Publicity Material

The information on this page is available for guilds, associations and groups who wish to promote bell ringing.

  • Recruitment Leaflet (PDF)
    • A recruitment leaflet for distribution to the general public.
    • Printed copies are available on request from John Harrison (email)
  • Tower Open Day poster (PDF)
    • To be used for promotion of tower open days
  • Porch Notice (PDF)
    • Display essential information about ringing at your tower
  • Engaging with the Public (PDF)
    • Useful information for engaging the public with ringing and ringing-related activity taking place
  • Publicity Flyer: ‘Bell Ringing is fun and …’ (PDF)
    • This leaflet was produced by Sue Hall originally for the Derby DA but has since been customised and used by many different associations. It is downloadable and customisable, but if you have any problems with it Sue can be contacted via the Derby DA website, where she is listed as the PRO
  • Virtual Tower Tour: (PPT)
    • PowerPoint slides (that you can adapt) and guidance notes for how to plan, publicise and deliver a virtual tower open day and “have a go” session using Ringing Room.

The Central Council has a small stock of publicity materials available for use at events

Roller Banners (3 available)
85cm wide x 205cm high.
Supplied rolled up inside stand in a travel case with handle.
For indoor use only (or inside a tent/gazebo).

Feather Flags (4 available)
65cm wide x 315cm high.
Plus parasol-type base which MUST be filled with water.
Supplied dismantled in a travel case with handle.
Assembly instructions supplied.
For external use (but not in very high winds).

These are available to borrow (subject to availability) for public display at major ringing events and local promotional events.
They are normally stored in Derbyshire and supplied via the network of ringers travelling the country, so please make appropriate arrangements for collection and prompt return.
Contact Susan Hall:

If you are thinking of buying your own banner or flag and would like the artwork, please contact Susan Hall:

  • Leaflet for incumbents and churchwardens
    • Notes for incumbents and churchwardens with responsibility for bells.
  • Congratulatory certificates
    • For a First peal in either PDF or docx format.
    • For a First peal as conductor in either PDF or docx format.
    • For a First quarter peal in either PDF or docx format.
    • For a First quarter peal (fewer details) in either PDF or docx format.
  • Central Council Logos
    • Colour on blue background – Download (zip)
    • Colour on white background – Download (zip)
    • Use the .svg files by preference over .jpg, as these will take up less space in your document, and scale to any size without loss of quality.
  • Social Media Guidance (PDF)