Noticeboard Toolkit

Exterior Noticeboard

– For the public (and visiting ringers)

Visible when the church is locked, such as a noticeboard outside or in an unlocked porch. Additional or duplicate information may be displayed inside the church or on a visible tower door.

Porch Poster

Customisable poster for everyone with contacts and normal ringing times.


Open Days

Customisable poster


Special Ringing

Customisable poster


Belfry Noticeboard

– For ringers

Visible and accessible in the ringing chamber.

Safety & Safeguarding - Essential

Safeguarding flowchart – Parish and/or local ringing society.  Example:

Safeguarding Proces Flows (CCCBR)

Safeguarding Policy:

Information & Resources (CCCBR)

Tower Access Policy


Emergency Information - Essential

Location of:

  • Emergency exit
  • First aid kit & accident book
  • Defibrilator
  • Public phone box (if no mobile signal)
  • Torch
  • Hard hats or bump caps (at least 2)
  • Toilet (and key)
For the emergency services:
  • Tower address, postcode and grid reference
  • How to find the tower door
  • What3Words for the tower entrance
  • Any access procedures/difficulties

Some details can be documented on this customisable Danger Sign:


SMWG Information Poster

This poster provides ringers and those responsible for bells and the associated infrastructure, with online resources about aspects of managing and running a tower.

The aim of the information is to help make ringing as safe as possible, and tower environments welcoming and pleasant places in which to ring. Advice is also available on technical aspects of bell installations and how to organise major bell restoration and installation projects.

Ringing Events

Tower events

Association/Guild/Society event notices

Tower calendar

Ringing & Training

Methods etc.

CCCBR and ART information

Goals and progress / achievements / certificates

Additional Resources

For the public to pick up when visiting the church or tower

Ringing Flyers

Customisable flyers for the public with contacts and normal ringing times.  EVERY TOWER should have one with up-to-date information:


Advice from the CCCBR

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