Felstead Database - Peal List for Tower

151 valid peals for Eccleston, S Mary the Virgin, Cheshire, England.

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PealPB-IDStatusDate RungMethod
144D-20COK9 Nov 1907Kent Treble Bob Major
BN xxvi.416
244D-201OK4 Jan 1908Single Oxford Bob Triples
BN xxvi.525
344D-1F6OK9 Nov 1908Grandsire Triples
BN xxvii.453
444D-1EBOK16 Jan 1909Double Norwich Court Bob Major
BN xxvii.583
544D-1E0OK23 Apr 1909Double Oxford Bob Triples
BN xxviii.129
644D-1D5OK13 Dec 1909Plain Bob Major
BN xxviii.525
744D-1CAOK11 Feb 1911Kent Treble Bob Major
BN xxx.9
844D-1BFOK14 Sep 1911Grandsire Triples
BN xxx.331; RW 0027.0436
944D-1B4OK28 Dec 1911St Clement's College Bob Major
BN xxx.513; RW 0042.0007
1044D-1A9OK27 Jan 1912Grandsire Triples
BN xxx.561; RW 0046.0076
1144D-19EOK7 May 1913Plain Bob Major
BN xxxii.128; RW 0113.0327
1244D-193OK13 Dec 1913Albion Little Treble Bob Major
BN xxxii.500; RW 0144.0401
1344D-188OK16 Sep 1919Superlative Surprise Major
RW 0446.0420
1444D-17DOK14 Oct 1920Kent Treble Bob Major
RW 0502.0527
1544D-172OK17 Apr 1922Stedman Triples
RW 0580.0259
1644D-167OK8 Jul 1922Double Norwich Court Bob Major
RW 0591.0435
1744D-15COK9 Dec 1922Cambridge Surprise Major
RW 0613.0788
1844D-151OK14 Jul 1923Double Norwich Court Bob Major
RW 0644.0451
1944D-146OK13 Aug 1923Cambridge Surprise Major
RW 0649.0530
2044D-13BOK11 Oct 1924Double Norwich Court Bob Major
RW 0709.0660
2144D-130OK29 Nov 1924Stedman Triples
RW 0716.0773
2244D-125OK25 Apr 1925New Cambridge Surprise Major
RW 0737.0275
2344D-11AOK31 Oct 1925Stedman Triples
RW 0764.0708
2444D-10FOK12 Feb 1927London Surprise Major
RW 0830.0100
2544D-104OK23 Sep 1929Cambridge Surprise Major
RW 0968.0645
2644D-0F9OK14 Jul 1932Spliced Triples (2 methods)
RW 1114.0494
2744D-0EEOK29 Oct 1932Grandsire Triples
RW 1128.0719
2844D-0E3OK29 Nov 1934Kent Treble Bob Major
RW 1238.0787
2944D-0D8OK14 May 1935Grandsire Triples
RW 1263.0358
3044D-0CDOK12 Sep 1936Cambridge Surprise Major
RW 1330.0607
3144D-0C2OK14 May 1937Grandsire Triples
RW 1366.0350
3244D-0B7OK13 Sep 1937London Surprise Major
RW 1383.0629
3344D-0ACOK29 Jan 1938Double Norwich Court Bob Major
RW 1403.0092
3444D-0A1OK30 Apr 1938Cambridge Surprise Major
RW 1416.0308
3544D-096OK2 Feb 1946Cambridge Surprise Major
RW 1820.0063
3644D-08BOK26 Jun 1948Cambridge Surprise Major
RW 1945.0294
3744D-080OK20 Nov 1948Rochester Surprise Major
RW 1966.0535
3844D-075OK16 Dec 1950Lincolnshire Surprise Major
RW 2074.0820
3944D-06AOK26 Mar 1951Bristol Surprise Major
RW 2090.0242
4044D-05FOK8 Sep 1951New Cambridge Surprise Major
RW 2113.0611
4144D-054OK17 Nov 1951Double Norwich Court Bob Major
RW 2122.0755
4244D-049OK13 Dec 1952Grandsire Triples
RW 2178.0819
4344D-03EOK28 Mar 1953Plain Bob Major
RW 2193.0227
4444D-033OK4 Jul 1953Bristol Surprise Major
RW 2208.0480
4544D-028OK23 Jan 1954Bristol Surprise Major
RW 2237.0098
4644D-01DOK24 Jul 1954Southwell Surprise Major
RW 2261.0498
4744D-012OK25 Aug 1954Bristol Surprise Major
RW 2268.0610
4844D-007OK11 Dec 1954Grandsire Triples
RW 2281.0819
49473-384OK10 Dec 1955Bristol Surprise Major
RW 2335.0819
5044C-FFCOK3 Mar 1956Single Oxford Bob Triples
RW 2346.0163
5144C-FF1OK8 Dec 1956London Surprise Major
RW 2389.0018
5244C-FE6OK3 Aug 1957Double Norwich Court Bob Major
RW 2422.0555
5344C-FDBOK14 Dec 1957Cambridge Surprise Major
RW 2440.0002
5444C-FD0OK15 Mar 1958Double Norwich Court Bob Major
RW 2452.0199
5544C-FC5OK16 Aug 1958Bristol Surprise Major
RW 2474.0556
5644C-FBAOK13 Dec 1958London Surprise Major
RW 2492.0003
5744C-FAFOK10 Dec 1960Plain Bob Triples
RW 2593.0860
5844C-FA4OK20 May 1961Rutland Surprise Major
RW 2616.0375
5944C-F99OK16 Dec 1961Plain Bob Major
RW 2646.0009
6044C-F8EOK24 Mar 1962Spliced Treble Bob Major (2 methods)
(Ilkeston variation) RW 2660.0241
6144C-F83OK8 Dec 1962Plain Bob Major
RW 2696.0859
6244C-F78OK8 Jun 1963Bristol Surprise Major
RW 2723.0442
6344C-F6DOK12 Dec 1964Spliced Treble Bob Major (2 methods)
(Ilkeston variation) RW 2801.0869
6444C-F62OK24 Apr 1965Rutland Surprise Major
RW 2821.0331
6544C-F57OK16 Oct 1965Bristol Surprise Major
RW 2846.0749
6644C-F4COK26 Mar 1966Bristol Surprise Major
RW 2872.0298
6744C-F41OK15 Apr 1968Spliced Surprise Major (4 methods)
RW 2978.0387
6844C-F36OK26 Apr 1969Grandsire Triples
RW 3031.0407
6944C-F2BOK11 Oct 1969London Surprise Major
RW 3055.0872
7044C-F20OK6 Dec 1969Grandsire Triples
RW 3063.0010
7144C-F15OK27 Jun 1970Cambridge Surprise Major
RW 3090.0558
7244C-F0AOK29 Aug 1970Bristol Surprise Major
RW 3103.0821
7344C-EFFOK3 Oct 1970Watford Surprise Major
RW 3104.0838
7444C-EF4OK20 Mar 1971Lincolnshire Surprise Major
RW 3129.0337
7544C-EE9OK26 Jun 1971Yorkshire Surprise Major
RW 3145.0686
7644C-EDEOK25 Mar 1972Yorkshire Surprise Major
RW 3182.0319
7744C-ED3OK8 Jul 1972London Surprise Major
RW 3197.0620
7844C-EC8OK25 Nov 1972Bristol Surprise Major
RW 3217.Supplement
7944C-EBDOK14 Jul 1973Yorkshire Surprise Major
RW 3250.0638
8044C-EB2OK20 Aug 1973Cambridge Surprise Major
RW 3261.0863
8144C-EA7OK3 Oct 1973London Surprise Major
RW 3263.0903
8244C-E9COK23 Feb 1974Bristol Surprise Major
RW 3282.0242
8344C-E91OK2 Nov 1974Yorkshire Surprise Major
RW 3319.1004
8444C-E86OK19 Apr 1975Plain Bob Major
RW 3342.0404
8544C-E7BOK4 Oct 1975Plain Bob Major
RW 3367.0914
8644C-E70OK22 Apr 1976Yorkshire Surprise Major
RW 3394.0420
8744C-E65OK6 Aug 1976London Surprise Major
RW 3411.0757
8844C-E5AOK2 Oct 1976Cambridge Surprise Major
RW 3418.0904
8944C-E4FOK23 Jul 1977Spliced Surprise Major (4 methods)
RW 3462.0761
9044C-E44OK19 Nov 1977Rutland Surprise Major
RW 3476.1067
9144C-E39OK10 Jun 1978Cambridge Surprise Major
RW 3506.0567
9244C-E2EOK13 Jan 1979Cornwall Surprise Major
RW 3537.0121
9344C-E23OK21 Apr 1979Yorkshire Surprise Major
RW 3553.0456
9444C-E18OK20 Oct 1979Johannesburg Surprise Major
RW 3577.0975
9544C-E0DOK16 Feb 1980Yorkshire Surprise Major
RW 3596.0274
9644C-E02OK29 Sep 1980Yorkshire Surprise Major
RW 3631.1032
9744C-DF7OK17 Oct 1981Yorkshire Surprise Major
RW 3680.0973
9844C-DECOK20 Feb 1982Bristol Surprise Major
RW 3698.0215
9944C-DE1OK3 Jul 1982Bristol Surprise Major
RW 3719.0659
10044C-DD6OK3 Mar 1984Yorkshire Surprise Major
RW 3805.0278

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