (real birthday 21 April), see below
12 JunSun  National birthday ringingPlan your ringing and publicity for 10 - 12 June
25 JunThu195660Friends of Cathedral Music
1 JulFri1916100Battle of the Somme began
2 SepFri1666350Great Fire of London began
8 SepThu  Challenge 500Widespread ringing at 6pm - register with Heritage Open Days.
8-11 SepThu-Sun  Heritage Open DaysSee Challenge 500 above:
14 OctFri1066950Battle of Hastings
17 OctMon195660Calder Hall power station openedWorld's first commercial scale nuclear power station
28 OctFri1216800Henry III crownedRe-enactment there on the day
18 NovFri1916100Battle of the Somme endedOne of the bloodiest in human history
25 DecSun1066950William the Conqueror crowned
30 DecFri196650First peal of 23-spliced all the work Major rung
6 JanFri10071000Coronation of King Cnut - in London(Also known as Canute)
11 JanWed1717300First 10-bell peal rung5040 Grandsire Caters at St Brides, in Fleet Street by London Scholars
17 FebFri1867150First ship passes through Suez Canal
21 MarTue1617400Burial of PocahontasNative American who married a plantation owner, moved to England and became a celebrity. Died at Gravesend, Kent.
16 AprSun1867150Wilbur Wright bornAmerican pioneer of manned flight
8 JunThu1867150Frank Lloyd Wright bornAmerican architect (‘greatest American architect of all time‘)
18 JulTue1817200Jane Austen diedEnglish novelist (Pride and Prejudice)
3 AugThu1867150Stanley Baldwin bornBritish prime minister
25 AugFri1867150Michael Faraday bornEnglish scientist
27 SepWed1817200Hiram R Revels born1st African American US senator
4 OctWed195760Sputnik launchedWorld's first satellite
31 OctTue1517500Martin Luther's 'Ninety Five Themes'Began the Protestant Reformation
20 NovMon1947 70Marriage of Queen Elizabeth & Duke of Edinburgh
23 NovThu1917100Bell ringing to mark initial British success in the Battle of CambraiThe first tank battle.
25 NovSat1867150Alfred Nobel patented dynamiteFounder of the Nobel prizes
1 JanMon1818200Publication of FrankensteinBy Mary Shelley — published anonymously
14 JanSun1818200James Barham diedBellringer who conducted the extent of Major rung in relays in 1761
6 FebTue1918100Women first get the vote in BritainRepresentation of the People Act
1 AprSun1918100Formation of the Royal Air ForceAmalgamation of the Royal Flying Corps and the Royal Naval Air Service
25 AprWed194375Wartime ban on ringing lifted for service ringingThe ban was lifted for all ringing in June
4 MayFri1818200Treaty against illegal slave handlingSigned by Britain & Netherlands
5 MaySat1818200Karl Marx bornGerman philosopher
8 MayTue1818200Paul Revere diedAmerican patriot and bell founder
6 JunWed1868150Robert Falcon Scott bornLeader of the ill-fated south pole expedition
7 JunThu1868150Charles Rennie Mackintosh bornInfluential Scottish architect and artist
2 JulMon192890Equal voting rights for women and men in BritainEqual Franchise Act
30 JulMon1818200Emily Brontë bornEnglish novelist (Wuthering Heights)
16 AugThu1768250Captain James Cook departs from Plymouth aboard the EndeavourHis first voyage bound for the Pacific Ocean
26 AugSun1718300First peal of Grandsire TriplesAt St Peter Mancroft, Norwich
25 SepTue1818200First human blood transfusion
21 OctSun195860First women peers enter House of Lords
11 NovSun1918100End of First World WarRinging for First World War centenary
6 DecThu1768250First publication of Encyclopaedia BritannicaFirst of 100 weekly parts. It was completed by 1771
10 DecMon1868150First traffic lights installed in LondonWith semaphore arms illuminated at night by red and green gas lamps
19 DecWed1843175Dickens publishes 'A Christmas Carol'
19 FebTue1819200Henry Haley bornBellringer who conducted the first peal outside the British Isles, at Philadelphia in 1850
2 MarSat1969 50Concorde's first flight27 minutes from Toulouse
3 MarSun1869150Sir Henry Wood bornFounder of 'The Proms‘
28 MarThu1819200Sir Joseph Bazalgette bornEnglish civil engineer who created London‘s sewage system
4 AprTue194970Nato founded
1 MayWed1769250Arthur Wellesley bornDuke of Wellington and British Prime Minister
2 MayThu1519500Leonardo da Vinci diedRenaissance architect, engineer, and painter (Mona Lisa)
24 MayFri1819200Queen Victoria born
5 JunWed194970First appearance of NoddyIn 'Noddy Goes to Toyland' by Enid Blyton
12 JunWed1819200Charles Kingsley bornEnglish vicar/historian, author of The Water-Babies
28 JunFri1919100Treaty of VersaillesFormal end of First World War Ringing for First World War centenary
19 AugMon1819200James Watt diedScottish inventor who played a critical role in the development of the steam engine
20 AugTue1819200Prince Albert bornConsort to Queen Victoria
20 SepTue1519700Magellan sets sail to circumnavigate the world
6 OctSun1769250Captain James Cook reaches New Zealand
8 OctTue1769250Captain Cook lands in New ZealandAt Poverty Bay
17 NovSun1869150Suez Canal inaugurated
22 NovFri1819200George Eliot (Mary Anne Evans) bornEnglish author
10 JanFri1840180Postal service began in BritainPenny Post
12 JanSun1820200Royal Astronomical Society founded
17 JanFri1820200Anne Brontë bornEnglish novelist/poet (Tenant of Wildfell Hall)
29 JanWed1820200King George III died
10 FebMon1840180Queen Victoria & Prince Albert married
18 MarWed1870150Neville Chamberlain bornBritish Prime Minister
07 AprTue1769250William Wordsworth bornEnglish poet laureate
19 AprSun1770250Captain Cook reached Australia
28 AprTue1769250Captain James Cook landed in AustraliaAt Botany Bay
6 MayWed1840180Penny Black issuedWorld's first stamp
11 MayMon1820200Launch of HMS BeagleThe ship that took Charles Darwin on his scientific voyage
12 MayTue1820200Florence Nightingale bornBritish nurse (Crimean War)
2 AugSun1820200John Tyndall bornIrish physicist who demonstrated why the sky is blue and proved the greenhouse effect of Earth's atmosphere
14 AugFri1820200William Pye bornBellringer who became the second person to ring 1000 peals
2 OctFri1870150Mahatma Gandhi bornPacifist and spiritual leader (real name Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi)
21 NovSat1620400Mayflower landed in AmericaCarrying the first English Separatists 'Pilgrim Fathers' to Plymouth Massechusetts
16 DecWed1769250Ludwig van Beethoven bornGerman composer
31 DecThu1720300Bonnie Prince Charlie bornCharles Edward Stuart, 'The Young Pretender'
3 FebWed1821200Elizabeth Blackwell bornFirst woman physician, born in Bristol
23 FebTue1821200John Keats diedRomantic poet. (died of tuberculosis aged 25)
29 MarMon1871150Royal Albert Hall openedBy Queen Victoria
17 AprSat195170Peak District National Park createdBritain's first National Park
15 AugSun1771250Walter Scott bornScottish novelist/poet
19 AugThu1871150Orville Wright bornAmerican pioneer aviator
30 AugMon1871150Ernest Rutherford bornNew Zealand physicist 'father of nuclear physics'
20 OctWed1871150Charles Babbage diedEnglish mathematician/inventor
10 NovWed1871150Henry Morton Stanley met David LivingstoneAt Ujiji, near Lake Tanganyika with the immortal words 'Dr Livingstone, I presume?'