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522 valid peals for Appleton, S Laurence, Berkshire, England.

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101 to 200 out of 522 peals

PealPB-IDStatusDate RungMethod
1014F4-EE8OKTue, 27 Dec 1892Grandsire Triples
BN xi.481
1024F4-EDDOKWed, 31 Jan 1894Grandsire Triples
BN xii.475
1034F4-ED2OKWed, 14 Feb 1894Grandsire Triples
CB xxiv.226
1044F4-EC7OKMon, 5 Mar 1894Grandsire Caters
BN xii.524
1054F4-EBCOKTue, 6 Mar 1894Grandsire Triples
BN xii.525
1064F4-EB1OKTue, 16 Jul 1895Stedman Caters
BN xiv.103
1074F4-EA6OKTue, 22 Oct 1895Stedman Triples
BN xiv.271
1084F4-E9BOKFri, 13 Dec 1895Grandsire Caters
BN xiv.356
1094F4-E90OKSat, 4 Jan 1896Grandsire Triples
Marie Cross
1104F4-E85OKWed, 4 Mar 1896Stedman Caters
BN xiv.499
1114F4-E7AOKMon, 28 Sep 1896Grandsire Caters
BN xv.286
1124F4-E6FOKSun, 18 Oct 1896Grandsire Caters
BN xv.337
1134F4-E64OKFri, 4 Dec 1896College Bob Triples
BN xv.438 - published as College Single Triples.
1144F4-E59OKSat, 26 Dec 1896Grandsire Triples
BN xv.481
1154F4-E4EOKThu, 4 Mar 1897Stedman Caters
BN xv.623
1164F4-E43OKMon, 7 Jun 1897Grandsire Caters
BN xvi.81
1174F4-E38OKWed, 17 Nov 1897Stedman Triples
BN xvi.376
1184F4-E2DOKFri, 10 Dec 1897Grandsire Triples
BN xvi.411
1194F4-E22OKTue, 22 Feb 1898Grandsire Major
BN xvi.547
1204F4-E17OKSat, 5 Mar 1898Grandsire Caters
Marie Cross
1214F4-E0COKMon, 11 Apr 1898Grandsire Caters
BN xvi.619
1224F4-E01OKMon, 1 Aug 1898Plain Bob Royal
BN xvii.115
1234F4-DF6OKTue, 29 Nov 1898Grandsire Caters
BN xvii.319
1244F4-DEBOKSat, 4 Mar 1899Grandsire Caters
BN xvii.487
1254F4-DE0OKWed, 14 Jun 1899Grandsire Caters
BN xviii.55
1264F4-DD5OKSat, 25 Nov 1899Grandsire Caters
BN xviii.332
1274F4-DCAOKMon, 5 Mar 1900Stedman Triples
BN xviii.500
1284F4-DBFOKMon, 4 Jun 1900Grandsire Caters
BN xix.79
1294F4-DB4OKSat, 18 Aug 1900Grandsire Caters
BN xix.199
1304F4-DA9OKTue, 6 Nov 1900Grandsire Triples
BN xix.332
1314F4-D9EOKSat, 5 Jan 1901Stedman Caters
BN xix.440
1324F4-D93OKSat, 26 Jan 1901Grandsire Caters
BN xix.496
1334F4-D88OKSun, 28 Apr 1901Grandsire Caters
BN xx.9
1344F4-D7DOKMon, 27 May 1901Grandsire Caters
BN xx.91
1354F4-D72OKFri, 27 Feb 1903Grandsire Triples
BN xxi.572
1364F4-D67OKWed, 25 Mar 1903Grandsire Caters
BN xxii.43
1374F4-D5COKMon, 22 Jun 1903Stedman Caters
BN xxii.165
1384F4-D51OKFri, 16 Oct 1903Grandsire Caters
BN xxii.380
1394F4-D46OKWed, 18 Nov 1903Stedman Triples
BN xxii.430
1404F4-D3BOKFri, 15 Jan 1904Grandsire Triples
BN xxii.526
1414F4-D30OKTue, 27 Sep 1904Stedman Caters
BN xxiii.369
1424F4-D25OKSat, 5 Nov 1904Grandsire Caters
BN xxiii.440
1434F4-D1AOKTue, 29 Nov 1904Grandsire Caters
BN xxiii.487
1444F4-D0FOKSat, 4 Mar 1905Stedman Triples
BN xxiv.21
1454F4-D04OKSat, 26 May 1906Grandsire Caters
BN xxv.116
1464F4-CF9OKFri, 1 Feb 1907Grandsire Caters
BN xxv.536
1474F4-CEEOKMon, 4 Mar 1907Grandsire Caters
BN xxv.585
1484F4-CE3OKMon, 1 Apr 1907Stedman Caters
BN xxvi.33
1494F4-CD8OKTue, 23 Apr 1907Grandsire Triples
BN xxvi.69
1504F4-CCDOKTue, 3 Dec 1907Grandsire Triples
BN xxvi.475
1514F4-CC2OKTue, 31 Dec 1907Grandsire Caters
BN xxvi.535
1524F4-CB7OKSun, 23 Feb 1908Grandsire Caters
BN xxvii.67
1534F4-CACOKTue, 28 Apr 1908Grandsire Triples
BN xxvii.115
1544F4-CA1OKFri, 19 Jun 1908Grandsire Caters
BN xxvii.211
1554F4-C96OKSat, 29 Aug 1908Grandsire Caters
BN xxvii.343
1564F4-C8BOKFri, 11 Sep 1908Grandsire Caters
BN xxvii.345
1574F4-C80OKTue, 22 Sep 1908Grandsire Caters
BN xxvii.368
1584F4-C75OKTue, 1 Dec 1908Grandsire Caters
BN xxvii.500
1594F4-C6AOKThu, 4 Mar 1909Grandsire Caters
BN xxviii.58
1604F4-C5FOKTue, 4 May 1909Grandsire Caters
BN xxviii.152
1614F4-C54OKFri, 18 Jun 1909Grandsire Caters
BN xxviii.235
1624F4-C49OKMon, 11 Oct 1909Grandsire Caters
BN xxviii.428
1634F4-C3EOKTue, 22 Feb 1910Grandsire Caters
BN xxix.70 - printed as 72
1644F4-C33OKMon, 16 May 1910Grandsire Caters
BN xxix.236
1654F4-C28OKTue, 14 Jun 1910Stedman Caters
BN xxix.285
1664F4-C1DOKTue, 12 Jul 1910Stedman Caters
BN xxix.309
1674F4-C12OKFri, 19 Aug 1910Grandsire Caters
BN xxix.379
1684F4-C07OKThu, 13 Oct 1910Grandsire Triples
BN xxix.477
1694F4-BFCOKFri, 23 Dec 1910Stedman Caters
BN xxix.609
1704F4-BF1OKMon, 8 May 1911Grandsire Caters
BN xxx.106; RW 0011.0167
1714F4-BE6OKFri, 22 Dec 1911Grandsire Caters
BN xxx.511
1724F4-BDBOKMon, 4 Mar 1912Stedman Caters
BN xxx.621; RW 0051.0159
1734F4-BD0OKMon, 14 Oct 1912Stedman Caters
BN xxxi.447; RW 0084.0279
1744F4-BC5OKTue, 5 Nov 1912Grandsire Caters
BN xxxi.491; RW 0087.0327
1754F4-BBAOKFri, 28 Mar 1913Grandsire Caters
BN xxxii.57; RW 0107.0223
1764F4-BAFOKTue, 4 Nov 1913Grandsire Caters
BN xxxii.441; RW 0139.0318
1774F4-BA4OKFri, 12 Dec 1913Grandsire Triples
BN xxxii.513
1784F4-B99OKWed, 4 Mar 1914Stedman Caters
BN xxxiii.22; RW 0156.0171
1794F4-B8EOKMon, 13 Apr 1914Stedman Caters
RW 0162.0266
1804F4-B83OKTue, 7 Dec 1915Grandsire Caters
RW 0248.0278
1814F4-B78OKSat, 13 Dec 1919Grandsire Caters
RW 0458.0562
1824F4-B6DOKThu, 4 Mar 1920Grandsire Caters
RW 0471.0146
1834F4-B62OKSat, 16 Oct 1920Grandsire Caters
RW 0502.0526
1844F4-B57OKSat, 1 Oct 1921Stedman Caters
RW 0551.0602
1854F4-B4COKWed, 19 Oct 1921Grandsire Caters
RW 0554.0651
1864F4-B41OKSat, 19 Nov 1921Grandsire Caters
(10,043) RW 0559.0730
1874F4-B36OKSat, 4 Mar 1922Grandsire Caters
RW 0574.0164
1884F4-B2BOKSat, 22 Apr 1922Stedman Caters
(21,363) RW 0580.0258
1894F4-B20OKMon, 31 Jul 1922Grandsire Caters
RW 0595.0498
1904F4-B15OKFri, 11 May 1923Grandsire Caters
RW 0639.0370
1914F4-B0AOKTue, 13 Nov 1923Grandsire Caters
RW 0662.0738
1924F4-AFFOKWed, 9 Jan 1924Grandsire Triples
RW 0671.0052
1934F4-AF4OKWed, 23 Jan 1924Grandsire Caters
RW 0673.0082
1944F4-AE9OKSat, 23 Aug 1924Grandsire Caters
RW 0702.0546
1954F4-ADEOKFri, 21 Nov 1924Grandsire Caters
RW 0716.0770
1964F4-AD3OKSat, 6 Dec 1924Kent Treble Bob Royal
RW 0719.0818
1974F4-AC8OKTue, 17 Mar 1925Stedman Caters
RW 0732.0194
1984F4-ABDOKTue, 28 Apr 1925Grandsire Triples
RW 0739.0306
1994F4-AB2OKWed, 5 Aug 1925Grandsire Caters
RW 0752.0514
2004F4-AA7OKWed, 9 Sep 1925Grandsire Caters
RW 0757.0594

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