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415 valid peals for Norwich, S Peter Mancroft, Norfolk, England.

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PealPB-IDStatusDate RungMethod
1380-ECAOKThu, 2 May 1715Plain Bob Triples
PB; CB iii.355; EJO (12th)
2380-EBFOKFri, 26 Aug 1718Grandsire Triples
PB; CB iii.355; EJO
3380-EB4OKThu, 28 Dec 1719Grandsire Triples
NG 13.xi.31; CR 330
4380-EA9OKThu, 25 Oct 1731Stedman Triples
PB; NG 30.x.31; CB iii.355; EJO.
5380-E9EOKSat, 8 Mar 1738Grandsire Caters
(12,600) PB; NM 11.iii.38; NG 11.iii.38; PSN; CB iii.355 (1737); BN ii.160 (1737); EJO
6380-E93OKThu, 1 Feb 1748Oxford Treble Bob Major
NM 6.ii.48; PSN
7380-E88OKMon, 17 Apr 1769Double Norwich Court Bob Royal
NM 22.iv.69; NC 22.iv.69; PSN; CR 349; RW 3223.0084
8380-E7DOKWed, 22 Nov 1775Grandsire Cinques
PB; NM 25.xi.75; NC 25.xi.75; IJ 25.xi.75; PSN; CB iii.355; EJO
9380-E72OKMon, 16 Mar 1778Oxford Treble Bob Maximus
(6,240) PB; NM 21.iii.78; NC 21.iii.78; CCJ 21.iii.78; IJ 21.iii.78; PSN; CR 187; RCY; EJO
10380-E67OKMon, 20 Jan 1817Norwich Court Bob Maximus
PB; NC 25.i.17; NM 25.i.17; PSN; BN xv.332; EJO; RW 28.iii.1924
11380-E5COKTue, 13 Feb 1827Oxford Treble Bob Royal
PB; NM 17.ii.27; NC 17.ii.27; PSN; BN xv.332; EJO; RW 28.iii.1924
12380-E51OKThu, 18 Jan 1844Stedman Cinques
(7,120) PB; NC 27.i.44; NM 27.i.44; E 28.i.44; BL 28.i.44; PSN; BN Nov 1881.73 & xv.332; EJO
13380-E46OKThu, 25 Feb 1858Stedman Caters
NC 27.ii.58; BL 28.ii.58; PSN; CR 189
14380-E3BOKMon, 5 Nov 1883Kent Treble Bob Royal
15380-E30OKMon, 22 Sep 1884Kent Treble Bob Royal
16380-E25OKThu, 17 Sep 1885Kent Treble Bob Maximus
17380-E1AOKMon, 25 Jan 1886Kent Treble Bob Royal
18380-E0FOKMon, 6 Aug 1888Kent Treble Bob Maximus
19380-E04OKTue, 17 Sep 1889Grandsire Triples
20380-DF9OKMon, 28 Oct 1889Grandsire Caters
21380-DEEOKWed, 8 Oct 1890Kent Treble Bob Maximus
22380-DE3OKMon, 13 Oct 1890Grandsire Caters
23380-DD8OKThu, 20 Nov 1890Oxford Treble Bob Major
24380-DCDOKThu, 5 Mar 1891Plain Bob Major
25380-DC2OKThu, 12 Mar 1891Grandsire Caters
26380-DB7OKWed, 13 May 1891Kent Treble Bob Major
27380-DACOKWed, 29 Jul 1891Kent Treble Bob Major
28380-DA1OKThu, 29 Oct 1891Kent Treble Bob Major
29380-D96OKThu, 19 Nov 1891Oxford Treble Bob Major
30380-D8BOKMon, 7 Mar 1892Kent Treble Bob Major
31380-D80OKTue, 19 Apr 1892Kent Treble Bob Major
32380-D75OKMon, 12 Dec 1892Oxford Treble Bob Royal
33380-D6AOKThu, 19 Jan 1893Oxford Treble Bob Major
34380-D5FOKThu, 23 Feb 1893Oxford Treble Bob Major
35380-D54OKThu, 8 Jun 1893Plain Bob Major
36380-D49OKThu, 6 Sep 1894Kent Treble Bob Maximus
37380-D3EOKThu, 14 Mar 1895Grandsire Caters
38380-D33OKThu, 2 May 1895Grandsire Cinques
39380-D28OKThu, 6 Feb 1896Plain Bob Triples
40380-D1DOKThu, 27 Aug 1896Kent Treble Bob Royal
41380-D12OKThu, 3 Sep 1896Oxford Treble Bob Royal
42380-D07OKTue, 15 Dec 1896Kent Treble Bob Maximus
43380-CFCOKTue, 30 Mar 1897Grandsire Caters
44380-CF1OKMon, 2 Aug 1897Oxford Treble Bob Maximus
45380-CE6OKTue, 24 Aug 1897Grandsire Caters
46380-CDBOKThu, 19 Oct 1899Kent Treble Bob Maximus
47380-CD0OKTue, 14 Nov 1899Plain Bob Major
48380-CC5OKTue, 17 Apr 1900Stedman Caters
49380-CBAOKThu, 20 Sep 1900Grandsire Caters
50380-CAFOKMon, 14 Oct 1901Kent Treble Bob Maximus
51380-CA4OKThu, 24 Oct 1901Oxford Treble Bob Major
52380-C99OKThu, 21 Nov 1901Plain Bob Major
53380-C8EOKThu, 13 Feb 1902Superlative Surprise Major
54380-C83OKTue, 12 Aug 1902Kent Treble Bob Major
55380-C78OKThu, 27 Nov 1902Grandsire Cinques
56380-C6DOKThu, 15 Jan 1903Stedman Triples
57380-C62OKMon, 13 Apr 1903Plain Bob Major
58380-C57OKMon, 1 Jun 1903Stedman Cinques
59380-C4COKThu, 24 Sep 1903Stedman Cinques
60380-C41OKThu, 11 Feb 1904Double Norwich Court Bob Major
61380-C36OKThu, 28 Jul 1904Kent Treble Bob Maximus
62380-C2BOKMon, 26 Dec 1904Stedman Cinques
63380-C20OKThu, 12 Dec 1907Grandsire Triples
64380-C15OKThu, 9 Jan 1908Plain Bob Major
65380-C0AOKTue, 25 Feb 1908Plain Bob Major
66380-BFFOKMon, 9 Nov 1908Kent Treble Bob Royal
67380-BF4OKSat, 26 Dec 1908Stedman Caters
68380-BE9OKTue, 15 Feb 1910Oxford Treble Bob Major
69380-BDEOKThu, 15 Sep 1910Kent Treble Bob Maximus
70380-BD3OKTue, 11 Oct 1910Kent Treble Bob Major
71380-BC8OKTue, 30 May 1911Grandsire Caters
72380-BBDOKTue, 25 Jun 1912Double Norwich Court Bob Major
73380-BB2OKMon, 5 Aug 1912Kent Treble Bob Maximus
74380-BA7OKThu, 26 Dec 1912Plain Bob Maximus
75380-B9COKTue, 4 Feb 1913Plain Bob Royal
76380-B91OKTue, 25 Feb 1913Grandsire Caters
77380-B86OKTue, 23 Sep 1913Kent Treble Bob Royal
78380-B7BOKTue, 28 Dec 1920Plain Bob Royal
79380-B70OKTue, 12 Apr 1921Stedman Caters
80380-B65OKTue, 23 Aug 1921Kent Treble Bob Maximus
81380-B5AOKTue, 28 Feb 1922Stedman Caters
82380-B4FOKThu, 8 Jun 1922Stedman Triples
83380-B44OKTue, 22 Aug 1922Stedman Cinques
84380-B39OKTue, 13 Mar 1923Stedman Triples
85380-B2EOKTue, 10 Nov 1925Stedman Cinques
86380-B23OKMon, 27 Dec 1926Kent Treble Bob Maximus
87380-B18OKTue, 15 Mar 1927Cambridge Surprise Major
88380-B0DOKTue, 31 Jan 1928Grandsire Caters
89380-B02OKMon, 6 Aug 1928Cambridge Surprise Maximus
90380-AF7OKTue, 12 Nov 1929Kent Treble Bob Royal
91380-AECOKMon, 4 Aug 1930Kent Treble Bob Maximus
92380-AE1OKTue, 4 Nov 1930Plain Bob Royal
93380-AD6OKFri, 26 Dec 1930Grandsire Cinques
94380-ACBOKTue, 17 Feb 1931Oxford Treble Bob Major
95380-AC0OKTue, 30 Jun 1931Stedman Caters
96380-AB5OKMon, 3 Aug 1931Kent Treble Bob Maximus
97380-AAAOKSat, 26 Dec 1931Stedman Caters
98380-A9FOKWed, 21 Sep 1932Plain Bob Royal
99380-A94OKWed, 12 Oct 1932Double Norwich Court Bob Major
100380-A89OKTue, 16 May 1933Kent Treble Bob Major

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