Felstead Database - List peals of Woodbine Delight Major

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PealPB-IDStatusDate RungPlace
1295-1273OK24 Feb 1877Denholme, S Paul, Yorkshire
(Sowerby Exercise or Woodbine Major - Yorks Ass. Report) CR 629; CB vii.195; LT 3.iii.77; BL 10.iii.77 (1/3)
2373-8277OK2 Nov 1891Newcastle upon Tyne, S John the Baptist, Northumberland
BN x.393 (Published as Woodbine Treble Bob)
3412-4166OK27 Jun 1987Sproxton, S Bartholomew, Leicestershire
RW 3978.0667
4313-8302OK1 Apr 1989Fulbourn, S Vigor, Cambridgeshire
5421-3043OK3 Apr 1989Sutterton, S Mary the Blessed Virgin, Lincolnshire
6428-4723OK27 May 1989Trumpington, SS Mary & Michael, Cambridgeshire
7125-0229OK23 Apr 1990Stow Bardolph, Holy Trinity, Norfolk
RW 4130.0607
8126-9646OK3 Nov 1990Bingley, All Saints, Yorkshire
RW 4153.1152
9134-0489OK28 Apr 1992Fen Ditton, S Mary the Virgin, Cambridgeshire
RW 4234.0597
10145-3130OK24 Sep 1994Heckington, S Andrew, Lincolnshire
RW 4360.1144
11161-8550OK21 Mar 1998Dore, Sheffield, Christ Church, Derbyshire
RW 4538
12234-8544OK22 Nov 2014York, S Lawrence, Yorkshire
RW 5406.1239

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