Felstead Database - Peal List for Tower

7 valid peals for Wilton, SS Mary & Nicholas, Wiltshire, England.

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PealPB-IDStatusDate RungMethod
12D0-422OK21 Oct 1945Grandsire Doubles
22D0-417OK25 Oct 1969Cambridge Surprise Minor
3018-C7EOK22 May 1999Wilton Surprise Minor
RW 4601
4038-3A2OK21 Nov 2009Surprise Minor (7 methods)
RW 5149.0014
5047-20BOK12 Jul 2014Minor (6 methods)
RW 5388.0792
6048-410OK15 Jun 2015Surprise Minor (7 methods)
RW 5438.0724
7049-859OK11 Sep 2015Cambridge Surprise Minor
RW 5449.0988

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