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PealPB-IDStatusDate RungPlace
14BE-B7FOK13 Oct 1923Bolsover, SS Mary & Laurence, Derbyshire
24BE-B5EOK26 Apr 1924Bolsover, SS Mary & Laurence, Derbyshire
3432-DC5OK28 Apr 1925Frodsham, S Lawrence, Cheshire
RW 0738.0291
4432-DBAOK8 May 1925Frodsham, S Lawrence, Cheshire
RW 0739.0307
52D2-711OK5 Feb 1929Willesden, S Mary, Middlesex
RW 0934.0099
6449-5ADOK12 Oct 1929Edmonton, All Saints, Middlesex
RW 0969.0661
7409-F9DOK31 Mar 1930Norbury, Hazel Grove, S Thomas, Cheshire
RW 0994.0227
8443-2A2OK16 Nov 1930Erith, S John the Baptist, Kent
RW 1026.0745
9481-B3FOK29 Nov 1930Claines, S John the Baptist, Worcestershire
RW 1029.0792
10406-165OK29 Dec 1930Helmingham, S Mary, Suffolk
RW 1034.0035
113BE-C67OK4 Apr 1932London, Bishopsgate, S Botolph, Middlesex
RW 1099.0251
12359-487OK23 Jul 1932Rawmarsh, S Mary, Yorkshire
RW 1114.0495
1349A-810OK4 Mar 1933Bushey Heath, S Peter, Hertfordshire
1437A-2FBOK25 Nov 1933Old Windsor, SS Peter & Andrew, Berkshire
RW 1184.0756
153F0-404OK16 Mar 1935Hughenden, S Michael, Buckinghamshire
162D2-4E0OK26 May 1936Willesden, S Mary, Middlesex
RW 1315.0367
1747F-7C1OK12 Dec 1936Clent, S Leonard, Worcestershire
182D9-482OK10 Mar 1937Whiston, S Mary Magdalene, Yorkshire
19472-3E0OK17 Mar 1937Crawley, S John the Baptist, Sussex
RW 1357.0194
2032F-6E7OK28 Jul 1945South Anston, S James, Yorkshire
214CE-869OK21 Jan 1946Birmingham, S Chad, Warwickshire
22486-3A6OK30 Mar 1946Chilvers Coton, Nuneaton, All Saints, Warwickshire
RW 1829.0166
232AF-490OK22 Jul 1946Lambeth, S Mary, Surrey
RW 1845.0355
2445E-698OK29 Sep 1946Dorchester, SS Peter & Paul, Oxfordshire
2549B-8BCOK29 Mar 1947Bushey, S James, Hertfordshire
26470-D9EOK12 Apr 1947Crayford, S Paulinus, Kent
RW 1881.0183
272D2-3F9OK26 Apr 1947Willesden, S Mary, Middlesex
RW 1883.0210
284CE-7B9OK25 Aug 1947Birmingham, S Chad, Warwickshire
292D2-3CDOK3 Sep 1947Willesden, S Mary, Middlesex
RW 1903.0458 - published as 2/9/47 - correction from Middlesex CA records
302FF-7A7OK11 Oct 1947Tickhill, S Mary the Virgin, Yorkshire
RW 1908.0519
3144A-E99OK3 Jan 1948Edgbaston, S Bartholomew, Warwickshire
32449-3EAOK12 Feb 1948Edmonton, All Saints, Middlesex
RW 1927.0102
332D2-36AOK11 Mar 1948Willesden, S Mary, Middlesex
RW 1930.0135
342B1-A55OK18 Mar 1948Birmingham, Bishop Ryder, Warwickshire
RW 1931.0144
353A1-CDBOK20 Mar 1948Mayfield, S Dunstan, Sussex
RW 1932.0154
36366-D01OK3 Apr 1948Poolstock, Wigan, S James, Lancashire
374F8-F1AOK19 Jul 1948Allesley, All Saints, Warwickshire
38461-71BOK6 Aug 1948Devizes, S John, Wiltshire
393FF-0F2OK7 Aug 1948Heydour, S Michael & All Angels, Lincolnshire
4043F-709OK2 Oct 1948Ewhurst, SS Peter & Paul, Surrey
RW 1958.0435
4142A-2FBOK9 Oct 1948Goring on Thames, S Thomas of Canterbury, Oxfordshire
4234F-B58OK16 Oct 1948Rotherfield, S Denys, Sussex
RW 1961.0470
43366-4E2OK23 Oct 1948Poplar, Isle of Dogs, Church of Christ & S John, Middlesex
RW 1962.0483
44348-17COK23 Oct 1948Salford Priors, S Matthew, Warwickshire
45415-0D1OK17 Nov 1948Handsworth, S Mary, Yorkshire
46365-14AOK29 Dec 1948Portsmouth, S Thomas of Canterbury, Hampshire
474F3-2E4OK1 Jan 1949Arksey, All Saints, Yorkshire
4847A-CC6OK30 Jan 1949Coleman's Hatch, Holy Trinity, Sussex
RW 1976.0080
49489-AFEOK12 Mar 1949Chester le Street, SS Mary & Cuthbert, Durham
50484-495OK26 Mar 1949Cholsey, S Mary, Berkshire
512D2-283OK30 Jul 1949Willesden, S Mary, Middlesex
RW 2002.0386
523C5-ABFOK1 Aug 1949Linslade, S Barnabas, Buckinghamshire
534AA-65AOK3 Sep 1949Brixham, S Mary, Devon
RW 2008.0462
54423-A0DOK17 Sep 1949Great Hampton, S Andrew, Worcestershire
554D1-616OK5 Nov 1949Biddenden, All Saints, Kent
RW 2015.0552
56440-24BOK12 Nov 1949Ewell, S Mary the Virgin, Surrey
RW 2016.0567
57365-0F2OK28 Jan 1950Portsmouth, S Thomas of Canterbury, Hampshire
58408-8ABOK29 May 1950Headingley, Leeds, S Michael & All Angels, Yorkshire
592D2-1DEOK29 May 1950Willesden, S Mary, Middlesex
RW 2046.0386
6042D-520OK30 Jun 1950Gilmorton, All Saints, Leicestershire
61370-0F2OK29 Jul 1950Douglas, Parbold, Christ Church, Lancashire
62449-387OK2 Aug 1950Edmonton, All Saints, Middlesex
RW 2054.0514
63363-66FOK10 Aug 1950Presteigne, S Andrew, Radnorshire
RW 2056.0549
64419-2D1OK22 Aug 1950Hailsham, S Mary, Sussex
RW 2058.0578
653B9-C4FOK28 Aug 1950Longstanton, All Saints, Cambridgeshire
662EA-CAAOK20 Sep 1950Warfield, S Michael, Berkshire
6737D-0A8OK30 Sep 1950Oakham, All Saints, Rutland
RW 2062.0644
6837B-3D3OK14 Oct 1950Old Hill, Holy Trinity, Staffordshire
693AD-F1EOK28 Oct 1950Lymm, S Mary the Virgin, Cheshire
RW 2067.0707
70470-B6DOK18 Nov 1950Crayford, S Paulinus, Kent
RW 2070.0756
71442-CF6OK18 Nov 1950Erith, S John the Baptist, Kent
RW 2070.0756
72489-AB1OK24 Feb 1951Chester le Street, SS Mary & Cuthbert, Durham
733F6-998OK31 Mar 1951Holloway, S Mary Magdalene, Middlesex
RW 2089.0229
742F7-420OK10 Apr 1951Twerton on Avon, Bath, S Michael, Somerset
752F2-E8FOK12 May 1951Uttoxeter, S Mary, Staffordshire
762D5-752OK26 May 1951Wicken, S John the Evangelist, Northamptonshire
7730D-72DOK16 Jun 1951Sutton Coldfield, Holy Trinity, Warwickshire
78415-EC8OK1 Jul 1951Hanbury, S Mary the Virgin, Worcestershire
794BA-F36OK27 Aug 1951Bovey Tracey, SS Peter, Paul & Thomas of Canterbury, Devon
RW 2112.0594
804A4-7FEOK27 Aug 1951Buckland in the Moor, S Peter, Devon
RW 2112.0594
81382-78AOK20 Sep 1951Norton (by Evesham), S Egwin, Worcestershire
82340-6FBOK20 Oct 1951Selly Oak, S Mary, Warwickshire
832D2-102OK25 Oct 1951Willesden, S Mary, Middlesex
RW 2119.0707
844A8-EE4OK24 Nov 1951Bromham, S Owen, Bedfordshire
RW 2123.0771
854A3-C2DOK24 Nov 1951Bulkington, S James, Warwickshire
863B7-6ABOK5 Dec 1951Loughborough, Bell Foundry, Leicestershire
RW 2125.0803
873B7-6A0OK19 Dec 1951Loughborough, Bell Foundry, Leicestershire
RW 2127.0003
882A9-419OK20 Dec 1951Northampton, S Edmund, Northamptonshire
RW 2128.0019
89328-C41OK26 Dec 1951Southwell, Blessed Virgin Mary, Nottinghamshire
903C8-289OK31 Dec 1951Leytonstone, S John the Baptist, Essex
91475-D48OK19 Jan 1952Coseley, Christ Church, Staffordshire
9240E-AF0OK20 Jan 1952Hartlebury, S James, Worcestershire
933C8-27EOK19 Mar 1952Leytonstone, S John the Baptist, Essex
942B1-8EAOK24 Mar 1952Birmingham, Bishop Ryder, Warwickshire
RW 2141.0228
95356-010OK29 Mar 1952Redenhall, Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Norfolk
963B7-627OK2 Apr 1952Loughborough, Bell Foundry, Leicestershire
RW 2142.0244
974A3-558OK5 Apr 1952Bungay, S Mary, Suffolk
98468-57EOK5 Apr 1952Dartford, Holy Trinity, Kent
RW 2142.0244
99446-438OK19 Apr 1952Enfield, S Andrew, Middlesex
RW 2144.0275
1002D2-07EOK29 May 1952Willesden, S Mary, Middlesex
RW 2152.0402

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