Felstead Database - Towers in Scotland

TB IdPlaceValid PealsInvalid Peals
12Aberdeen, S Machar780
6132Aberdeen, S Mary of the Assumption80
6531Aberdeen, S Nicholas10
78Alloa, S John the Evangelist911
1579Dunblane, SS Blane & Laurence300
1581Dundee, S Mary (Old Steeple)260
1582Dundee, S Paul300
1587Dunkeld, S Columba531
1722Edinburgh, Fettes College340
1723Edinburgh, S Cuthbert2510
1724Edinburgh, S Mary841
1725Edinburgh, SS Andrew & George640
2021Glasgow, S Mary the Virgin871
6092Haddington, S Mary520
2659Inveraray, All Saints2530
2660Inverness, S Andrew450
7101Leith, Edinburgh, S James the Less20
6145Nairn, Druim Croft120
3819Paisley, S James330
3961Potterton, Butterywells Farm220
7719St Andrews, S Salvator's Chapel210
4718Stirling, Holy Rude860
7802Tulloch, Last Tower310
7766Tulloch, Ringing Centre530

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