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160 valid peals for Gosforth, All Saints, Northumberland, England.

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PealPB-IDStatusDate RungMethod
101012-630OK13 Aug 1994Albanian Surprise Royal
RW 4351
102012-993OK11 Oct 1994Spliced Surprise Royal (3 methods)
RW 4362
103013-245OK25 Feb 1995Albanian Surprise Royal
RW 4378
104013-654OK6 May 1995Bristol Surprise Royal
RW 4388
105013-91COK15 Jun 1995Superlative No.2 Surprise Royal
RW 4395
106014-0B9OK28 Oct 1995Stedman Caters
RW 4414.1226
107014-2C1OK2 Dec 1995Oakham Surprise Royal
RW 4419
108014-5FEOK20 Jan 1996Bristol Surprise Royal
RW 4430.0298
109014-A8EOK11 Apr 1996London No.3 Surprise Royal
RW 4439
110015-23AOK22 Aug 1996London No.3 Surprise Royal
RW 4458
111015-695OK2 Nov 1996Spliced Surprise Royal (5 methods)
RW 4467
112015-99BOK21 Dec 1996Gosforth Surprise Royal
RW 4475
113016-5F2OK12 Jul 1997Yorkshire Surprise Royal
RW 4506
114017-001OK26 Dec 1997Rutland Surprise Royal
RW 4527
115017-997OK13 Jun 1998Stedman Caters
RW 4555
116017-B67OK18 Jul 1998Glasgow Surprise Major
RW 4577
117018-069OK24 Oct 1998London No.3 Surprise Royal
RW 4570
118018-422OK27 Dec 1998Yorkshire Surprise Royal
RW 4579
119019-28AOK18 Sep 1999Rutland Surprise Royal
RW 4617
120019-B11OK5 Feb 2000Clyde Surprise Royal
RW 4636
12101A-039OK1 May 2000Stedman Caters
RW 4650
12201A-584OK2 Aug 2000Lincolnshire Surprise Royal
RW 4664
12301B-FEBOK3 Nov 2001Spliced Surprise Royal (5 methods)
RW 4743
12401D-3EBOK25 Sep 2002Wingrove Surprise Royal
RW 4774
12501D-88COK7 Dec 2002Stedman Caters
RW 4784.0007
12601D-D7EOK22 Feb 2003Lincolnshire Surprise Royal
RW 4794.0248
12701E-363OK4 Jun 2003Plain Bob Royal
RW 4815.0756
12801E-D61OK29 Nov 2003Cambridge Surprise Royal
RW 4834.1219
12901F-6A8OK1 May 2004Yorkshire Surprise Royal
RW 4856.0496
130020-CB2OK21 May 2005Bristol Surprise Royal
RW 4911.0549
131021-3D1OK8 Oct 2005Spliced Surprise Royal (8 methods)
RW 4936.1165
132021-702OK3 Dec 2005Yorkshire Surprise Royal
RW 4940.1252
133021-A94OK28 Jan 2006Ibestoche Surprise Royal
RW 4947.0154
134021-D36OK18 Mar 2006Grandsire Caters
RW 4954.0330
135026-FEBOK18 Nov 2006Bristol Surprise Royal
RW 4998.0143
136028-680OK10 Feb 2007Anglia Surprise Royal
RW 5001.0218
137028-945OK24 Mar 2007Plain Bob Major
RW 5007.0369
13802C-9F6OK12 Apr 2008London No.3 Surprise Royal
RW 5065.0571
139030-105OK30 Aug 2008Stedman Caters
RW 5082.0990
140033-FC7OK2 Jun 2009Yorkshire Surprise Royal
RW 5122.0662
141036-2FAOK20 Sep 2009Yorkshire Surprise Royal
RW 5149.0014
142038-3AFOK21 Nov 2009Cambridge Surprise Royal
RW 5149.0015
143038-A12OK2 Jan 2010Ardessie Surprise Royal
RW 5152.0065
144038-E15OK20 Mar 2010Bristol Surprise Royal
RW 5165.0395
14503C-EC9OK8 Mar 2011Erin Triples
RW 5213.0282
14603C-F9COK12 Mar 2011Spliced Surprise Royal (5 methods)
RW 5214.0313
14703D-73COK4 May 2011Cambridge Surprise Major
RW 5222.0537
148041-1E7OK19 Nov 2011Spliced Surprise Royal (14 methods)
RW 5250.1239
149045-0FEOK3 Nov 2012Bristol Surprise Major
RW 5302.1261
150045-BD1OK13 Apr 2013Golden Wedding Surprise Royal
RW 5324.0485
151045-E11OK25 May 2013Dalton-in-Furness Surprise Royal
RW 5328.0584
152046-F4BOK9 May 2014Yorkshire Surprise Royal
RW 5379.0567
153046-F64OK10 May 2014Bristol Surprise Royal
RW 5389.0815
154048-25FOK2 May 2015Plain Bob Minor
RW 5431.0555
15504A-8CBOK1 Jul 2016Stedman Triples
RW 5490.0732
15604B-305OK19 Feb 2017Double Norwich Court Bob Major
RW 5524.0226
15704B-F27OK2 Dec 2017Stedman Caters
RW 5564.1233
15812D-E62OK2 Aug 2018Yorkshire Surprise Royal
RW 5600.0817
15912D-FF9OK11 Sep 2018Cambridge Surprise Royal
RW 5605.0935
16012E-D41OK23 Jul 2019Spliced Surprise Royal (4 methods)
RW 5651.0801

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