Sherbourne Teaching Aids

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  • Method Maker **


    A board with six coloured strands and 24 rows of 6 pins. You can weave two leads of plain minor, one of treble bob or two and a bit of doubles. So much easier than blackboard or paper for demonstrating the work of all the bells in doubles and minor. And it keeps the kids quiet for ages (unless they fight over whose turn next).

  • 2D Ringable Model Bell **


    Two-dimensional wooden model bell developed from original cardboard kit marketed by Pam to demonstrate the mechanism by which a tower bell is rung.

  • Bell Club Pack (Cards and Badges for 4 learners) **


    Includes 4 Personal Progress Record Cards and 4 each of the following badges: Ambitious Apprentice, Happy Hunter, Artful Dodger and Champion Campanologist

  • 20 Questions and 19 answers (Pack of 20) **


    A green Leaflet with answers to all the questions non-ringers so often ask. Useful for recruitng new ringers, it has space for you to add your own contact details.

  • Easy Stages Plain Bob Doubles and Grandsire mini-leaflets (Pack of 5 of each) **


    Double-sided single page leaflets explaining Grandsire and Plain Bob Doubles in easy stages.

  • Ringer’s Exercise Book (Pack of 5) **


    A notebook for writing out all the methods as they are being learned, one method to a page. Plain Hunting from Minimus to Maximus, Plain Bob from Doubles to Major, Little Bob Minor, Grandsire Doubles and Triples, Stedman Doubles and Triples, Cambridge Surprise Minor, Kent Treble Bob Minor and a couple of sheets of squared paper for writing out touches. As appropriate there is room for plain course, blue line, place bell starts, cycle of work, rules for passing the treble and table of work at bobs and singles.

  • The Follow-on Book (Pack of 5) **


    Exactly that, this book follows on from the One-Per-Learner Book. BUT it also contains many bits of use and interest at an earlier stage. Content topics include:
    A Bell-ringer’s construction kit; ringing and calling various Doubles and Minor methods; Anyone can call Bobs; A Striking Mess; The Devon Peal (called changes); Firing; Muffled ringing; How to Splice broken ropes; How to Splice methods; Understanding the Ringing World Diary; Place Notation; Place Bells; ringing on higher numbers of bells; ringing up and down in peal, etc..

  • One Per Learner (Pack of 5) **


    This little book is designed to be your personal companion through the first months of learning to ring church bells. It was written primarily for use by 9-14 year old recruits at Sherbourne, where Pam had for some years struggled with the problem of putting over the theoretical side of ringing, when most elementary books were aimed at adults and are just a mite solid and boring.