Peal Record Performance

Winchester and Portsmouth D G


Middlesex, St Mary

On Saturday 7 June 2003, in 8 hours and 45 minutes

Tenor: 7

17,280 Cambridge Surprise Major

Composed by Brian D Price

1Roger Bailey
2Simon M Alford (C)
3Ceri J Dodd
4John P Colliss
5Frank W Rivett
6Roy LeMarechal
7Jonathan C Hetherington
8Marc Hart

Longest peal of Cambridge S Major. The ringers of 4 & 6 were in the previous record length of 13440 set in April 1973 at East Tytherley.


Frank T Blagrove
Brian D Price
David M Salter


17280 Cambridge Surprise Major by Brian D Price

2345678 -------- 2736458 (a) 2647358 (b) 2637458 (c) 2587643 (d) 2648753 (e) 2375846 (f) 2648735 (g) 2573846 (f) 2853674 (h) 2837546 (i) 2345786 (j) -------- 9 part, calling k for e in parts 3, 6 and 9. a=1.2.4 b=1s.2½.3.4s.5.5½ c=1.2½.3.4s.5.5½ d=1s.2.6 e=s2.3.5.s6 f=1½.2 g=s1.2.2½.4 h=s1.2.2½.s4.5 i=4 j=3.4.6.s9.10.12 k=s1.2.3.5.s6

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