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50 valid peals for Upper Armley, Leeds, Christ Church, Yorkshire, England.

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PealPB-IDStatusDate RungMethod
12F4-82BOK17 May 1890Treble Dodging Minor (7 methods)
BN ix.107
22F4-820OK20 Apr 1891Treble Dodging Minor (7 methods)
BN x.56
32F4-815OK3 Dec 1891Treble Dodging Minor (7 methods)
BN x.451
42F4-80AOK23 Aug 1892Treble Dodging Minor (14 methods)
BN xi.264 (14 x 360)
52F4-7FFOK22 Oct 1892Treble Dodging Minor (7 methods)
BN xi.371
62F4-7F4OK30 Jan 1893Treble Dodging Minor (7 methods)
BN xi.540
72F4-7E9OK18 Mar 1893Treble Dodging Minor (7 methods)
BN xi.624
82F4-7DEOK13 Nov 1893Minor (7 methods)
92F4-7D3OK23 Aug 1894Minor (7 methods)
102F4-7C8OK20 Dec 1894Minor (7 methods)
112F4-7BDOK25 May 1895Minor (7 methods)
122F4-7B2OK12 Dec 1896Minor (7 methods)
132F4-7A7OK8 Jan 1898Minor (7 methods)
142F4-79COK20 Apr 1901Minor (7 methods)
152F4-791OK29 Oct 1903Minor (7 methods)
162F4-786OK13 Feb 1904Minor (7 methods)
172F4-77BOK23 Jan 1926Kent Treble Bob Major
182F4-770OK23 Sep 1926Double Norwich Court Bob Major
192F4-765OK11 Jul 1931Kent Treble Bob Major
202F4-75AOK1 Jun 1935Oxford Treble Bob Major
212F4-74FOK5 Dec 1936Plain Bob Major
222F4-744OK15 May 1937Kent Treble Bob Major
232F4-739OK18 Feb 1950Painswick Surprise Major
242F4-72EOK1 Jun 1957Kent Treble Bob Major
252F4-723OK13 Feb 1960Plain Bob Major
262F4-718OK5 Nov 1966Plain Bob Major
272F4-70DOK18 Dec 1982Superlative Surprise Major
282F4-702OK23 Apr 1983Yorkshire Surprise Major
292F4-6F7OK22 Oct 1983Bristol Surprise Major
302F4-6ECOK21 Apr 1984Yorkshire Surprise Major
312F4-6E1OK15 Dec 1984Spliced Surprise Major (4 methods)
322F4-6D6OK13 Apr 1985Spliced Surprise Major (9 methods)
332F4-6CBOK19 Apr 1986London Surprise Major
342F4-6C0OK28 Feb 1987London Surprise Major
352F4-6B5OK13 Jun 1987Cambridge Surprise Major
362F4-6AAOK1 Jul 1989Uxbridge Surprise Major
3700C-C9FOK19 May 1990Upper Armley Alliance Major
RW 4130.0610
38010-1E8OK12 Dec 1992August Surprise Major
RW 4265.0077
39012-109OK14 May 1994Christchurch Surprise Major
RW 4337.0590
40013-BD4OK5 Aug 1995Spliced Surprise Major (16 methods)
RW 4403
41016-795OK9 Aug 1997Hertford Surprise Major
RW 4506
42018-368OK12 Dec 1998Grandsire Triples
RW 4577
43019-77BOK11 Dec 1999Spliced Surprise Major (6 methods)
RW 4629
4401A-DCBOK16 Dec 2000Bristol Surprise Major
RW 4682.0063
4501C-19BOK1 Dec 2001Clift Surprise Major
RW 4732
46020-DD8OK11 Jun 2005Heptonstall Surprise Major
RW 4915.0648
4702C-9ABOK5 Apr 2008Stedman Triples
RW 5061.0443
48038-E7BOK27 Mar 2010Superlative Surprise Major
RW 5164.0367
4903F-1E4OK2 Aug 2011Deva Surprise Major
RW 5237.0920
50047-54EOK28 Sep 2014Superlative Surprise Major
RW 5400.1091

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