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  • 50 Ringing Things


    People like goals and challenges – it motivates them, maintains their interest and gets them engaged so this latest ART initiative is aiming to meet that need. This scheme aims to show that ringing is both interesting and fun.

    “Attractively laid out with funny illustrations and useful hints to help you on your way. Definitely suitable for all ages!”

    The challenges encourage ringers of whatever age to experience the wide range of ringing activities available. In collecting the ‘50 Things’ ART hopes that there will be engagement with more experienced ringers, ringing and confidence should benefit, and that participants will gain an insight into the variety of different aspects of ringing and its culture.

    To get started with the challenges you will need to buy your logbook from the ART shop and then register online Here you will find an area with tips and advice on how to achieve each challenge.

    Bronze, Silver and Gold certificates can be claimed for completing 15, 30 or 50 activities respectively and if 50 Things are completed within 100 weeks of registration a Gold Plus certificate can be claimed. You will have to complete a minimum number of challenges from each category to gain the Silver and Gold awards.

  • A Ringer’s Guide to Learning the Ropes


    A new ringer’s guide to learning to ring from bell handling to ringing Bob Minor. Explained in an easy to read, uncomplicated style which will appeal to all age groups and packed with illustrations.

  • Raising and Lowering DVD


    Over 50 minutes long this DVD divides into chapters on chiming, raising a bell, lowering a bell, raising in peal, lowering in peal, trebling up and trebling down.

  • Bell Handling DVD


    This DVD is a great resource for Teachers and those learning to ring alike. It is full of useful tips and advice on ringing style and skill development following the structure of Module 1 of the ART Training Scheme.

  • Bell Ringing – The Inside Story (DVD)


    A short 3-minute DVD that can be used for various events. It briefly highlights a few key interest points around ringing, and has captions included for occasions where sound cannot be broadcast.

  • Discover Bell Ringing (5-pack)


    Introduce your new ringers and potential recruits to the world of bell ringing with the new Discover Bell Ringing booklet. In easy language it gives background information on bells and bell ringing along with a taste of who and why people ring.

  • Youth Toolbox (CD)


    Sent on a single CD, the information on these two files gives ideas and best practice for running Youth orientated groups. Its is not all new material but is collated here in one place.

  • Teaching with Simulators


    This booklet gets you up to date with the advances made in simulator technology. It suggests new exercises for the ringer to take advantage of the capacity to practice using a both rope sight and listening.

  • Teaching Toolboxes (CD)


    This CD set includes off the shelf course material covering Plain Hunt to Stedman Doubles and minor methods. Provides you with everything you need to run courses for your developing ringers.