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45 valid peals for Rothley, S Mary the Virgin, Leicestershire, England.

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PealPB-IDStatusDate RungMethod
134E-025OK28 Jul 1893Grandsire Doubles
BN xii.151; LC 5.viii.93 (John Eisel)
234E-01AOK30 Mar 1895Doubles (7 methods)
BN xiii.568
334E-00FOK1 Jul 1926Doubles (4 methods)
434E-004OK2 Nov 1935Minor (3 methods)
534D-FF9OK9 Jan 1937Doubles (4 methods)
634D-FEEOK6 Nov 1948Grandsire Doubles
734D-FE3OK18 May 1951Plain Bob Minor
834D-FD8OK15 Dec 1951Cambridge Surprise Minor
934D-FCDOK15 Mar 1952Plain Bob Minor
1034D-FC2OK4 Jun 1955Doubles (3 methods)
1134D-FB7OK23 Jul 1955Plain Bob Minor
1234D-FACOK17 Dec 1955Doubles (7 methods)
1334D-FA1OK4 Aug 1956Minor (3 methods)
1434D-F96OK10 Nov 1956Grandsire Doubles
1534D-F8BOK24 Dec 1956Plain Bob Minor
1634D-F80OK23 Mar 1957Grandsire Doubles
1734D-F75OK26 Apr 1957Plain Bob Minor
1834D-F6AOK10 Jun 1957Kent Treble Bob Minor
1934D-F5FOK9 Nov 1957Reverse Canterbury Pleasure Place Doubles
2034D-F54OK9 Apr 1958Minor (3 methods)
2134D-F49OK28 Mar 1959Minor (5 methods)
2234D-F3EOK24 Oct 1959Childwall Bob Minor
2334D-F33OK11 Jun 1960Plain Bob Minor
2434D-F28OK3 Dec 1960Plain Bob Minor
2534D-F1DOK24 Dec 1960Doubles (2 methods)
2634D-F12OK20 Jan 1962Plain Bob Minor
RW 2650.0084.Incorrectly published as Spliced Surprise Minor (David Moore)
2734D-F07OK28 Dec 1965Minor (2 methods)
2834D-EFCOK27 Aug 1966Bourne Surprise Minor
2934D-EF1OK18 Aug 1971Doubles (2 methods)
3034D-EE6OK28 Aug 1971Plain Bob Minor
3134D-EDBOK17 Jan 1976Plain Bob Minor
3234D-ED0OK16 Apr 1977Minor (5 methods)
3334D-EC5OK5 Jan 1980Plain Bob Minor
3434D-EBAOK20 Sep 1980Plain Bob Minor
3534D-EAFOK4 Sep 1982Minor (7 methods)
3634D-EA4OK1 Dec 1984Minor (3 methods)
3734D-E99OK19 Jan 1985Minor (10 methods)
3834D-E8EOK5 Nov 1988Grandsire Doubles
3934D-E83OK16 Dec 1989Minor (3 methods)
40018-113OK6 Nov 1998Minor (12 methods)
RW 4572
4101C-DB3OK4 Jun 2002Doubles (6 methods / 4 variations)
RW 4757
4201F-427OK20 Mar 2004Minor (3 methods)
RW 4850.0346
4302F-F97OK27 Jul 2008Surprise Minor (14 methods)
RW 5079.0916
4403A-BC1OK19 Sep 2010Doubles (9 methods / 2 variations)
RW 5189.1014
4504A-0CAOK31 Dec 2015Surprise Minor (12 methods)
RW 5465.0084

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