Governance 2022 Report

Review of the Council’s Governance and Controls

The Trustees’ meeting on 19th February, 2022 was devoted to an assessment of the Council’s governance and controls against best practice, using the Charity Governance Code Assessment Template for Smaller Charities, published by the Charity Governance Code Steering Group and supported by the Charity Commission of England and Wales.

The process involved assessing the Council against 78 measures of good practice, applicable to a small charity of the Council’s size, considering what evidence there is to show where it is doing the right things and identifying areas for improvement.

The Trustees’ detailed assessment will be presented at the forthcoming Council Meeting on 3rd September and identifies a number of strategies which can strengthen the Council’s governance and the way in which the Executive, Workgroups and Council Members work together.    It is currently being finalised and will be published on this page during mid-August

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