9th May 2016

Notable Events – Coming Year

Date Day Anniversary Event Event Year Comment
17-Feb Fri 150 First ship passes through Suez Canal 1867
16-Apr Sun 150 Wilbur Wright born 1867 American pioneer of manned flight
18-Jul Tue 200 Jane Austen died 1817 English novelist (Pride and Prejudice)
03-Aug Thu 150 Stanley Baldwin born 1867 British prime minister
25-Aug Fri 150 Michael Faraday born 1867 English scientist
27-Sep Wed 200 Hiram R Revels born 1817 1st African American US senator
04-Oct Wed 60 Sputnik launched 1957 World’s first satellite
31-Oct Tue 500 Martin Luther’s ‘Ninety Five Themes’ 1517 Began the Protestant Reformation
23-Nov Thu 100 Bell ringing to mark initial British success in the Battle of Cambrai 1917 The first tank battle.
25-Nov Sat 150 Alfred Nobel patented dynamite 1867 Founder of the Nobel prizes
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