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304 valid peals for St Albans, S Peter, Hertfordshire, England.

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PealPB-IDStatusDate RungMethod
101325-00EOKSat, 24 Feb 1962Plain Bob Royal
102325-003OKSat, 21 Apr 1962Grandsire Caters
103324-FF8OKSat, 28 Jul 1962Kent Treble Bob Royal
104324-FEDOKSat, 29 Jun 1963Little Bob Royal
105324-FE2OKSat, 28 Dec 1963Grandsire Caters
106324-FD7OKSat, 27 Jun 1964Erin Caters
107324-FCCOKSat, 2 Jan 1965Gainsborough Little Bob Royal
108324-FC1OKSat, 30 Jan 1965Grandsire Caters
109324-FB6OKSat, 15 May 1965Stedman Caters
110324-FABOKSat, 26 Jun 1965Stedman Caters
111324-FA0OKSat, 29 Jan 1966Kent Treble Bob Royal
112324-F95OKSat, 19 Feb 1966Yorkshire Surprise Royal
113324-F8AOKSat, 2 Jul 1966Little Bob Royal
114324-F7FOKSat, 12 Nov 1966Albanian Surprise Royal
115324-F74OKSat, 22 Apr 1967York Surprise Royal
116324-F69OKSat, 1 Jul 1967Reverse Bob Royal
117324-F5EOKSat, 14 Oct 1967Plain Bob Royal
118324-F53OKSat, 30 Dec 1967Double Bob Royal
119324-F48OKSat, 27 Jan 1968Albanian Surprise Royal
120324-F3DOKSat, 29 Jun 1968Plain Bob Royal
121324-F32OKSat, 30 Nov 1968Cambridge Surprise Royal
122324-F27OKFri, 27 Dec 1968Yorkshire Surprise Royal
123324-F1COKSat, 8 Feb 1969Stedman Caters
124324-F11OKSat, 28 Jun 1969Plain Bob Royal
125324-F06OKSat, 1 Nov 1969London No.3 Surprise Royal
126324-EFBOKSat, 27 Dec 1969Grandsire Caters
127324-EF0OKSat, 5 Sep 1970Cambridge Surprise Major
128324-EE5OKSat, 24 Oct 1970Kent Treble Bob Royal
129324-EDAOKSat, 22 May 1971Spliced Surprise Royal (5 methods)
130324-ECFOKMon, 30 Aug 1971Yorkshire Surprise Royal
131324-EC4OKSat, 2 Oct 1971Superlative No.2 Surprise Royal
132324-EB9OKSat, 27 Nov 1971Little Bob Royal
133324-EAEOKSat, 11 Dec 1971Little Bob Royal
134324-EA3OKSat, 19 Feb 1972Yorkshire Surprise Royal
135324-E98OKSat, 29 Apr 1972Yorkshire Surprise Royal
136324-E8DOKSat, 4 Nov 1972Worcester Surprise Royal
137324-E82OKSat, 18 Nov 1972Yorkshire Surprise Royal
138324-E77OKSat, 20 Jan 1973Bristol Surprise Royal
139324-E6COKSat, 3 Feb 1973Cambridge Surprise Royal
140324-E61OKSat, 31 Mar 1973London No.3 Surprise Royal
141324-E56OKSat, 2 Jun 1973London No.3 Surprise Royal
142324-E4BOKThu, 20 Sep 1973Spliced Surprise Major (14 methods)
143324-E40OKSat, 3 Nov 1973Albanian Surprise Royal
144324-E35OKSat, 1 Dec 1973Cambridge Surprise Royal
145324-E2AOKThu, 20 Dec 1973Lincolnshire Surprise Royal
146324-E1FOKThu, 18 Apr 1974Ipswich Surprise Major
147324-E14OKThu, 20 Jun 1974Stedman Caters
148324-E09OKThu, 19 Sep 1974Littleport Little Surprise Royal
RW 3312.0858
149324-DFEOKSat, 28 Sep 1974Bristol Surprise Royal
RW 3312.0857
150324-DF3OKThu, 17 Oct 1974Spliced Surprise Major (10 methods)
151324-DE8OKSat, 26 Oct 1974Yorkshire Surprise Royal
152324-DDDOKThu, 19 Dec 1974Yorkshire Surprise Major
153324-DD2OKThu, 20 Feb 1975Glasgow Surprise Major
154324-DC7OKSat, 15 Mar 1975Cambridge Surprise Major
155324-DBCOKThu, 17 Apr 1975Plain Bob Royal
156324-DB1OKSat, 20 Sep 1975Ardessie Surprise Royal
157324-D9BOKSat, 27 Dec 1975Stedman Caters
158324-D90OKSat, 14 Feb 1976Cambridge Surprise Royal
159324-D85OKSat, 1 May 1976Stedman Caters
160324-D7AOKThu, 27 May 1976Spliced Surprise Major (6 methods)
161324-D6FOKMon, 30 Aug 1976Cambridge Surprise Royal
162324-D64OKSat, 9 Oct 1976Stedman Caters
163324-D59OKThu, 28 Oct 1976Cambridge Surprise Royal
164324-D4EOKSat, 22 Jan 1977Superlative No.2 Surprise Royal
165324-D43OKSat, 2 Apr 1977London No.2 Surprise Royal
RW 3449.0473
166324-D38OKThu, 21 Apr 1977Yorkshire Surprise Royal
167324-D2DOKSat, 18 Jun 1977Grandsire Caters
168324-D22OKSat, 1 Oct 1977Bristol Surprise Royal
RW 3471.0959
169324-D17OKThu, 17 Nov 1977Yorkshire Surprise Royal
170324-D0COKSat, 3 Dec 1977London No.3 Surprise Royal
171324-D01OKSat, 1 Jul 1978Stedman Caters
172324-CF6OKSat, 21 Jul 1979Cambridge Surprise Royal
173324-CEBOKSat, 11 Aug 1979London No.3 Surprise Royal
174324-CE0OKSat, 22 Sep 1979Cambridge Surprise Royal
RW 3589.0119
175324-CD5OKSat, 20 Oct 1979Cambridge Surprise Major
176324-CCAOKSat, 24 Nov 1979Double Norwich Court Bob Caters
177324-CBFOKThu, 27 Dec 1979Plain Bob Major
178324-CB4OKSat, 26 Jan 1980Stedman Caters
179324-CA9OKMon, 5 May 1980Lincolnshire Surprise Royal
180324-C9EOKSat, 25 Oct 1980Spliced Surprise Royal (14 methods)
181324-C93OKSat, 22 Nov 1980Cambridge Surprise Royal
182324-C88OKSat, 7 Mar 1981Grandsire Caters
183324-C7DOKSat, 21 Mar 1981London No.3 Surprise Royal
184324-C72OKSat, 13 Feb 1982Spliced Surprise Major (8 methods)
185324-C67OKSat, 20 Feb 1982Cambridge Surprise Royal
186324-C5COKSat, 1 Jan 1983Lindum Surprise Major
187324-C51OKSat, 12 Feb 1983Erin Caters
188324-C46OKSat, 19 Mar 1983Stedman Caters
189324-C3BOKSat, 17 Dec 1983Rutland Surprise Royal
190324-C30OKMon, 2 Jan 1984Yorkshire Surprise Royal
191324-C25OKSat, 4 Feb 1984Bristol Surprise Royal
192324-C1AOKSat, 23 Jun 1984Superlative Surprise Major
193324-C0FOKSat, 27 Oct 1984Cambridge Surprise Royal
194324-C04OKSat, 10 Nov 1984Yorkshire Surprise Royal
195324-BF9OKSat, 2 Mar 1985Yorkshire Surprise Royal
196324-BEEOKThu, 30 May 1985Lincolnshire Surprise Major
197324-BE3OKSat, 1 Mar 1986Spliced Surprise Major (4 methods)
198324-BD8OKSat, 12 Apr 1986Yorkshire Surprise Royal
199324-BCDOKSat, 30 Apr 1988Grandsire Caters
200324-BC2OKSat, 9 Dec 1989Cambridge Surprise Royal

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