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40 valid peals for Spondon, Derby, S Werburgh, Derbyshire, England.

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PealPB-IDStatusDate RungMethod
1326-86BOK16 May 1914Plain Bob Minor
2326-860OK1 Jun 1935Minor (3 methods)
3326-855OK5 Feb 1938Minor (5 methods)
4326-84AOK21 Mar 1939Plain Bob Minor
5326-83FOK29 Apr 1944Minor (3 methods)
6326-834OK18 Aug 1945Grandsire Doubles
7326-829OK5 Jun 1946Minor (3 methods)
8326-81EOK15 May 1948Minor (7 methods)
9326-813OK11 Dec 1948Minor (2 methods)
10326-808OK7 May 1949Minor (3 methods)
11326-7FDOK2 Dec 1950Cambridge Surprise Minor
12326-7F2OK10 Mar 1951Plain Bob Minor
13326-7E7OK28 Jul 1951Minor (3 methods)
14326-7DCOK11 Jan 1952Cambridge Surprise Minor
15326-7D1OK26 Aug 1953Minor (5 methods)
16326-7C6OK7 Jun 1954Plain Bob Minor
17326-7BBOK19 Nov 1954Beverley Surprise Minor
18326-7B0OK1 Jan 1955Minor (4 methods)
19326-7A5OK3 Nov 1955Barham Delight Minor
20326-79AOK12 Nov 1955St Clement's College Bob Minor
Method auto corrected from St Clements Bob Minor.
21326-78FOK17 Dec 1955Grandsire Doubles
22326-784OK30 Jun 1956Doubles (4 methods)
23326-779OK9 Mar 1957Plain Bob Minor
24326-76EOK1 Jul 1957Minor (4 methods)
25326-763OK25 Oct 1957Snowdon Treble Bob Minor
26326-758OK15 Apr 1958Plain Bob Minor
27326-74DOK8 Apr 1959Minor (4 methods)
28326-742OK31 Dec 1960Grandsire Doubles
29326-737OK14 Oct 1961Doubles (3 methods)
30326-721OK16 May 1962Minor (27 methods)
31326-72COK8 Sep 1962Doubles (2 methods)
32326-716OK24 Nov 1962Plain Bob Minor
33326-70BOK4 May 1963Minor (5 methods)
34326-700OK16 Oct 1963Minor (7 methods)
35326-6F5OK7 Nov 1966Kent Treble Bob Minor
36326-6EAOK12 Sep 1970Plain Bob Minor
37326-6DFOK27 Jan 1972Minor (4 methods)
38010-2A7OK26 Dec 1992Minor (4 methods)
RW 4266.0098
3901A-666OK9 Aug 2000Surprise Minor (7 methods)
RW 4666
4001E-A23OK6 Oct 2003Surprise Minor (7 methods)
RW 4829.1091

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