17th September 2017

Rules Work – Key Architectural Decisions

Although there is a clear brief arising from CRAG proposals A to E, which already contain much of the detail, there are some areas where we need to make key decisions in principle, which will in turn guide the drafting process. These are either :-

  • where the CRAG proposals are silent on exactly how they should be implemented, in which case we need to supply the interpretation.
  • where it is necessary to make changes to reflect the Charity Commission’s guidance on best practice.

The questions we have asked, and our current thinking is set out in an Architectural Decisions document. Please take a few moments to read this document (you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader).

We welcome your feedback on this document by Friday 6th October!

Please click on ‘Have Your Say’ on the main Rules Work page to let us know your thoughts.

Read the Architectural Decisions Document

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