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120 valid peals for Galleywood, S Michael & All Angels, Essex, England.

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PealPB-IDStatusDate RungMethod
142F-EB8OKSat, 27 May 1882Grandsire Triples
BN i.69 (1st on the bells)
242F-EADOKSat, 17 Nov 1883Grandsire Triples
342F-EA2OKSat, 30 Jul 1887Oxford Treble Bob Major
442F-E97OKSat, 19 May 1888Grandsire Triples
542F-E8COKTue, 12 Feb 1889Grandsire Triples
642F-E81OKSat, 3 Aug 1889Grandsire Triples
742F-E76OKSun, 27 Sep 1891Grandsire Triples
842F-E6BOKTue, 23 Feb 1892Grandsire Triples
942F-E60OKMon, 7 Jun 1897Kent Treble Bob Major
BN xvi.80
1042F-E55OKSat, 28 May 1898Stedman Triples
1142F-E4AOKMon, 1 Aug 1898Double Norwich Court Bob Major
1242F-E3FOKMon, 4 Jun 1900Superlative Surprise Major
1342F-E34OKSat, 7 Feb 1903Plain Bob Major
1442F-E29OKSat, 23 Jan 1904Kent Treble Bob Major
1542F-E1EOKSat, 5 Mar 1904Kent Treble Bob Major
1642F-E13OKTue, 4 Oct 1904Grandsire Triples
1742F-E08OKSat, 7 Jan 1905Plain Bob Major
1842F-DFDOKSun, 15 Jul 1906Kent Treble Bob Major
1942F-DF2OKWed, 5 Dec 1906Stedman Triples
2042F-DE7OKSat, 11 Apr 1908Grandsire Triples
2142F-DDCOKSat, 22 May 1909Grandsire Triples
2242F-DD1OKWed, 9 Jun 1909Plain Bob Major
2342F-DC6OKSat, 19 Mar 1910Grandsire Triples
2442F-DBBOKSat, 21 May 1910Grandsire Triples
2542F-DA5OKFri, 13 Oct 1911Kent Treble Bob Major
2642F-D9AOKSat, 10 May 1913Grandsire Triples
2742F-D8FOKMon, 1 Aug 1921Stedman Triples
2842F-D84OKSat, 14 Aug 1926Grandsire Triples
2942F-D79OKSat, 6 Nov 1926Cambridge Surprise Major
3042F-D6EOKSat, 22 Jan 1927Double Norwich Court Bob Major
3142F-D63OKSat, 11 Aug 1928Double Norwich Court Bob Major
3242F-D58OKSat, 22 Dec 1928London Surprise Major
3342F-D4DOKMon, 1 Apr 1929Superlative Surprise Major
3442F-D42OKSat, 1 Jun 1929Cambridge Surprise Major
3542F-D37OKSat, 12 Oct 1929Oxford Treble Bob Major
3642F-D2COKSat, 25 Jan 1930Double Norwich Court Bob Major
3742F-D21OKSat, 5 Apr 1930Grandsire Triples
3842F-D16OKMon, 21 Apr 1930Plain Bob Major
3942F-D0BOKSat, 21 Jun 1930Superlative Surprise Major
4042F-D00OKSat, 16 Aug 1930Superlative Surprise Major
4142F-CF5OKSat, 27 Sep 1930Grandsire Triples
4242F-CEAOKMon, 24 Nov 1930Stedman Triples
4342F-CDFOKFri, 26 Dec 1930Plain Bob Major
4442F-CD4OKSat, 24 Jan 1931Kent Treble Bob Major
4542F-CC9OKSat, 7 Mar 1931Kent Treble Bob Major
4642F-CBEOKSat, 30 May 1931Oxford Treble Bob Major
4742F-CB3OKSat, 8 Aug 1931Oxford Treble Bob Major
4842F-CA8OKFri, 11 Sep 1931Double Norwich Court Bob Major
4942F-C9DOKSat, 10 Oct 1931Superlative Surprise Major
5042F-C92OKSat, 21 May 1932Double Norwich Court Bob Major
5142F-C87OKSat, 8 Oct 1932Superlative Surprise Major
5242F-C7COKFri, 18 Nov 1932Superlative Surprise Major
5342F-C71OKSat, 3 Dec 1932Kent Treble Bob Major
5442F-C66OKWed, 28 Dec 1932Oxford Treble Bob Major
5542F-C5BOKSat, 4 Feb 1933Kent Treble Bob Major
5642F-C50OKSat, 25 Feb 1933Grandsire Triples
5742F-C45OKSat, 1 Apr 1933Double Norwich Court Bob Major
5842F-C3AOKMon, 17 Apr 1933Kent Treble Bob Major
5942F-C2FOKWed, 10 May 1933Grandsire Triples
6042F-C24OKSat, 1 Jul 1933Double Norwich Court Bob Major
6142F-C19OKSat, 9 Dec 1933Superlative Surprise Major
6242F-C0EOKSat, 20 Jan 1934Superlative Surprise Major
6342F-C03OKMon, 2 Apr 1934Cambridge Surprise Major
6442F-BF8OKSat, 28 Jul 1934Kent Treble Bob Major
6542F-BEDOKSat, 29 Sep 1934Cambridge Surprise Major
6642F-BE2OKSat, 15 Dec 1934Kent Treble Bob Major
6742F-BD7OKSat, 5 Oct 1935Grandsire Triples
6842F-BCCOKSat, 14 Dec 1935Kent Treble Bob Major
6942F-BC1OKSat, 8 May 1937Oxford Treble Bob Major
7042F-BB6OKSat, 30 Oct 1937Cambridge Surprise Major
7142F-BABOKSat, 9 Jul 1938Spliced Treble Bob Major (2 methods)
7242F-BA0OKSat, 17 Dec 1938Oxford Treble Bob Major
7342F-B95OKSat, 22 Apr 1939Kent Treble Bob Major
7442F-B8AOKFri, 9 Jun 1939Plain Bob Major
7542F-B7FOKSat, 13 Jul 1946Grandsire Triples
7642F-B74OKFri, 27 Sep 1946Grandsire Doubles
7742F-B69OKSat, 19 Apr 1947Kent Treble Bob Major
7842F-B5EOKSat, 23 Aug 1947Grandsire Triples
7942F-B53OKSat, 29 May 1948Grandsire Triples
8042F-B48OKSat, 30 Oct 1948Double Norwich Court Bob Major
8142F-B3DOKSat, 29 Jan 1949Grandsire Triples
8242F-B32OKTue, 31 May 1949Kent Treble Bob Major
8342F-B27OKSat, 29 Apr 1950Kent Treble Bob Major
8442F-B1COKSat, 3 Feb 1951Plain Bob Major
RW 2081.0099
8542F-B11OKSat, 1 Sep 1951Double Norwich Court Bob Major
RW 2111.0580
8642F-B06OKSat, 26 Jan 1952Kent Treble Bob Major
8742F-AFBOKSat, 10 Jan 1953Plain Bob Major
8842F-AF0OKSat, 3 Oct 1953Plain Bob Triples
8942F-AE5OKSat, 13 Feb 1954Cambridge Surprise Major
9042F-ADAOKSat, 17 Jul 1954Hereward Bob Major
9142F-ACFOKSat, 9 Mar 1957Ashtead Surprise Major
9242F-AC4OKThu, 30 Apr 1964Double Norwich Court Bob Major
9342F-AB9OKSat, 2 Oct 1965Amsterdam Surprise Major
9442F-AAEOKWed, 20 Apr 1966Stedman Triples
9542F-AA3OKThu, 10 Nov 1966Double Norwich Court Bob Major
9642F-A98OKSat, 31 Dec 1966Spliced Surprise Major (8 methods)
9742F-A8DOKThu, 9 May 1968Plain Bob Major
9842F-A82OKSat, 16 Aug 1969Plain Bob Major
9942F-A77OKSat, 25 Sep 1971Trent Surprise Major
10042F-A6COKSat, 16 Dec 1972Cambridge Surprise Major

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