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537 valid peals for Heywood, S Luke, Lancashire, England.

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401 to 500 out of 537 peals

PealPB-IDStatusDate RungMethod
40101A-72DOK23 Aug 2000Heywood Little Treble Place Major
RW 4667
40201B-02EOK24 Jan 2001Partington Delight Major
RW 4687
40301B-0F1OK7 Feb 2001Knotty Ash Delight Major
RW 4688
40401B-284OK7 Mar 2001Elton Delight Major
RW 4692
40501B-372OK24 Mar 2001Cambridge Surprise Major
RW 4694
40601B-5B7OK2 May 2001Uttlesford Delight Major
RW 4700
40701B-629OK10 May 2001Grandsire Triples
RW 4701.0561
40801B-6E4OK25 May 2001Bristol Surprise Major
RW 4703.0608
40901B-79EOK6 Jun 2001Xat Delight Major
RW 4708
41001B-807OK15 Jun 2001Frankley Surprise Major
RW 4707
41101C-016OK7 Nov 2001Zululand Surprise Major
RW 4727
41201C-3E2OK2 Jan 2002Fifty Surprise Major
RW 4736
41301C-4FDOK23 Jan 2002St Luke's Surprise Major
RW 4738
41401C-5DCOK6 Feb 2002Jubilee Surprise Major
RW 4740
41501C-731OK27 Feb 2002Taylor Surprise Major
RW 4744.0316
41601C-C9EOK28 May 2002Cambridge Surprise Major
RW 4756
41701D-166OK7 Aug 2002Stedman Triples
RW 4766
41801D-200OK19 Aug 2002Superlative Surprise Major
RW 4772
41901D-53AOK16 Oct 2002Glasgow Surprise Major
RW 4776
42001D-A95OK3 Jan 2003Horsham Surprise Major
RW 4787.0081
42101E-238OK17 May 2003Natrium Surprise Major
RW 4806.0542
42201E-324OK1 Jun 2003Plain Bob Triples
RW 4809.0610
42301E-5A1OK18 Jul 2003Todmorden Surprise Major
RW 4819.0851
42401E-872OK7 Sep 2003Heywood Hybrid Major
RW 4823.0948
42501E-B92OK31 Oct 2003Fothergill Surprise Major
RW 4839.0081
42601E-FA1OK2 Jan 2004Cornwall Surprise Major
RW 4839.0085
42701F-06AOK16 Jan 2004Tavistock Surprise Major
RW 4841.0129
42801F-3BEOK13 Mar 2004Bristol Surprise Major
RW 4849.0322
42901F-68EOK30 Apr 2004Broadley Surprise Major
RW 4856.0494
43001F-9CDOK30 Jun 2004Heywood Cyclic Bob Major
RW 4865.0710
431020-06AOK29 Oct 2004Bristol Surprise Major
RW 4882.1117
432020-F99OK17 Jul 2005Yorkshire Surprise Major
RW 4927.0943
433021-05EOK2 Aug 2005Cornwall Surprise Major
RW 4937.1191
434021-A18OK21 Jan 2006Double Norwich Court Bob Major
RW 4946.0129
435021-D0DOK15 Mar 2006Lessness Surprise Major
RW 4954.0329
436021-DD4OK31 Mar 2006Dereham Surprise Major
RW 4956.0378
437023-E11OK3 May 2006Bristol Surprise Major
RW 4960.0471
438024-521OK31 May 2006Evesham Surprise Major
RW 4965.0597
439024-592OK10 Jun 2006Frascati Delight Major
RW 4966.0622
440024-6DFOK28 Jun 2006Frankley Surprise Major
RW 4969.0693
441025-A37OK25 Jul 2006Greybury Surprise Major
RW 4976.0863
442025-AA6OK4 Aug 2006Holbeach Surprise Major
RW 4974.0813
443027-079OK30 Nov 2006Dereham Surprise Major
RW 4991.1226
444027-2DBOK10 Jan 2007Idle Surprise Major
RW 4997.0117
445028-6BCOK14 Feb 2007Double Norwich Court Bob Major
RW 5002.0243
446028-7A6OK21 Feb 2007Medway Surprise Major
RW 5003.0266
447028-810OK28 Feb 2007Bristol Surprise Major
RW 5004.0291
448028-84AOK6 Mar 2007Cambridge Surprise Major
RW 5004.0291
449028-C29OK28 Apr 2007Jovium Surprise Major
RW 5012.0520
450029-06EOK25 Jul 2007Thallium Surprise Major
RW 5025.0833
451029-1C7OK22 Aug 2007Carmignano Delight Major
RW 5029.0932
45202B-022OK28 Aug 2007Lessness Surprise Major
RW 5051.0192
45302B-332OK24 Nov 2007Bristol Surprise Major
RW 5042.1241
45402B-499OK19 Dec 2007Trentino Delight Major
RW 5047.0062
45502B-511OK28 Dec 2007Derwent College Surprise Major
RW 5047.0062
45602B-66DOK18 Jan 2008Goodricke College Surprise Major
RW 5051.0190
45702B-707OK30 Jan 2008Spliced Surprise Major (8 methods)
RW 5053.0241
45802B-841OK13 Feb 2008San Gimignano Delight Major
RW 5055.0290
45902C-561OK25 Mar 2008Ealing Surprise Major
RW 5064.0548
46002C-B40OK7 May 2008Bristol Surprise Major
RW 5066.0594
46102C-B84OK14 May 2008Asti Delight Major
RW 5067.0622
462030-0A1OK19 Aug 2008Dereham Surprise Major
RW 5082.0995
463030-1CDOK17 Sep 2008Barbaresco Delight Major
RW 5085.1061
464030-6D9OK26 Nov 2008Essex Surprise Major
RW 5095.1306
465030-79AOK10 Dec 2008Belgium Surprise Major
RW 5098.0034
466030-BF5OK21 Jan 2009Glasgow Surprise Major
RW 5103.0155
467031-81AOK18 Feb 2009Tripleport Surprise Major
RW 5107.0252
468034-959OK24 Jun 2009Ytterbium Surprise Major
RW 5125.0730
469036-2C4OK16 Sep 2009Rhenium Surprise Major
RW 5137.1022
470038-373OK19 Nov 2009Glasgow Surprise Major
RW 5146.1242
471038-A83OK14 Jan 2010Yawthorpe Surprise Major
RW 5154.0118
472039-09BOK6 May 2010Glasgow Surprise Major
RW 5170.0546
47303B-5EEOK11 Nov 2010Hill Ridware Alliance Major
RW 5198.1231
47403B-ABCOK26 Nov 2010Heywood Surprise Major
RW 5199.1258
47503C-46FOK11 Jan 2011Burnley Alliance Major
RW 5205.0087
47603C-A2COK10 Feb 2011Golden Pippin Delight Major
RW 5210.0207
47703D-3E0OK7 Apr 2011Irish Delight Major
RW 5218.0413
47803D-F17OK29 Jun 2011Nottinghamshire Delight Major
RW 5229.0726
47903F-396OK11 Aug 2011Dunkery Delight Major
RW 5236.0893
480040-59BOK16 Aug 2011Lessness Surprise Major
RW 5244.1092
481040-E5BOK3 Nov 2011Leiston Delight Major
RW 5248.1186
482041-F03OK26 Jan 2012Ribblehead Delight Major
RW 5261.0186
483042-125OK15 Feb 2012Verdicchio Delight Major
RW 5262.0214
484042-D73OK25 Apr 2012Maestro Delight Major
RW 5273.0526
485043-82EOK20 Jun 2012Yoke Delight Major
RW 5283.0774
486044-115OK15 Aug 2012Odyssey Delight Major
RW 5288.0925
487044-B6EOK18 Oct 2012Woolley Delight Major
RW 5298.1166
488045-3E7OK20 Dec 2012Quaranti Delight Major
RW 5308.0060
489045-749OK17 Jan 2013Zagarolo Delight Major
RW 5311.0133
490045-A0COK6 Mar 2013Glasgow Surprise Major
RW 5326.0536
491045-E40OK28 May 2013Sesquicentennial Surprise Major
RW 5329.0606
492046-4C5OK9 Oct 2013Dublin Surprise Major
RW 5349.1102
493046-A81OK29 Jan 2014Heptonstall Delight Major
RW 5365.0186
494047-075OK4 Jun 2014Ruthenium Surprise Major
RW 5383.0664
495047-1E6OK9 Jul 2014Jedburgh Delight Major
RW 5387.0766
496047-353OK16 Aug 2014Beer Surprise Major
RW 5398.1042
497047-460OK8 Sep 2014Four Score Surprise Major
RW 5396.0994
498047-577OK3 Oct 2014Lessness Surprise Major
RW 5400.1090
499047-B1COK20 Nov 2014Bristol Surprise Major
RW 5406.1238
500047-DD3OK22 Jan 2015Adelaide Surprise Major
RW 5415.0138

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