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79 valid peals for Crewkerne, S Bartholomew, Somerset, England.

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PealPB-IDStatusDate RungMethod
146F-BBEOKMon, 4 Apr 1904Stedman Triples
246F-BB3OKWed, 22 Apr 1908Stedman Triples
346F-BA8OKMon, 20 Nov 1911Stedman Triples
446F-B9DOKThu, 12 Sep 1912London Surprise Major
546F-B92OKSat, 28 Apr 1928Grandsire Triples
646F-B87OKSat, 23 Jun 1934Stedman Triples
746F-B7COKFri, 13 Sep 1935Cambridge Surprise Major
846F-B71OKSat, 13 Apr 1946Stedman Triples
946F-B66OKSat, 4 Sep 1948Rochester Surprise Major
1046F-B5BOKSat, 16 Oct 1948Grandsire Triples
1146F-B50OKSat, 2 Apr 1949Plain Bob Major
1246F-B45OKTue, 27 Dec 1949Oxford Treble Bob Major
1346F-B3AOKSat, 3 Mar 1951Stedman Triples
1446F-B2FOKSat, 23 Jun 1951Yorkshire Surprise Major
1546F-B24OKThu, 2 Aug 1951Double Norwich Court Bob Major
1646F-B19OKSat, 10 Jan 1953Double Norwich Court Bob Major
1746F-B0EOKSat, 2 Jan 1954Plain Bob Major
1846F-B03OKSat, 31 Jul 1954Yorkshire Surprise Major
1946F-AF8OKSat, 30 Jul 1955Stedman Triples
2046F-AEDOKSat, 12 Oct 1957Grandsire Triples
2146F-AE2OKSat, 14 Jun 1958Cambridge Surprise Major
2246F-AD7OKSat, 26 Aug 1961Yorkshire Surprise Major
2346F-ACCOKSat, 19 May 1962Cambridge Surprise Major
2446F-AB6OKTue, 13 Aug 1963London Surprise Major
2546F-AABOKSat, 23 May 1964Bristol Surprise Major
2646F-AA0OKThu, 29 Jul 1965Yorkshire Surprise Major
2746F-A95OKSat, 18 Sep 1965Rutland Surprise Major
2846F-A8AOKSat, 21 May 1966Crewkerne Surprise Major
2946F-A7FOKMon, 30 May 1966Yorkshire Surprise Major
3046F-A74OKSat, 21 Oct 1967Bristol Surprise Major
3146F-A69OKMon, 22 Jul 1968Double Norwich Court Bob Major
3246F-A5EOKTue, 13 Aug 1968Rutland Surprise Major
3346F-A53OKSat, 5 Jul 1969Lincolnshire Surprise Major
3446F-A48OKThu, 14 Aug 1969Superlative Surprise Major
3546F-A3DOKSat, 29 Jan 1972Double Norwich Court Bob Major
3646F-A32OKTue, 22 Aug 1972Pudsey Surprise Major
3746F-A27OKSat, 19 May 1973Spliced Surprise Major (4 methods)
3846F-A1COKThu, 23 Aug 1973Rutland Surprise Major
3946F-A11OKWed, 12 Sep 1973Spliced Surprise Major (8 methods)
4046F-A06OKFri, 2 Aug 1974Bristol Surprise Major
4146F-9FBOKFri, 23 Aug 1974Stedman Triples
4246F-9F0OKWed, 1 Jan 1975Grandsire Triples
4346F-9E5OKSat, 17 May 1975Superlative Surprise Major
4446F-9DAOKSat, 14 Feb 1976Double Norwich Court Bob Major
4546F-9CFOKSat, 22 May 1976Rutland Surprise Major
4646F-9C4OKSat, 11 Dec 1976London Surprise Major
4746F-9B9OKSat, 22 Jan 1977Superlative Surprise Major
4846F-9AEOKSat, 19 Feb 1977Pudsey Surprise Major
4946F-9A3OKSat, 10 Dec 1977Superlative Surprise Major
5046F-998OKSat, 8 Apr 1978Grandsire Triples
5146F-98DOKSat, 23 Dec 1978Wye Surprise Major
5246F-982OKSat, 17 Feb 1979London Surprise Major
5346F-977OKSun, 15 Feb 1981Rutland Surprise Major
5446F-96COKSat, 14 Aug 1982Plain Bob Major
5546F-961OKFri, 12 Aug 1983Lincolnshire Surprise Major
5646F-956OKTue, 31 Jul 1984Belfast Surprise Major
5746F-94BOKSat, 1 Dec 1984Crewkerne Surprise Major
5846F-940OKMon, 14 Apr 1986Superlative Surprise Major
5946F-935OKFri, 10 Oct 1986Rutland Surprise Major
6046F-92AOKSat, 6 Dec 1986Bristol Surprise Major
6146F-91FOKSat, 18 Jul 1987Superlative Surprise Major
6246F-914OKSat, 2 Jan 1988Belfast Surprise Major
6300E-0B4OKSat, 18 May 1991Cambridge Surprise Major
RW 4182.0587
6400E-918OKSat, 19 Oct 1991Grandsire Triples
RW 4204.1110
6500F-114OKWed, 19 Feb 1992Zeus Surprise Major
RW 4224.0352
66011-11DOKSat, 28 Aug 1993Cornwall Surprise Major
RW 4304.1047
67011-5A1OKSat, 13 Nov 1993Immingham Surprise Major
RW 4312.1237
68011-845OKMon, 27 Dec 1993Crewkerne Surprise Major
RW 4320.0133
69012-911OKSat, 1 Oct 1994Plain Bob Major
RW 4361.1164
70013-69DOKMon, 8 May 1995Plain Bob Triples
RW 4389
71013-DB8OKMon, 4 Sep 1995Crewkerne Surprise Major
RW 4409
72014-DC8OKSat, 1 Jun 1996London Surprise Major
RW 4446
73016-1D6OKSat, 3 May 1997Taurus Surprise Major
RW 4491
7401A-599OKFri, 4 Aug 2000Grandsire Triples
RW 4663
7501B-AE0OKSat, 4 Aug 2001Stedman Triples
RW 4713
76029-136OKSat, 28 Jul 2007Crewkerne Surprise Major
RW 5027.0884
7703F-3ACOKMon, 15 Aug 2011Yorkshire Surprise Major
RW 5236.0893
78044-AC8OKThu, 25 Oct 2012Rutland Surprise Major
RW 5301.1237
7904A-987OKTue, 19 Jul 2016Spliced Surprise Major (4 methods)
RW 5494.0825

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