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132 valid peals for Beverley, S Mary, Yorkshire, England.

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PealPB-IDStatusDate RungMethod
14D2-AF8OK14 Mar 1896Grandsire Triples
24D2-AEDOK1 Jun 1903Stedman Caters
34D2-AE2OK12 May 1913Grandsire Caters
44D2-AD7OK4 Aug 1919Grandsire Caters
54D2-ACCOK6 Jan 1921Kent Treble Bob Major
64D2-AC1OK27 Dec 1921Grandsire Caters
74D2-AB6OK9 Jun 1924Cambridge Surprise Royal
84D2-AABOK6 Jun 1927Grandsire Caters
94D2-AA0OK31 Aug 1933Grandsire Caters
104D2-A95OK16 Aug 1934Grandsire Caters
114D2-A8AOK21 May 1945Grandsire Triples
124D2-A7FOK29 Mar 1948Stedman Caters
134D2-A74OK14 May 1951Little Bob Royal
144D2-A69OK3 Aug 1953Grandsire Caters
154D2-A5EOK1 Aug 1955Grandsire Caters
164D2-A53OK3 Apr 1961Plain Bob Royal
174D2-A48OK23 Apr 1962Yorkshire Surprise Royal
184D2-A3DOK3 Aug 1964Pudsey Surprise Royal
194D2-A32OK30 Aug 1965Stedman Caters
204D2-A27OK27 Mar 1967Yorkshire Surprise Royal
214D2-A1COK15 Apr 1968Cambridge Surprise Royal
224D2-A11OK1 Sep 1969Yorkshire Surprise Royal
234D2-A06OK27 Sep 1969Cambridge Surprise Major
244D2-9FBOK6 Dec 1969Yorkshire Surprise Major
254D2-9F0OK30 Mar 1970Cambridge Surprise Royal
264D2-9E5OK31 Aug 1970London No.3 Surprise Royal
274D2-9DAOK12 Apr 1971Grandsire Caters
284D2-9CFOK22 Dec 1971Cambridge Surprise Royal
294D2-9C4OK7 Jun 1972Yorkshire Surprise Royal
304D2-9B9OK15 Apr 1974London No.3 Surprise Royal
314D2-9AEOK8 May 1974Plain Bob Major
324D2-9A3OK21 Jun 1975Plain Bob Minor
334D2-998OK30 Aug 1976Cambridge Surprise Royal
344D2-98DOK16 Oct 1976London No.3 Surprise Royal
354D2-982OK11 Apr 1977Cambridge Surprise Royal
364D2-977OK27 Aug 1979Stedman Caters
374D2-96COK7 Apr 1980London No.3 Surprise Royal
RW 3601.0379 Wrongly published as 7/3/1980 (N Bowden)
384D2-961OK11 Jun 1980Minor (9 methods)
394D2-956OK20 Apr 1981Bristol Surprise Royal
404D2-94BOK30 May 1981Stedman Caters
414D2-940OK12 Apr 1982London No.3 Surprise Royal
424D2-935OK3 May 1982Yorkshire Surprise Royal
434D2-92AOK31 May 1982London No.3 Surprise Royal
444D2-91FOK4 Apr 1983London No.3 Surprise Royal
454D2-914OK2 May 1983Stedman Caters
464D2-909OK30 May 1983Cambridge Surprise Royal
474D2-8FEOK2 Jul 1983Yorkshire Surprise Royal
484D2-8F3OK29 Aug 1983Cambridge Surprise Royal
494D2-8E8OK29 Oct 1983Bristol Surprise Royal
504D2-8DDOK26 May 1984Bristol Surprise Royal
514D2-8D2OK11 Aug 1984London No.3 Surprise Royal
524D2-8C7OK8 Apr 1985Isleworth Surprise Royal
534D2-8BCOK6 May 1985Yorkshire Surprise Royal
544D2-8B1OK27 May 1985Albanian Surprise Royal
554D2-8A6OK31 Mar 1986Cambridge Surprise Royal
564D2-89BOK5 May 1986Swindon Surprise Royal
574D2-890OK5 May 1987Yorkshire Surprise Royal
584D2-885OK4 Apr 1988Rutland Surprise Royal
594D2-87AOK29 May 1989East Riding Surprise Royal
604D2-86FOK28 Aug 1989London No.3 Surprise Royal
RW 4090.0842 Wrongly published as 18/8/1989 - JPL
614D2-864OK18 Nov 1989London No.3 Surprise Royal
6200C-BFCOK7 May 1990Grandsire Caters
RW 4127.0535
6300D-1FAOK27 Aug 1990Oakham Surprise Royal
RW 4143.0914
6400D-680OK17 Nov 1990Stedman Caters
RW 4158.0010
6500D-A6BOK19 Jan 1991Plain Bob Royal
RW 4164.0169
6600E-018OK6 May 1991Stedman Caters
RW 4179.0518
6700E-63BOK26 Aug 1991Bristol Surprise Royal
RW 4202.1065
6800F-0CCOK15 Feb 1992Plain Bob Caters
RW 4221.0282
6900F-BEEOK31 Aug 1992Rutland Surprise Royal
RW 4248.0939
7000F-E8DOK17 Oct 1992London No.3 Surprise Royal
RW 4255.1107
71011-546OK6 Nov 1993Plain Bob Royal
RW 4312.1238
72012-017OK30 Apr 1994Plain Bob Royal
RW 4335
73012-702OK27 Aug 1994London No.3 Surprise Royal
RW 4355
74012-B0COK5 Nov 1994London No.3 Surprise Royal
RW 4364.1241
75013-5F5OK29 Apr 1995Cowesby Surprise Royal
RW 4386
76014-0C2OK28 Oct 1995Spliced Surprise Royal (5 methods)
RW 4414.1228
77014-25DOK25 Nov 1995Plain Bob Caters
RW 4419
78014-BB6OK27 Apr 1996Yorkshire Surprise Royal
RW 4440
79015-5A3OK19 Oct 1996Grandsire Caters
RW 4463.1125
80015-86AOK30 Nov 1996Bristol Surprise Royal
RW 4472
81016-8B3OK30 Aug 1997Cambridge Surprise Royal
RW 4510
82016-B31OK11 Oct 1997Cambridge Surprise Royal
RW 4516
83016-DC5OK22 Nov 1997Yorkshire Surprise Royal
RW 4521.1275
84017-44DOK7 Mar 1998Yorkshire Surprise Royal
RW 4543
85018-089OK24 Oct 1998Bristol Surprise Royal
RW 4571
86018-1F0OK21 Nov 1998D-Day Alliance Royal
RW 4575
87018-DD5OK19 Jun 1999Swindon Surprise Royal
RW 4605
88019-23FOK11 Sep 1999Grandsire Caters
RW 4615
89019-544OK6 Nov 1999Noseley Surprise Royal
RW 4624
90019-8CDOK31 Dec 1999Grandsire Caters
RW 4630
9101A-B3AOK4 Nov 2000London No.3 Surprise Royal
RW 4676
9201A-EC7OK30 Dec 2000Yorkshire Surprise Royal
RW 4683
9301B-578OK28 Apr 2001Beverlea Delight Royal
RW 4699
9401C-0B1OK17 Nov 2001London No.3 Surprise Royal
RW 4728
9501C-293OK15 Dec 2001Stedman Caters
RW 4735
9601C-51EOK26 Jan 2002Hampstead Heath Surprise Royal
RW 4738
9701C-DDBOK4 Jun 2002Grandsire Caters
RW 4757
9801D-5CFOK26 Oct 2002London No.3 Surprise Royal
RW 4778
9901D-CF1OK15 Feb 2003Spliced Surprise Royal (4 methods)
RW 4793.0223
10001E-856OK6 Sep 2003Bristol Surprise Royal
RW 4822.0925

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