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44 valid peals for Newport Pagnell, SS Peter & Paul, Buckinghamshire, England.

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PealPB-IDStatusDate RungMethod
138A-C92OK24 Dec 1789Method unknown
NM 26.xii.89 - 5040 changes on 8
238A-C87OK9 Jul 1904Stedman Triples
338A-C7COK8 Oct 1910Double Norwich Court Bob Major
438A-C71OK15 Jul 1911Grandsire Triples
538A-C66OK24 Jul 1913Stedman Triples
638A-C5BOK20 Oct 1921Double Norwich Court Bob Major
738A-C50OK12 Sep 1922Superlative Surprise Major
838A-C45OK11 Jun 1927Grandsire Triples
938A-C3AOK6 Sep 1927Plain Bob Major
1038A-C2FOK9 Apr 1932Grandsire Triples
1138A-C24OK2 Jul 1938Cambridge Surprise Major
1238A-C19OK18 Feb 1939Double Norwich Court Bob Major
1338A-C0EOK10 Sep 1949Plain Bob Major
1438A-C03OK16 Jan 1954Yorkshire Surprise Major
1538A-BF8OK27 Nov 1954Superlative Surprise Major
1638A-BEDOK12 Feb 1955Grandsire Triples
1738A-BE2OK10 Sep 1955Grandsire Triples
1838A-BD7OK26 Dec 1957Stedman Triples
1938A-BCCOK10 Aug 1963Spliced Surprise Major (3 methods)
2038A-BC1OK29 Dec 1964Lincolnshire Surprise Major
2138A-BB6OK27 Oct 1973Zeals Surprise Major
2238A-BABOK22 Feb 1975London Surprise Major
2338A-BA0OK21 Feb 1976Cambridge Surprise Major
2438A-B95OK22 Jan 1977Plain Bob Major
2538A-B8AOK19 Nov 1977Bristol Surprise Major
2638A-B7FOK23 Nov 1985Yorkshire Surprise Major
2738A-B74OK4 Oct 1986Cambridge Surprise Major
2838A-B69OK1 Jan 1988Stedman Triples
2938A-B5EOK27 Feb 1988Stedman Triples
3038A-B53OK19 Nov 1988Grandsire Triples
3138A-B48OK13 May 1989Spliced Surprise Major (8 methods)
3200E-2FFOK30 Jun 1991Yorkshire Surprise Major
RW 4186.0697
33018-FD0OK24 Jul 1999Grandsire Triples
RW 4610
34020-0F3OK6 Nov 2004Ashtead Surprise Major
RW 4883.1140
35026-DFEOK18 Oct 2006Rutland Surprise Major
RW 4985.1077
36039-3B4OK26 Jun 2010Bristol Surprise Major
RW 5177.0714
3703A-DF9OK2 Oct 2010Ironbridge Delight Major
RW 5192.1086
38041-AFCOK24 Dec 2011Bristol Surprise Major
RW 5256.0065
39043-738OK4 Jun 2012Plain Bob Major
RW 5283.0776
40045-118OK11 Nov 2012Plain Bob Major
RW 5302.1264
41045-EE9OK8 Jun 2013Grandsire Triples
RW 5331.0655
42046-0C5OK20 Jul 2013Aston Martin Alliance Major
RW 5337.0803
4304A-526OK9 Apr 2016Double Norwich Court Bob Major
RW 5485.0597
4412E-8A8OK30 Mar 2019Plain Bob Major
RW 5637.0467

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